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All I see is squares/question marks![編集]

Viewing the Japanese characters instead of strange boxes![編集]

When I go to the main page, I cannot see the japanese characters... My browser is Mozilla 1.6 (suports Unicode) but it shows only some "boxes" with numbers in it! I already tried the Japanese-only charsets, but nothing...

We ja.wp use utf-8, I'm afraid your computer has no Japanese font. Check it and try again. If it doesn't work, please feel free to contact me. -- Kzhr 2004年8月6日 (金) 16:35 (UTC)

German Message[編集]

Hallo leute, ich hab ein problem mit und glaub bin nicht der einziege, ich sehe nur Fragezeichen, wie kann ich es einstellen dass ich die Japanische schrift sehe? --KuTo'Kan 2005年12月6日 (火) 18:55 (UTC)

Du musst einen Unicode-Schrifftart instalieren, Ainieas of de.

character problem[編集]

The characters come up as boxes 以上の署名の無いコメントは、会話履歴)さんによるものです。

Install Japanese fonts. Hermeneus (user / talk) 2006年5月4日 (木) 06:42 (UTC)
en:Help:Japanese will help you. Tietew 2006年5月24日 (水) 06:52 (UTC)


Hi, my name is George Parize and i am an american student studying abroad in Brazil and was checking out Wikipedia today when i accidentially clicked on the the wrong language for the site and all that came up was what i thought to be a bunch of little boxes. . . . . . . . .How - or do people actually read those little boxes- or are their computers set up differently to translate them into other characters - because all the boxes look the same to me. . . . Im sorry to be so nosy - but im extremely curious.
Thanks so much
George Parizek
Use japanese aware software and install japanese fonts. (see above character problem) --Hachikou 2006年5月19日 (金) 00:32 (UTC)
Of course we don't read boxes ^ ^;. You see boxes because you don't have japanese characters installed in your computer. Look at how those little boxes come out in my computer. --Saphire diablo 2006年5月19日 (金) 14:58 (UTC)

nice language[編集]

i cant understand your wingdings 以上の署名の無いコメントは、会話履歴)さんによるものです。

en:Help:Japanese will help you. Tietew 2006年5月24日 (水) 06:52 (UTC)

Japanese letters[編集]

Hello, Japanese peoples. I love your (japanese) culture, language, letters and all that related with Japan. I want to see japanese letters in this Wikipedia. What font is using here? And from where I can download it? Very very big thanks. - Extate from Lithuania.

Hi. You had better describe your environment, however, I assume you are using Internet Explorer on some Windows OS. Then, you can download Japanese support kit from microsoft (select "Japanese with Language Pack"), and you'll be able to see Japanese charecters and even input them. Good luck.--Njt 2006年8月1日 (火) 22:03 (UTC)
Thanks, but I'm using Mozilla Firefox on Microsoft Windows XP with SP2. - Extate from Lithuania.
I suppose the way I've told would be also adequate for Firefox, though I cannot verify as I have only Japanese environment. If that is not enough, configuring Preferences - Contents - Fonts and Colors - Advanced - Japanese will be helpful.--Njt 2006年8月2日 (水) 16:20 (UTC)
It depends on the page. Click View-> Character Encoding -> Unicode (UTF - 8). If that does not work, select Japanese (SHIFT_JIS)
If neither of these work, go to Control Panel->Regional Options, and add support for East Asain languages. 2006年11月5日 (日) 10:49 (UTC)


what kind of laguage is this? how do you know whats form what????

This is Japanese Wikipedia. You probably don't have a font installed that can read Japanese. w:User:TZM 2006年9月28日 (木) 15:06 (UTC)
see en:Wikipedia:Enabling East Asian characters to install such a font.--Njt 2006年10月4日 (水) 10:03 (UTC)

All i see is squares[編集]

what kind of a language is this? how do you know what people are saying? are the dimensions of the squares different? any help would be appreciated, thank you square talkers

This is the Japanese Wikipedia. I guess that your PC don't have Japanese Fonts and can't display Japanese characters. ― TETRA 2006/10/22 04:36

(another squarer)[編集]

how the hell can u read these squares

You get squares because you don't have the necessary fonts installed on your computer. --Asahiko 2007年2月12日 (月) 17:06 (UTC)

Too many squares[編集]

There are squares everywhere!

Your computer must be squaresville. Or see #How can I read these 日本語 letters?, square away for the squares. 電気山羊 2007年6月17日 (日) 08:42 (UTC)


My computer doesn't display Japanese characters, I just see question marks. How can I fix this?
I use Windows XP Professional, can download from the Microsoft site, but lost my installation CD.
Thanks in advance, 2007年7月2日 (月) 09:25 (UTC)
Why don't you see the FAQ at the top of this page? They should help you to get to grasps your problem. However you would have to get another installation CD to fix it. --Uiweo 2007年7月2日 (月) 10:54 (UTC)

Encoding issue[編集]

I have the same problem but i get Boxes isntead of question marks. it tries to get the info for the text but i don't think the text exists.

(another squarer)[編集]

It's hard to determine what is on the website because it is just full of boxes.

Can't see letters[編集]

I've recently reinstalled my PC and I can't see Japanese letters, what should I do? I have Firefox 3.0 --VovanA 2008年6月22日 (日) 15:36 (UTC)

Reinstall Japanese fonts from the Windows' CD, if you use Windows. Go on Control Panel, then double-click in International Options of Language, then check the fields to install oriental characters (insert the Windows' CD in the PC) and reboot the PC. Gce (it)

I can't See Japanese Letters[編集]

I've recently reinstalled my PC and I can't see Japanese letters. I don't have the Windows' CD (I loose it) so I can't reinstall Japanese fonts. What should I do? I have Firefox 3.0.3
Thanks--Treehill 2008年11月11日 (火) 15:00 (UTC)

See en:Help:Multilingual support (East Asian). --fryed-peach [会話|投稿] 2008年11月12日 (水) 14:20 (UTC)
thanks but it doesn't work. :(, is there another possibility ? --Treehill 2008年11月12日 (水) 18:33 (UTC)
Try [this]

Copyright, PD, fair use, privacy, etc.[編集]

Logos in Japanese Wikipedia[編集]

Why are commercial logos censored (ボカシ処理) in Japanese Wikipedia pictures? (e.g. here -- Tonync 2005年5月25日 (水) 00:57 (UTC)

To avoid , controversy aside, the risk of trademark Infringement.violation of trademark right.--こいつぅ(会話) 2005年5月25日 (水) 03:30 (UTC)
I am surprised that the concept of "Fair Use" in US Law not applicable in Japanese Wikipedia. I understand that most users from Japanese Wikipedia are in Japan, but the Wikipedia servers are in the US. I am surprised that Japanese Wikipedia users are still so careful about using logos. (お返事はご自由に日本語でどうぞ...僕は日本語が読めますが、書いては下手なんですから、英語を使ってます。)-- Tonync 2005年5月25日 (水) 14:33 (UTC)
There is no Japanese law against publicaly posting photos taken by oneself if it does not show a person in the photo. Especially if the photo is being used as an fair example (e.g. accompanied by a caption, "This is what a ---- looks like in Japan"). But publicaly posting images, especially those easily recognizable as a specific entity, is up to scrutiny under civil lawsuits concerning lible and slander. In the case of the example, even though the logos are censored, the establishment is easily recognized. So I would say, censoring some parts of the photo is a useless, yet polite Japanese way to ask for permission after the fact. --Emana 2005年6月2日 (木) 00:28 (UTC)

Are the maps of Japanese cities Public Domain?[編集]

I was wondering if images like 画像:Yamaguchi Yamaguchi-city.png are Public Domain, GFDL, or some other license. For many Japanese cities there are similar maps, but I cannot find any information about the license. For the Dutch Wikipedia we like to add that kind of information for uploaded images. There is a policy on the Dutch WP to delete images with uncertain license information. Robotje 2005年9月28日 (水) 12:47 (UTC)

You could ask the uploader directly, and some Wikipedian urged her to reply you. Thank you for your patience. --Aphaia 2005年9月28日 (水) 17:07 (UTC)
I am the uploader of Image:Yamaguchi Yamaguchi-city.png which I made from Image:Yamaguchi pref.png. As the licence of the original map-image is unknown, I can't say which licence to apply.
Image:Yamaguchi Yamaguchi-city.png をアップロードしたmiyaです。もとにしたImage:Yamaguchi pref.pngにライセンス表示が無いので、Image:Yamaguchi Yamaguchi-city.png にどんなライセンスが可能なのか分かりません。大元になった地図をアップロードされた方にライセンス表示をしていただいたうえで、日本の市町村地図の塗り方を統一して再作成しコモンズにアップロードしなおすのがよいのではないかと思います。--miya 2005年9月29日 (木) 02:30 (UTC)
利用者‐会話:Koba-chan#WorldMap ja.png関連(及び過去の版)ですでに調査が行われています。結論は出ずじまいというか、その当時の著作権に従うとのことでしたので具体的な提示がない以上GFDLでのライセンスで可のようです。たね 2005年9月29日 (木) 03:00 (UTC)
I did live in Tokyo for several years but my Japanese language skills are not so good to be sure what Tane-san wrote. I do understand from the replies above that Miya-san based his/her modification on the file uploaded by Koba-chan on February 14, 2004 or a later version of that file. I got the feeling that Tane-san had the impression that that file was GFDL, but is not sure. Can somebody please contact Koba-chan and ask in Japanese if those prefecture maps are GFDL and what source they are from. From what I can see Koba-chan is still active at Wikipedia (17 contributions this month) so lets hope he/she still knows. Best Regards, Robotje 2005年9月30日 (金) 07:33 (UTC)
I've contacted and asked Koba-chan about the licence. As far as I understand, GFDL seems not to be applied for those maps but there may be some more appropriate licencing. Surely it will take time to arrange the terms or templates, so I do ask you to wait a little more, please.--miya 2005年10月1日 (土) 23:48 (UTC)
Dear Miya-san, thanks for the effort. If you know more, please inform me in English at my Dutch talk page. Regards, Robotje 2005年10月5日 (水) 16:46 (UTC)

RfD due to unclear copyright status[編集]

Hi Wikipedia-friends
Hi Wikipedia-friends
Dear Wikipedia-friends
Everytime I try to put a the text on, it is soon afterwards deleted by someone and another text (se below) is put on instead. I am not able to read it, as it is in Japanese, except for a single line in English saying something about copyright?
I do not understand that at all, because the article is a translation of the article about Jens Fink-Jensen in English at and which has been translated for many other Wikipedia languages without any problems. The Japanese version is translated by a Japanese translator, Kayoko Miyagawa, and is fully approved by Jens Fink-Jensen and me. So how can it happen that it is deleted every time we put it on the Japanese page when there are no sort of copyright problems with it?
Here is the text which occurs:
[omit the text of the article and RfD message]
I hope you can help me with this.
Kind regards
Rasmus Jensen
PS. Sorry I forgot to make a headline. Hope it will not prevent someone from answering my question! Rasmus -- 2005年10月21日 (金) 18:03
You need to provide some evidence to show that you are the author of the text and so it is not copyright infringement. Also the title of the article contains a double-byte character (=) that you cannot use in Japanese wikipedia. You need to rename it accordingly (i.e. replace "=" with "="). Hermeneus (talk) 2005年10月21日 (金) 09:55 (UTC) Correction Hermeneus (talk) 2005年10月21日 (金) 12:44 (UTC)
Hello again. Thank you for your answer. What sort of evidence could that be and to whom should it be presented? Will it be proof enough that you can see the same version of the translation on Jens Fink-Jensens website (click on the Japanese flag in the left menu) The article was originally provided by Jens Fink-Jensen in Danish and it has been translated into English and many other languages, fully approved by him, and there have been no problems at all by putting the translated versions on Wikipidea. And Kayoko Miyagawa, who made the Japanese translation, got the English version directly by mail from Jens Fink-Jensen.
Jens Fink-Jensen is spelled with a heifen and I don´t know why the translator has written " = " instead. Is it correct in Japanese to use "=" instead of "-" in this connection. I will of course se to that " = " will be replaced.
Best regards
Stating on your website that you are contributing an article about yourself to Wikipedia or something to that effect should suffice. Leave a note in 編集内容の要約 (edit summary) or ノート (discussion page).
As for the use of "=", actually you can and have to use the double-byte version. So the title is just fine the way it is now (Ex. ジャン=ポール・サルトル/Jean-Paul Sartre). See Wikipedia:記事名の付け方 for Japanese Wikipedia naming conventions. Hermeneus (talk) 2005年10月21日 (金) 12:44 (UTC)
Thanks a lot. But is it enough that I write an explanation in English, or can you tell me a sentence in Japanese, that I can copy to the 編集内容の要約 or the ノート?

Pictures of japanese prime ministers[編集]

(ja:Summary --eG): にある歴代首相の画像を使いたいのですが、ライセンスがわかりません。問い合わせしたのですが、返答がありません。どなたか日本語で問い合わせしていただけませんでしょうか。
I have noticed that on the english wikipedia there are pictures of alla japanese primeministers. The pictures are taken from here, here and here (The links leads to the prime minister of Japan offcial page). However there are no information about copyright and I am suspecting that we don't have the right to use them. I have tried to contact the webmaster for permission to use the pictures but I have not recived any answear. Could someone here send an e-mail in japanese or phone them to see if we can use them? Jonas Ryberg, swedish wikipedia

Image Copyright[編集]

中国残留日本人孤児調査Could I upload the image to Wikipedia? --夏目春雪 2006年4月2日 (日) 07:19 (UTC)

I think this image is copyrighted, because the jp govs keep copyright on their documents. You should not upload this. Kzhr 2006年4月4日 (火) 12:07 (UTC)

PD-USGov images not allowed?[編集]

{{PD-USGov}} says that the Japanese Wikipedia does not accept public domain images from the U.S. government. Is that correct? If so, why? --Pmsyyz 2006年7月2日 (日) 23:57 (UTC)

AFAIK, handling of such materials is not determined yet on the Japanese Wikipedia, and so you are recommended to upload them to Wikimedia Commons. Works of U.S. Federal Government are, of course, in the public domain under U.S. laws. That however does *not* mean that the materials are in the public domain under laws of all the other nations concluding the Berne Convention. Generally speaking, when a material created in U.S. is used in Country X, the matrial is protected by copyright law of Country X not U.S., per provision of Berne Convention. And Country X's Copyright Law may protect copyrights of U.S. Government's work (i.e. 'PD-USGOV' may not be worldwide). As Japanese Wikipedia's community decided to consider both U.S. and Japan's (in where most of ja.wikipedia users live) laws, we cannnot assert the work of U.S. government's is in the public domain (Japanese Copyright Law establishes nothing about works of U.S. government).-- 2006年7月3日 (月) 05:38 (UTC)
All PD-USGov owned images are free to upload at Commons:. This will, in turn, enable these images to be used at ja.wikipedia as well as all the other wikipedias. Simply use [[Image:ImageName.jpg]] for any image hosted at Commons and you can use them here. For example: Status.gif. Bastique 2006年10月18日 (水) 17:14 (UTC)

Criminals in Japanese Wikipedia (犯人の個人情報)[編集]

Just a simple question -- why is there no personal information on criminals (犯人の個人情報) in the Japanese Wikipedia? I can understand not listing names of suspects (容疑者), but for example 宅間守 was convicted of murder and executed, and 池田小児童殺傷事件 still says only 「37歳の男」and 「犯人」。Jpatokal 2006年10月4日 (水) 00:39 (UTC)

I've posted the question in Japanese to the help desk, which is the ja version of our reference desk and should get a quicker response. 日本語に直した質問は、こちらをご覧ください。freshofftheufo トーク 2006年10月4日 (水) 01:11 (UTC)
According to User:TETRA, Takuma's article is what's left after a revert war, and they have protected the "wrong version" because of lack of consensus. Any other articles showing similar signs have probably been protected too. freshofftheufo トーク 2006年10月4日 (水) 23:42 (UTC)
Japanese Wikipedia has a very strict policy for sensitive information, including names of criminals. Wikipedia:削除の方針#ケース B-2:プライバシー問題に関して lists examples of this policy. It says:
(Rough translation) Most articles that describe a person as a criminal and list his/her name will be deleted, regardless of the person is a suspect or was convicted. This policy is derived from a right in Japan for former criminals not to be mentioned.
As you said, I think that JaWP's policy was not covered for this case (池田小児童殺傷事件), because this person was already executed. But other cases, such as 和歌山毒物カレー事件/女子高生コンクリート詰め殺人事件/西鉄バスジャック事件 etc., has been deleted several times. And some are protected for avoiding such edit/deletion wars.
If you want to mention a criminal's name on JaWP, please make a concensus for it on the talk page. --Masao 2006年10月5日 (木) 04:08 (UTC)
いいえ、僕たち英語版のユーザーは以上の記事の情報を変えようとしたいのではなくて、ただ法律のことを理解したいのです。ちなみに元服役囚の権利についてはやはり西洋でもちゃんとしたルールはありますが僕らが理解できないのは元服役囚の権利ではないです。メディア(NHKなど)なら公開される情報はなぜウィキペディアにも書けないのかというような議論ですね。僕がもっと詳しく書いたのはこちらを見てください。変な日本語など、いろいろすみません:(!freshofftheufo トーク 2006年10月5日 (木) 10:18 (UTC)
Response from Masao-san:
The jaWiki community has adopted a policy hugging the safe side of Wikipedia editing. He gave me his personal opinion, though from my observations of jaWiki I can vouch for the validity of it. There's simply not enough admins, and responsible users on jaWiki to monitor and protect the content of articles on touchy subjects, and as a result the community has decided to take a fully defensive stance protecting the general public from false editing, instead of protecting "freedom of press" in a few, extreme cases. It is my personal opinion that awareness of jaWiki grew very fast, and unlike enWiki they haven't been able to keep a good hold on things as of yet, so an increased level of security is required in order to protect its credibility. Hopefully things will get better in the new future, but we'll just have to see. This is a list of protected articles, and I must say that it is really sad that articles as prominent as 中国 are being ravaged by irresponsible editors. At least reliable resources exist in other languages, whenever the need for good information arises. freshofftheufo トーク 2006年10月6日 (金) 06:34 (UTC)


I am not too good on Japanese Copyright law, but I was going to edit the Columbine School Massacre page, and I am curious because the English article has a lot more images. I was wondering if it would be alright to include images, or if there is some reason there are few to no images on many of the articles. 以上の署名の無いコメントは、赤鈴姫 (会話履歴)さんによるものです。

It's not alright because the Japanese copyright law does not allow fairuse images. --Fugue 2006年12月3日 (日) 00:46 (UTC)
Even though I don't know much about Japanese copyright law (and I cannot speak Japanese, so I won't be editing pages on the Japanese wikis...) the servers are not located in Japan. I just traced the server location for me and is in the United States. (I understand that there are proxies in South Korea). The law of the country where the servers are located would likely apply. If the image servers are in the United States, United States law would likely apply. 2006年12月3日 (日) 02:34 (UTC)
Japanese Wikipedia community has decided the users shall observe the laws both of Japan and of U.S., since most of them are Japanese (or live in Japan) and there is one explanation on the relationship among them and Wikimedia: the editors are publishing contents to the readers via the servers of Wikimedia, which is a telecommunication service provider under the Japanese laws. A Japanese copyright holder would like to file a suit against a Japanese in Japan and under the Japanese laws.-- 2006年12月3日 (日) 07:02 (UTC)

Deletion of the article "ブラッドリー・ジョセフ"[編集]

Can someone please explain the reason this article was deleted? Maybe it is something I can fix? [1] Thank you. 2007年1月3日 (水) 14:05 (UTC)

Please note: This article was not marked for speedy deletion, nor was there a discussion for deletion. It was there one minute and the next minute gone. Will someone please initiate a deletion review? I believe the article at least deserves a discussion for consensus. Thank you again. 2007年1月5日 (金) 05:40 (UTC)
Your edit seems to have been deleted due to GFDL/copyright violation. The Japanese Wikipedia adopts a stricter rule on GFDL and copyright. If you copy-and-pasted text from some sources without supplying citation information in edit summary chances are your edit will be speedy-deleted. Copy-and-pasting from another wikipedia article is no exception. (GFDL rule applies in this case.) -- 2007年1月5日 (金) 05:57 (UTC)
Thank you for your time and explanation. That makes sense and I understand. Have a good day. 2007年1月5日 (金) 06:07 (UTC)


Just out of curiousity, why does it seem that the English Wikipedia has far more pictures than the Japanese Wikipedia? Very rarely do I see a picture on this site compared to the English version. Is there some Japanese copyright law I don't know about that forbids the use of more images than in America? Thanks. 2007年4月10日 (火) 15:36 (UTC)

I think it is because the Copyright Law of Japan doesn't allow "fair use." --Happy B. 2007年4月11日 (水) 01:28 (UTC)
Do you think this a widespread belief that there is no fair use of images in Japan? 2007年6月5日 (火) 16:39 (UTC)Sal Mehra
It's not a belief, it's the law :-) See #Why_are_fairuse_images_not_permitted_here.3F on this page. Cheers, Tangotango 2007年6月10日 (日) 06:20 (UTC)

Ask for help (about copyright status of city emblems in Japan)[編集]

Sorry for my bad Japanese.

I've heard that some wikipedians said city emblems in Japan were copyrighted. However, I found someone uploaded some of the emblems to commons (commons:Category:Symbols of municipalities in Japan). Moreover, I found some works were published over 50 years. Does 50 years of copyright duration in Japan Copyright Law apply to these emblems? --Wrightbus 2007年6月21日 (木) 18:19 (UTC)

All works created in Japan are automatically copyrighted, even if the creator is a national or local government. According to Wikipedia:画像, city and prefectural emblems have been deleted due to copyright infringement in the past; but some cities may allow free use of their emblems by their law. I'm not an expert on this field so this is only my 2¢. --朝彦 2007年6月22日 (金) 02:41 (UTC)

What's up with all this "privacy" nonsense?[編集]

What is going on with all this deletion of information from biographies? Not only are the real names of celebrities being deleted (which I don't agree with, but can sort of understand), but their birthdays and even birthplaces as well! This is ridiculous. Mamegaoka 2007年7月25日 (水) 17:53 (UTC)

Yes, it is indeed ridiculous. Only in the Japanese version of Wikipedia. Somebody should really send a complaint letter to Jimbo about this Japan local privacy policy that is contradictory to the very foundational philosophy of Wikipedia. The self-censorship imposed by a group of politically correct "liberal" admins (who unfortunately constitute the majority here) is almost as outrageous as the PRC censorship of the internet. -- 2007年7月25日 (水) 20:49 (UTC)
Some user is insisting that it's a privacy violation if one ISN'T (not wasn't) revealing his/her name and so on officially, on respobsible media, so that show he/she agree with revealing his/her name et cetera, even he/she is a celebrity. In fact, japanese tends to delete something if a judicial action seems to be going to be taked, whether the paragraph is right or not, legal or otherwise, because jawp has no preparation for the court. In addition to this, in Japan, there are many deletionists[2] in the ops. They believe earthy statements in an article compromise not only that article's but also Wikipedia's integrity.--coq(L/M) 2007年7月29日 (日) 17:12 (UTC)

Interlanguage Links[編集]

Position of interlanguage links[編集]

I was just wondering whether the japanese Wikipedia has a general recommendation whether to put the interlanguage links at the beginning or at the end of the article. I've encountered both variants but it seems that the general rule on most Wikipedias (with the french one being the only exception I'm aware of) is the bottom - as the placement at the beginning has often been found confusing for newbie editors. -- Gauss 2004年7月20日 (火) 18:14 (UTC)

Hallo Gauss, und vielen Dank fuer deinen Hinweis. For your information our current trend is putting them at the bottom as far as I know, and IMHO most of the article whose interlanguage links are put on the top are contributions in early days. I found however there is no general recommendation on where we put the interlanguage links. We will try to make a guideline for placing those links. --Aphaia 2004年7月20日 (火) 21:12 (UTC)

Interwiki guidelines[編集]

  • Halló! Some months ago I started to get informations about where to insert and how to sort interlanguage links. I thing that information should be available in a central place, as at the "embassies" linked to en:Wikipedia:Embassy.
  • Please let me know if the information at meta:A guide to Japanese Wikipedia#Interwiki linking is still valid. Maybe it is a good point to include it also in Wikipedia:大使館.
  • See what I have "collected" so far at commons:User:Gangleri/sandbox/Template:Interwiki_guidelines. Would be happy if you would add / maintain information about ja: if your community has already decided / will decide about this. Thanks in advance! Best regards Gangleri | Di | D 2005年4月19日 (火) 22:24 (UTC)
    • Strict rule for interalng links has not been established, but the information on meta is valid, I guess. Interlang links are put on the bottom of articles and sorted alphabetically by lang codes. 電気山羊 2005年4月21日 (木) 22:53 (UTC)

Links to foreign Wikipedias[編集]

Hi, I've noticed a few articles, like 大根, for example, have more than one link to the English Wikipedia. Daikon means radish, but more specifically, daikon, or "Japanese radish". Is it acceptable to link to both? In the English Wikipedia, we have a lot of articles about Japanese topics. For example, dajare. Dajare means pun, but more specifically dajare or "Japanese pun". Is it acceptable to link to both? --Dforest 2006年3月22日 (水) 16:29 (UTC)

Using machine translation[編集]


Some guest sez that auto-translated Japanese text whatever violated Japanese copyright articles.
To make the GOATSE.CX article, I typed my own text and put it in an auto-translating machine: . Some guest is saying that violates Japanese copyright laws.
Well, Wikipedia IS hosted in Florida, USA, so that's technically not illegal. But if the Japanese WP prohibits this anyway, can someone please re-arrange the text in GOATSE.CX?
Wikimedia servers are hosted in Florida, but most of writers and users are in Japan. We discussed about laws applyed to ja.wikipedia. In resurt, we reached the conclusion that we should obey both Japanese and U.S. laws. See ガイドブック, 翻訳FAQ and ノート:イラク戦争 (past version). If you really want to post articles in ja.wikipedia, please post it in English. Some may translate it.Sketch 2004年10月19日 (火) 03:36 (UTC)
I don't understand what violates Japanese copyright law. The use of the translator? 2005年1月14日 (金) 22:12 (UTC)
From my experience, automatic machine translations are of bad quality and it would be better to have a human translate it. en:User:Wikiacc 2005年2月1日 (火) 14:11 (UTC)
Yes, as Sketch wrote, we have considered that machine translations are violations on Japanese Wikipedia. Please do not post such documents. And automatic translations are sometimes terrible :p Please request at Wikipedia:翻訳依頼 (Translation Requests). Or you can find some translators at m:Translation. Please feel free to contact them. Some of them might help you. Last but not least, I'm one of them ;) 電気山羊 2005年2月2日 (水) 11:15 (UTC)

What does "chatsubo" means?[編集]

i do not understand anything[編集]

Hello Mister Japanese... I can't understand anything from your Wikipedia Homepage and I don't know what "Chatsubo" means. Please help me..

Response to:

I'm from Germany...

yours sincerely

Mr. T 以上の署名の無いコメントは、会話履歴)さんによるものです。


So, if my poor reading/translation skills are correct, a chatsubo is the bowl one uses to grind up tea leaves into matcha? Either that or the bowl one drinks matcha from. One way or the other, I'm just curious as to the rationale behind labeling this section for non-Japanese speakers "chatsubo". I can imagine some neat metaphorical or sort of poetical connotations, but I'm really not sure... 説明してくれませんか。虎火守 2006年9月30日 (土) 19:39 (UTC)

I am a newcomer here and I don't know why this page was named "chatsubo." It may have something to do with a popular song ずいずいずっころばし, in which both chatsubo and ido no mawari = idobata appear. This is just my guess. By the way, chatsubo 茶壺 is used to store tea leaves before they are ground. The tool to grind is ishiusu . And what is used for drinking matcha is chawan 茶碗. --Aotake 2006年10月4日 (水) 09:06 (UTC)
I don't know that, but Aphaia-san once told me that she named this page "Chatsubo." Mulukhiyya 2006年10月4日 (水) 10:00 (UTC)
ありがとう。虎火守 2006年10月4日 (水) 19:22 (UTC)
お茶の間 and other cha (tea) related things are often associated with a relaxing and friendly atmosphere in Japanese. Chatsubo works on two levels because it refers to tea, as well as sounding like the word "chat". freshofftheufo トーク 2006年10月5日 (木) 10:23 (UTC)
Sorry for late coming, as Aotake-san and freshgavin san told, Chatsubo means primarily a pot a sort of green tea matscha is preserved, and there are however several connotations.
First besides all, I like its sounding - it sounds somehow funny for native Japanese, perhaps with association of nursary song. Assumedly funny sounding would help you remembering the page name. And for linguistic neutrality, I thought a Japanese name the best. At thins point, I haven't changed my mind.
  1. First, there is a USENET or prausibly alt.* tradition to name discussion space chatsubo, perhaps connecting to the association its sound's similarity to chat+tsubo (tsubo could mean a place), but possibly from William Gibson's _Neuromancer_; in its Chapter 2, Chatsubo is a gaijin-bar in Chiba city, whose atmosphere has nothing relevant to Japan (so Gibson describes). In _Neuromancer_, Chatsubo seems to be a last resort of those who are not Japanese, particularily cyber people, in one of most prosperous Japanese city. Is there a similarity for our pages - Japanese Wikipedia and this Chatsubo?
  2. Without this background, I expect, Japanese people can find some relevance between Idobata (Village pump) and Chatsubo thanks to the nursary rhyme mentioned on the above.
Hoping this can be a clarification, --Aphaia 2006年10月31日 (火) 14:49 (UTC)

Editing the main page[編集]

Today is 28th April. Please tell me how to update main page.

Now main page has been protected to keep away from vandalism.
You can edit MediaWiki messages to update the articles on main page. Please check here. - Gombe 09:56 2004年5月14日 (UTC)

Localize MonoBook[編集]

Konnichiwa! I see that Japanese have already localized some of your MonoBook user interface, like "Community Portal" has been Nipponized to "コミュニティ・ポータル". How? MediaWiki:Communityportal doesn't seem to work. Arigato for some tips! --Menchi 22:03 2004年5月28日 (UTC)


What does this say? --Wonderfool 2005年8月29日 (月) 17:17 (UTC) Answers or note on my talk page please! --Wonderfool 2005年8月29日 (月) 17:17 (UTC)

it's an erotic template O_o 2005年9月22日 (木) 02:41 (UTC)

Directions, please[編集]

Where can I find your New User Log, the page where new users can introduce themselves to the community? You can reply on my English or Japanese pages, or this page. Thank you. paul klenk en.?!

Is that what you look for?: Special:Specialpages > Special:Log > Special:Log/newusers Mulukhiyya 2005年10月1日 (土) 22:38 (UTC)
Otherwise if you'd like to introduce yourself it could be here: Wikipedia:自己紹介. Regards. --にごう 2005年10月1日 (土) 23:20 (UTC)
It's more like this page: en:Wikipedia:New user log. Not all wikis have this page. I've left a greeting at the second page you suggested. Thank you for your kind attention to my question! paul klenk en.?!

Changing transcription[編集]


Would it be unwise to change dubious transcriptions to katakana where you find them. For example, the nowdays Hollywood based Swedish actor Peter Stormare, who pronounces his name as [ˈpe:tɛr ˈstɔrmarɛ] in IPA, is found at ピーター・ストーメア, which is obviously based on the American pronunciation, and not at ペーテル・ストルマレ, which would be closest to the original.

Thanks for any replies. --Salleman 2005年10月15日 (土) 05:37 (UTC)

Hi. There is two opinions about the way of transliteration into katakana: some assert "transliteration should be as close to the original pronunciation as possible," and the other "transliteration should follow the most common usage." We did many heated discussions in the past, but could not come to so good a conclusion. You can find the discussions at Wikipedia:外来語表記法. In the case of Peter Stormare, ピーター・ストーメア is much more common than ペーテル・ストルマレ at least on the web, and so some may object against renaming the page. --Brevam 2005年10月15日 (土) 06:51 (UTC)

Wikipedian by country[編集]

Wikipedia in japanaise have a Category for user by country like these:????

Categoria por país o ubicación - Category by country or location - Categoria per paese o posizione - 类别按国家或地点 Articulo por país o ubicación – Article by country or location - Articolo per paese o posizione - 文章按国家或地点
a b
de:Kategorie:Benutzer nach Land
en:Category:Wikipedians by location
es:Categoría:Wikipedia:Wikipedistas por países
eo:Kategorio:Vikipediistoj laŭ landoj
fr:Wikipédia:Wikipédiens par pays
nl:Wikipedia:Wikipedianen naar woonplaats
pt:Categoria:!Wikipedistas por país

If the response is no:

I suggest creating a category for wikipedians by country in every languaje version of Wikipedia


Actually exist various pages in article format.

These articles can be migrated to a category.

Also can be created a category in the wikis who not exist yet.

--es:Usuario:Mnts/Pruebas 2005年11月5日 (土) 07:05 (UTC)

Gracias por tu sugerencia. Hay página por su idioma (Wikipedia:ウィキペディアン/言語別), pero no por su país todavia. Me parece que su idea de usar categoría para realizarlo no es la buena en Wikipedia japonesa. Casi todos (creo más de 95%) son de japón y muy pocos de las otras, puez solo uno o dos pertenecera en la categoría de cada país.
Thank you for your sugestion. There is a page for each language (Wikipedia:ウィキペディアン/言語別) but isn't for each country yet. I don't think your idea using category for realize it isn't good in Wikipedia for japanese. Almost all (I think more than 95%) are japanese and only few are the others, so only one or two belong to each country's category. --Hachikou 2005年11月5日 (土) 10:28 (UTC)
Agreed. Wikipedians by Country has less meaning on Japanese Wikipedia, although a few active contributors are alian residents in countries other than Japan. I think itwiki like style would be fit to Japanese Wikipedia: a combination of "Wikipedians by (Italian) region" and "Wikipedians in abroad": Wikipedians by region (e.g. Wikipedians in Kanto) or Wikipedians by prefectures + Wikipedians in abroad. It could also be easily combined with existing page(s). --Aphaia 2005年11月5日 (土) 10:35 (UTC)


I can see Japanese figures, but is there any way I could type them on an English keyboard? ——以上の署名の無いコメントは、ノート履歴)さんによるものです。

w:Help:Japanese or b:en:Japanese/Computing_in_Japanese might be helpful.--Någonstans 2006年5月31日 (水) 18:33 (UTC)

Question about Japanese on 日本のウイキペヂイアあります[編集]

Hello, I'm new to japanese. Really new. I understand a decent amount of the grammar structure, but I have a question about it. What level of politeness in used on Japanese wikipedia? Is the des[u]/shimas[u] level used the most, does anyone use the more informal forms like "da" and "suru"? Are polite forms that begin with O- and Go- used with administrators? Thank you for understanding.--イキロイド|talk 2006年6月5日 (月) 19:09 (UTC)

Um, the politeness is difficult for non-Japansese speaker. In formal texts, like encyclopedias, dicrionaries, academic reports, and so on, "da"/"dearu" are appropriate/standard. "desu"/"masu" are polite but they are used in conversation or letter. So, you should use "da" in Article, "desu" in Talk. 電気山羊 2006年6月6日 (火) 15:44 (UTC)
Interesting. I would have thought it to be the other way around, as the french and english wikipedias write in a more formal and polite tone in articles, and write casually on talkpages.--イキロイド|talk 2006年6月6日 (火) 19:17 (UTC)
Yes, "da" in talk is not polite. But Japanese has different styles in spoken and written. Um, I can't explain precisely because I'm not a linguist or teacher, but "da" in articles is not casual but the formal writing style (...or stiff; thus, in conversation we use "desu", more friendly and polite expression than "da"). Good luck for your further learning :) 電気山羊 2006年6月9日 (金) 12:08 (UTC)
I am sorry, but I have one more question, concerning kanji—if it is in a word, will it always be at the beginning, or do some words begin with kana (not counting "go" or "o") and have kanji in the middle or in the end?--イキロイド|talk 2006年6月6日 (火) 19:28 (UTC)
Sorry but I don't understand what you ask. Could you show some expamles? eG/電気山羊 2006年6月9日 (金) 12:08 (UTC)
Hi. Not many but some words begin with kana and end with kanji. There are several cases.
  1. Proper nouns. Ex. りそな銀行
  2. Words including a part impossible to write in kanji, such as bubuzuke ぶぶ漬け.
  3. Words using difficult or not common kanji. Words like べき乗(冪乗)or う蝕(齲蝕)are the example. This also happens with words like 語い(語彙), where the last kanji is often replaced with hiragana in the press. You may find related information on en:Tōyō_kanji. Aotake 2006年6月9日 (金) 13:40 (UTC)
Ah, thank you, Aotake. For more examples, words including imported word and Kanji like 電子メール (electronic mail, e-mail); these are compound words, though. Another compound words like 物の怪 (spirits or monsters; this is one word) also are comprised of kana and kanji. 電気山羊 2006年6月9日 (金) 15:21 (UTC)
Thank you very much. I am sorry I didn't respond earlier. That helps me a lot. It's difficult for me because japanese doesn't use spaces between words.--イキロイド|talk 2006年6月10日 (土) 16:43 (UTC)

I'm not a real fan of kanji[編集]

Babel: en, ja-1

Hi, I'm "thematrixeatsyou". I can't get the IME working so I'm typing in romaji.

Konnichi wa. Boku wa "thematrixeatsyou" desu. IME o tsukau koto dekimasen kara romaji ga kakete imasu.

I am useless at kanji so I like reading in hiragana and katakana.

Boku wa kanji ga heta desu kara hiragana to katakana o yomitai desu.

I live in New Zealand.

Nyuujirando ni sunda imasu.

I speak English and a little Japanese.

Eigo to chotto nihongo o hanashimasu.

I have been learning Japanese at school for 2 and a half years.

Ni nen hankanen kara gakkoo de nihongo o naraimasu.

I like Japan and I would like to go there.

Nihon ga suki desu kara nihon ni ikitai desu.

This chatbox is very useful. Thank you.

Chatsubo wa totemo benri desu. Domo arigatoo.

P.S. Do you think I "speak" Japanese well enough to write an article?

(Note: I have blatantly made myself clear. My English is often really colloquial and many non-english speakers would have a pretty hard time understanding me. So yeah, the Japanese have made an effort, so I'm trying to make myself clear to them.)

- Thematrixeatsyou 2006年6月9日 (金) 09:32 (UTC) ——以上の署名の無いコメントは、ノート履歴)さんによるものです。

I'm afraid you don't. --Fugue 2006年6月9日 (金) 09:51 (UTC)
ハハハ! ナイス!"I'm afraid you don't" - who said Japanese were indirect...
Take note that japanese puts prepositions and dependent clauses (statements that begin with "because," etc.) come before the predicate, not after it. So, "I can't see because my vision is gone" would be "I wa my vision not-here because see-cannot. But I don't know a lot of japanese, so I could be wrong.--イキロイド|talk 2006年6月10日 (土) 16:48 (UTC)


Can't you make the copyright warning shorter? I don't think there are so many important points, and if it's that big, no one will want to read this. Maybe something like de:Mediawiki:Copyrightwarning. en:User:TZM 2006年9月28日 (木) 15:11 (UTC)

I think that most of the people who don't read and ignore a long warning message never read the message if it is shorter. A long message is somewhat useful because there are many users who read the message but don't follow links in it. ― TETRA 2006年9月28日 (木) 18:38 (UTC)


In general, shouldn't Wikipedia be set up such that one's account and password work in any Wikipedia language-section?

There's no real reason to do that, most users only use accounts on one language version, and only an extremely limited number of users have accounts on more then 4 or 5 language versions. Having the same number of accounts across every language is only asking for problems, for example with sock-puppetry. freshofftheufo トーク 2006年10月5日 (木) 10:21 (UTC)
m:single login --w:User:TZM 2006年10月31日 (火) 14:02 (UTC)

Animal article titles[編集]

Why do the titles of animal articles in the Japanese Wikipedia use katakana instead of kanji? For example, the "cat" article is titled ネコ instead of 猫, "horse" is ウマ instead of 馬, and so on.

That is derived from conventions in Japanese biology academia. Wikipedia:記事名の付け方#生物名, the naming convention policy, says "Basically, titles of species (animals and plants) should be Katakana of Japanese standard name (和名)." --Masao 2006年10月24日 (火) 13:19 (UTC)


It says nothing of relavence to you and is only saying that your IP is blocked from editing/altering this page. 以上の署名の無いコメントは、会話履歴whois)氏が[2006年11月14日 (火) 21:58 (UTC)]に投稿したものです(Aotakeによる付記)。

I need feedback from other users[編集]

Hello. I recently made an account on the Japanese Wikipedia, but I can't read or type in Japanese. So due to my lack of knowledge when it comes to the written language of Japan, I can't edit articles (mainly because I can't type in Japanese on my computer) or even reply to comments left by other users. If you guys don't mind, can anyone give me some feedback on my actions and tell me whether or not making an account was a smart thing to do? Arigato gonzaimasu. Poetic Decay 2007年1月28日 (日) 03:17 (UTC)

Well, there's no harm in having an account here. The question for you to ask yourself is what do you want to do with the account? I don't speak or read any Japanese, so I really just use my account here for adding pictures from the Commons: to article here. You could do that. Besides that I'm not sure what else you would want the account for. What were your plans? By the way, you can get a user interface with some English by clicking on the link at the top of the screen, two words over from your username, that says "オプション", and in the dropbox where it says "ja" you can change it to "en". This will make the MediaWiki interface use English. — coelacan — 2007年1月29日 (月) 02:34 (UTC)

Format Problem & {{helpme}}[編集]

First of all, I tried to copy my user profile over from the English wikipedia, and everything was fine, but I accidentally pasted it into my talk page. The formatting was fine, but when I cut/pasted the text from my talk page to my user page, much of the text disappeared. However, when I go to edit it, it is shown. Can someone take a look at my userpage and see why this might be happening?

Also, I was wondering if there is a template in the japanese wikipedia similar to the english {{helpme}} template... -- RedPoptarts 2007年3月5日 (月) 13:36 (UTC)

It's because you used [[en: links. On a userpage, [[en:Article]] adds an interlanguage link in the sidebar. If you want to display it as text, use [[:en:Article]] or [[w:Article]] . Angela 2007年3月5日 (月) 14:06 (UTC)


Bonjour, je ne vois pas l'intêret de faire un wikipedia en chinois. —以上の署名の無いコメントは、会話/whois)さんが[2007年3月31日 (土) 08:23 (UTC)]に投稿したものです。

(tranlates to) "Hello, I do not see the interest in making a wikipedia in Chinese"
First observation: zh:Wikipedia Seems to be doing fine with its interest level regardless of whether you can see it.
Second, a question: What would that have to do with the price of tea in Tokyo? (Less obliquely --- how is that relevant to Japanese wikipedia in general or to the readers and participants of chatsubo specifically?) -- en:User:JimD ——以上の署名の無いコメントは、ノート/Whois IPv4IPv6)さんが 2007年3月31日 (土) 23:03 (UTC) に投稿したものです。
Alors, est-ce qu'il y a un "intêret" de faire un wikipedia en français ?? (Au fait, je pense que c'est simplement un vandalisme . . .) --Aotake 2007年4月3日 (火) 04:47 (UTC)
(Is there a french wikipedia?)
Oui, il y a un francais wikipedia.(Yes) 2007年4月15日 (日) 18:52 (UTC)

Keetai editing[編集]

I read that the Japanese Wikipedia does not allow edits from mobile phones. Other Wikipedias don't appear to have a problem with it. Why are users not allowed to edit the Japanese Wikipedia from mobile phones? -- 2007年4月10日 (火) 21:08 (UTC)

According to what is written at the revision draft of WP:BLOCK, (i) browsers in (Japanese) mobile phones sometimes act problematically, and may make corrupt edits without the editor realizing; (ii) you cannot talk with anonymous editors, as the IP address changes every time; and (iii) you cannot log in to an account on most phones, and that makes problem (ii) more significant. Users who were involved in the discussion seem to have reached consensus that editors from mobile phones will be blocked (but IMHO that's going a bit too far). --朝彦 (Asahiko) 2007年4月11日 (水) 14:40 (UTC)

How do we draw attention to POV pages?[編集]

It's difficult and time consuming for me to discuss POV pages although I may be able to read most of it. I think there is more of danger for POV in Japanese wikipedia than in the English one because there aren't so many non-Japanese fluent Japanese speakers. I don't want to personally add a POV tag if I can't really discuss the issue. Macgruder 2007年5月9日 (水) 10:18 (UTC)

It would probably be good to explain that POVはPoint of Viewという意味なのでPOV pageは曲論的研究や意見などがあるページです POVについてお知らせ: WP:JPOV Konamaiki 2007年9月3日 (月) 23:09 (UTC)

Trouble with japanese article names in the location bar[編集]

Hi, I'm using firefox 1.5 on xp and for some reason wikipedia article names in japanese characters appear in the location bar as hex digits separated in pairs by %. i tried looking for something to fix this but i could only find help for punycode, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

You can use Locationbar2 extension for Firefox for that purpose. BTW, in general, using %-URI encodings is valid and safe since every character encodings beyond ASCII charset in a URI are not permitted. --Masao 2007年5月11日 (金) 09:16 (UTC)
I only just found out about percent-encodings... But you fixed the (non)issue! Thanks!


can someone please respond to the question on my talk page? Thanks!!! 2007年7月6日 (金) 14:22 (UTC)

According to Special:Contributions/, the article Ariados was blanked from your IP a month ago, and what you recieved was a warning to that edit. The message you recieved basically says not to blank pages because it's considered vandalism. IPs change over time, so in this case, just ignore it. --朝彦 (Asahiko) 2007年7月6日 (金) 21:49 (UTC)
Thanks a lot!! Cheers, 2007年7月7日 (土) 04:08 (UTC)

How many articles is here?[編集]

Could you please inform me how many articles are there in Japan Wikipedia? -- 2007年7月10日 (火) 05:25 (UTC)

According to Special:Statistics, 389,365 articles at the time of my writing this. This does not include redirects, talk, user or help pages etc, and including all those would make 926,966 pages total. --朝彦 2007年7月10日 (火) 05:47 (UTC)

Disclaimers on license templates[編集]

On the English wikipedia in early 2004, a well meaning person added "subject to disclaimers" to the {{GFDL}} template. This simple addition had unintended legal implications.

The disclaimer link is problematic because it requires images to be accompanied by reference to Wikipedia's general disclaimer. For example if I wanted to use 画像:00062919LacLeman.jpg on a postcard (not related to wikipedia), I would have to provide the wikipedias general disclaimer with it as well.

Recently on English wikipedia an effort was made to abolish the unnecessary disclaimers from the license template. To my knowledge only a few wikis (Ja.wikipedia being one of them) has a disclaimer notice left on her {{GFDL}} license template which they copied from en.wikipedia in the first place.

-- ちぃ? 2007年7月10日 (火) 08:38 (UTC)

Thank you for the information. I posted a summary of your information at the note page of {{GFDL}}. Someone eligible should notice and revise it. --Uiweo 2007年7月10日 (火) 15:39 (UTC)
Strange thing is, the link on "Subject to disclaimers" doesn't point to a disclaimer, but to Wikipedia:Copyrights. And the Japanese text has no counterpart to the statement. What a mess. --朝彦 2007年7月11日 (水) 05:12 (UTC)
Due to legal reasons behind the GFDL license, the disclaimer cannot be removed unless the person uploading it agrees to do so. So we will need to have two templates, one with disclaimer and one without. Usage of the one with disclaimers should be discouraged. -- ちぃ? 2007年7月12日 (木) 17:14 (UTC)
From what I see after reading en:Wikipedia:GFDL standardization, this is not a problem in the Japanese Wikipedia because the Japanese Wikipedia never had a page that corresponds with en:Wikipedia:General disclaimers. The link is, and has always pointed to Wikipedia:著作権, the japanese counterpart of en:Wikipedia:Copyright. Clearly an error. Despite the notice being there, the JAWP has never had a disclaimer. And the Japanese message says nothing about disclaimers. It is left out in the translation. I believe we can remove the misleading statement. Am I wrong? --朝彦 2007年7月13日 (金) 09:13 (UTC)
Wikipedia:著作権 <- does that thing have a mention of the disclaimer? On the English version, they are as "Content on Wikipedia is covered by disclaimers" -- ちぃ? 2007年7月17日 (火) 06:43 (UTC)
Let me correct one thing from my previous statement. We do have a disclaimer, at Wikipedia:免責事項. However, that does not apply to images if the {{GFDL}} does not mention it; am I correct? I've just read Wikipedia:著作権 from top to bottom. The page is only about copyrights only. (E.g. explanation of GFDL and how we interpret the license at WP, what you must do when you want to reuse materials, etc.) Not a word of "免責" (disclaimers) appears in Wikipedia:著作権. No, we do not have something like "Content on Wikipedia is covered by disclaimers". --朝彦 2007年7月17日 (火) 10:12 (UTC)
Is there a single link to the disclaimer page on that page (including the one on the footer). It linking to it directly is our convenience though I am uncertain if that is required by law. I think this is open to legal interpretation, something we want to avoid. We may get away with it, but a simple two template solution seems more problem free to me. A bot can make this modification (I do have such a bot: AWB). -- ちぃ? 2007年7月17日 (火) 14:54 (UTC)
We've gotta worry about footers too?! Well, yes, the footer always carries the link to the disclaimer page; but then again, the Japanese text at {{GFDL}} says nothing about disclaimers. The situation is complicated enough to confuse me already and I'd like to hear from the rest of the community on this -- I'm calling for comments at Template talk:GFDL along with a summary of your inputs so far. Stay tuned. --朝彦 2007年7月17日 (火) 16:31 (UTC)
The key issue is there is a possible legal basis for a lawsuit. Whatever the Japanese version says, it is merely an addition to the English text. There is theoretic basis for a legal dispute which we do not want to risk. -- ちぃ? 2007年8月4日 (土) 17:30 (UTC)
Is there a consensus on the matter? -- ちぃ? 2007年8月7日 (火) 16:30 (UTC)

Please Help![編集]

How to redirect an article? ミスターフログ 2008年3月11日 (火) 21:24 (UTC)

This document from the English Wikipedia should help you. en:Wikipedia:Redirect --朝彦 2008年3月13日 (木) 00:52 (UTC)
Thanks. ミスターフログ 2008年3月13日 (木) 16:40 (UTC)


Copied from 利用者‐会話:Vigilante#GFDL -- ちぃ? 2008年4月17日 (木) 10:10 (UTC)

Although it was discussed here, there has been little progress on this license conflict. The "subject to disclaimers" creates an unnecesary restriction. This causes various problems particularly when moving images from ja.wikipedia to en.wikipedia. Per GFDL license the "subject to disclaimers" cannot be simply removed. A similar change was made on English wikipedia: en:Wikipedia:GFDL standardization.

The resolution is

I have a bot on Ja.wikipedia (利用者:電算機) that can take care of this task. Is it OK for me to order my bot to make such a change?

-- ちぃ? 2008年4月11日 (金) 17:43 (UTC)

Template‐ノート:GFDL#"Subject to disclaimers"についてで議論がありますが、
このlicense conflictについてほとんど進捗がありません。
"subject to disclaimers"は、不必要な規制を強いています。
GFDLにより "subject to disclaimers" を除去することができません。
enwpではen:Wikipedia:GFDL standardizationのような変更が行われています。

*{{GFDL}} を {{GFDL-ja}}で置き換える。
*{{GFDL-no-disclaimers}} を {{GFDL}}へ移動する。

--上記は User:White Cat/08さんが2008年4月11日 (金) 17:43 (UTC)に書いたコメントを本人の依頼によりmiyaが訳したものです。 
Vigilanteさん、こんにちは。上のWhite Cat/08さんからGFDLのテンプレートについて助力を頼まれたのですが、(この問題は私には難しすぎますし)ライセンス方面には手を出さないほうがいいVigilanteさんから言われているからとお断りしたら、それではVigilanteさんに直接聞くので翻訳だけしてくれと依頼されたものです。へぼ訳で申し訳ありませんが、どうぞよろしくお願いします。--miya 2008年4月11日 (金) 23:31 (UTC)


I created a subpage of an existing article. I hope you don't mind.Kitty53 2008年6月2日 (月) 20:39 (UTC)

I don't think anybody "minds" you making a subpage of your userpage, but many people here consider that, when you are copying text, you need mention where you copied it from. --Aotake 2008年6月4日 (水) 12:07 (UTC)

About Shima Yoshitake 島義勇[編集]

Hello, I want to upload picture of Shima Yoshitake 島義勇[3],but I don't know did it is {{PD-Japan-oldphoto}},cay anyone tell me? Thank you.--Iflwlou 2008年6月22日 (日) 13:40 (UTC)

이 문서를 어찌합니까?[編集]

이탈리아의 TV 프로그램인 Winx Club은 일본에 정식으로 소개된 적이 없음에도 일본어 위키페디아에 문서가 있습니다. (Winx Club) 어찌된 일입니까? -- 성혀니talk with mesee my work 2008年9月28日 (日) 06:00 (UTC)

적절한 출전이 수반하고 있으면 문제 없다고 생각합니다. --Hatukanezumi 2008年9月28日 (日) 07:04 (UTC)
이탈리아어 판에서 번역된 문서입니다.--hyolee2/H.L.LEE 2008年9月28日 (日) 07:14 (UTC)

누군가가 일본어판 문서를 평가하고 토론을 열어 삭제할지 말지를 정해줬으면 좋겠습니다. (저는 기본적으로 지워졌으면 좋겠다는 생각입니다만...) -- 성혀니talk with mesee my work 2008年9月28日 (日) 11:03 (UTC)

삭제되는 것은 없습니다. 일본어판은 일본판이 아닙니다.--hyolee2/H.L.LEE 2008年9月28日 (日) 23:39 (UTC)
만약에 그 문서가 손을 쓸 수 없을 정도로 Fancruft가 많아졌다거나, 문서가 너무 뒤죽박죽 되었다거나, (비록 존재하는 프로그램에 관한 문서지만) 믿을 수 없는 출처로 가득차게 될 경우 삭제를 요청해도 되겠습니까? -- 성혀니talk with mesee my work 2008年9月30日 (火) 07:40 (UTC)
삭제를 제의 해도 상관없습니다만, 여기는 일본어의 위키백과입니다. 일본어로 제의 해 논의하지 않으면 안됩니다. 만약 일본어가 능숙하지 않다면, 다른 Wikipedian에 상담해 주세요. --Hatukanezumi 2008年9月30日 (火) 08:05 (UTC)

Regarding Yo-Yo Ma[編集]

Shouldn't his page be titled "馬友友" instead of "ヨーヨー・マ"? That is his official name... Moocowsrule 2008年11月29日 (土) 00:16 (UTC)

I rarely see him referred to as 馬友友 by Japanese media. There is a guideline suggesting the use of Katakana for east Asian people working (mainly) outside of the resion. In that regard, I think the current use of Katakana is OK for this article. --Makotoy 2008年11月29日 (土) 17:37 (UTC)

Height and Bloodtype on article[編集]

I don't understand why Japanese wikipedia contain subjects' bloodtypes and height. Isn't it a custom that Don't add bloodtype and height and weight?--Kwj2772 2009年1月31日 (土) 12:12 (UTC)

아야세 하루카에 대한 이야긴데아마 공개하고 있는데 적어 있는 것이 아닙니까? 꺼꾸로 묻고 싶습니다. 왜 비공개 정보인 본명을 공개하는 것은 이해가 안갑니다.--hyolee2/H.L.LEE 2009年2月1日 (日) 00:08 (UTC)

Why is this article called 毛沢東?[編集]

Shouldn't it be called マオ・ゼドン{{{2}}}, or something? 好き牛君です! 2009年2月3日 (火) 06:32 (UTC)}}

There is this guideline about how to write people's names. He falls in the case of a Chinese person who has widely accepted chinese characters to write his name. We might consider katakana notation if majority of his activities were carried out outside east Asia, but it is not the case now. --Makotoy 2009年2月3日 (火) 07:43 (UTC)

Why is Jose Cruz Jr. at ホセ・クルーズ・ジュニア?[編集]

Jose Cruz Jr. is at ホセ・クルーズ・ジュニア. Shouldn't this be at ホセ・クルーズⅡ世? "Junior" is a designation that he is the son of Jose Cruz. WhisperToMe 2009年2月17日 (火) 22:46 (UTC)

It depends on how he is called in Japan. Usually, it is about how he is referred to in mass media. In his case, there seems to be an unanimous preference on 「ジュニア」(which is a straightforward borrowing of the original pronunciation) over 「II世」.--Makotoy 2009年2月27日 (金) 13:00 (UTC)

Greetings to Japan! Glad we haven't those strict rules in articles like you do![編集]

Hello everybody! Since modern times also have brought us the possibility to read JA Wikipedia without knowing the language (thus able to get information off articles which are missing in English or German WP), it was an interesting experience to sneak into here! Well, I was actually trying to find something about how the Japanese electronica musician TOWA TEI is related to newcomer Ayuse Kozue (friend, good friend or even a couple?!) Well when I browsed the JA article something very astonishing popped into my eye: no birth dates!! But I swore there were some ... yes I made it again, and I found the transition (somewhere in 2007) from which the birth date, the birth name AND even the location of birth will only appear in the article enclosed in comments, sometimes even with the -PRIVATE- annotation in Japanese. That stunned me a lot! For I'm simply not used to that kind of thing. I'm actually a nosy person and I like to know how old the artists are which I buy CDs from! :) e. g. Ayuse looks like 17 to me, but she could as well be 28! :P But well, if it's the rule to have birth information from living celebrities removed in Japanese WP: rules are rules! Albeit that I am personally against masking information even though I know it might be related to stalking (which may probably a more significant issue in Japan?!) Whatever, I've learned that we in German WP and also our English colleagues should NOT complain about WP rules because at least they have birth information left in the articles. And I strongly hope it will stay that way for the future! [edit]One question left: what does determine if a birth date is left in or out? For example, I can see the date in the Yo-Yo Ma article specified, but in this of TOWA TEI it's left out. Hmm? -andy 2009年3月15日 (日) 07:11 (UTC)

Hello, and welcome! In regard to your question, that depends on whether the subject has made it public of not. If we can find a reliable source that confirms such information, we list it and if not, we don't. This is nothing unique to JAWP, I believe. In the case of Tei Towa, his agency has requested to remove certain information from our article, including his birthdate. --Aotake2009年3月23日 (月) 14:22 (UTC)