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Flag of Morocco (SVG implementation).

العربية: علم المغرب
Bosanski: Zastava Maroka
English: The flag of Morocco
Esperanto: Flago de Maroko
Français : Drapeau du Maroc
עברית: דגל מרוקו
Bahasa Indonesia: Bendera Maroko
Lietuvių: Maroko vėliava
Nederlands: Vlag van Marokko
Norsk bokmål: Marokkos flagg
Polski: Flaga Maroka
Русский: Флаг Марокко
Slovenčina: Vlajka Maroka
Slovenščina: Državna zastava Maroka
Flag of Morocco*
country Morocco
used by Morocco, Western Sahara
current since 1915-11-17
created by Yusef of Morocco
format 2:3
shape rectangular
colours red, green
other characteristics flag has a green interwoven pentagram centered on a red field
日付 17 September 2005, based on the Moroccan royal decree of 17 November 1915.
原典 Flag of the Kingdom of Morocco

Moroccan royal decree (17 November 1915), BO-135-ar page 6

  • Translation: Cherifian Dahir in the distinction of the Moroccan flag — To be known from this book, may God uphold its value and to be around the centre of grace and joy its orbit, that due to the promotion of our cherifian kingdom affairs, the spread of its glory and its pride, the need to assign a flag that distinct it from the rest of the kingdoms as that our sacred ancestors flag use to be very similar to some other flags especially the ones used in the marine signs, our noble vision decided to distinct our joyful flag by making the five pointed seal of Solomon in the middle in green, asking the almighty god to keep it waving with the winds of fortune and ambition for this time and the becoming, Amen and peace.

Moroccan royal decree (23 November 2005), BO-5378-ar page 5 - bo-5378-fr page 6

  • Translation: Cherifian Dahir number 1.05.99 issued in 20 Shawwal 1426 (23 November 2005) about the characteristics of the Kingdom's emblem and national anthem — In accordance with the seventh article of the constitution, the emblem of the Kingdom shall be a red flag with a five-pointed green star in the center. The flag shall be made with fabric of canna red, opaque and rectangular in shape. The star shall be open, green like the leaf of palm trees, made of five continuous branches and woven in the same fabric where it must be visible on both sides of the flag. One of its points must point upwards. The hoist of the flag equals two thirds (2/3) of its fly. The star is inscribed in an invisible circle whose radius equals one sixth (1/6) of the fly's length and whose centre is the intersection point of the invisible diagonal lines of the flag's rectangular. The width of each one of the branchs of the star shall be 1/20 of its length.
作者 Denelson83, Zscout370
Public domain
This image was first published in Morocco and is now in the public domain because its term of copyright has expired under Moroccan Law, amended 2006 (details). This work meets either of the following conditions:
  • This is an anonymous work or pseudonymous work and 70 years have passed since the date of its publication (or creation, if not published within 50 years).
  • This is a collective or audiovisual work and 70 years have passed since the year of its publication (or creation, if not published within 70 years).
  • This is a work of applied art and 70 years have passed since the date of its publication (or creation, if not published within 50 years).
  • This is another type of work and 70 years have passed since the year of the author's death.
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SVG 開発
Notepad icon wide.svg
This flag was created with a text editor.


The colors approximation is listed below:

Flag of Morocco.svg
Colours scheme
Red Green
RGB 193-39-45 0-98-51
Hexadecimal #c1272d #006233
CMYK 0, 80, 77, 24 100, 0, 48, 62
Pantone 7620 C 3425 C

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