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This is a page for non-Japanese speakers to discuss anything related to the Japanese Wikipedia.

You can also request assistance for your works on the Japanese Wikipedia.

For Non-Japanese Speakers

Before you post your comment or question . . .

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Is anyone interested in creating the article en:Sport in Azerbaijan in Japanese Wikipedia?

Thank you. 2017年3月2日 (木) 21:26 (UTC)

Question about Japanese spaceflight industry[編集]

Is there technical or economic interest by editors in the Japanese spaceflight industry? And might those editors be willing to help with content about that in the English Wikipedia?

Recent legislation in Japan is mentioned on the English wiki here: Space launch market competition#Raising private capital].

Apparently, the Japanese legislature is considering legislation to allow private company spaceflight initiatives in Japan under Japanese law.

While it remains to be seen whether the legislation becomes law and, if so, whether significant private capital will enter the Japanese space launch industry, it would be super helpful if someone with a technical or economic interest in the Japanese spaceflight industry, might keep their eyes on what happens with this legislation (in the Japanese press), and improve that Japan-related content on the English Wikipedia as the situation warrants. N2e会話) 2015年6月12日 (金) 20:59 (UTC)

Might it be possible for someone who reads Japanese to just do some quick searches to see if this legislation ever became law in Japan? It would seem the legislation should have either been rejected, or passed, by now. Thanks. N2e会話) 2016年2月5日 (金) 04:26 (UTC)
In 2007, a draft of the Basic Space Law was submitted to the congress by the Japan Liberal Democratic Party and others, but rejected. In 2008, another draft was submitted again and has been legislated on 28 May. See ja:宇宙基本法. It would make me happy if this information is useful for you. --QuirkyQuidnuncY会話) 2016年2月7日 (日) 12:54 (UTC)
No, I don't think 宇宙基本法 is it. The English Wikipedia article cites a Yomiuri article in 2015 that talks about the bill to be submitted next year (i.e., this year). We're only one month into this year's ordinary Diet session, and we have no news of yet about the bill. My best guess is that it is in its final drafting stages. For a while now, the Cabinet [1] and JAXA [2] has been talking about "宇宙活動法" to allow greater private sector activities, so I belive this is the relevant bill. --朝彦会話) 2016年2月9日 (火) 08:05 (UTC)

en:Philmont Scout Ranch[編集]

Can a Japanese speaker who knows a lot about Scouting please create this article on the Japanese Wikipeda with the title being transliterated? Thanks. Philmonte101会話) 2015年12月25日 (金) 21:11 (UTC)

Do you know if it's common for Japanese people to go to this place? Of course any notable subject is eligible for an article on JAwiki. Personally I try to focus on subjects that are likely to be of interest to a JAwiki audience. If you can find evidence that it's popular with Japanese people and/or a reliable source about this place in Japanese that would be great. WhisperToMe会話) 2016年2月9日 (火) 21:36 (UTC)

Woodworking terms help[編集]

If someone can come help at en:Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Japan#Translation help, that would be great. I don't know these woodworking (木工) terms. Thank you! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 2016年1月9日 (土) 21:07 (UTC)

Japanese pronunciation of the word "スキャンダル"[編集]

May I ask how do you guys pronunce the word "スキャンダル"? sɯkjandaɽɯ, sɯ̥kjandaɽɯ (is the first "u" voiceless?) or something completely different? Any chance that a native Japanese speaker could record it and upload it to Commons? Sillent DX会話) 2016年1月14日 (木) 18:39 (UTC)

The first "u" is voiceless in standard Japanese. You can hear native pronunciation at スキャンダル and 愛人スキャンダル on Forvo. --Ryota7906会話) 2016年1月20日 (水) 13:20 (UTC)
Thanks! Sillent DX会話) 2016年1月21日 (木) 08:32 (UTC)

a crowdcontribution to Wikipedias 15th birthday[編集]

PAGEID: 3274232 · links here · purge ↺ · section=0 · REVISIONID: 63875027 · permanent link

Dear friends! Wikipedia versions is a Wikidata approach to display additional information to special:SiteMatrix. Nevertheless the titles and descriptions of the Wikidata items need translations in many languages. Maybe you can spend some minutes to add a few translations today. Best regards I18n会話) 2016年1月15日 (金) 06:55 (UTC)

WMF projects - translation of Wikidata labels and descriptions[編集] links here
lang=ja : ?lang=ja&props=31,218,219,220,506,1406&q=claim[1800]日本語

Dear friends! Today is Wikipedias 15th birthday. I want to let you know that the number of d:Wikidata:Database reports/WMF projects there is also the page Wikipedia versions has increased to more then 409. The list contains pages from Wikibook project pages to Wikiversity and Wiktionary project pages. You may be interested in adding Wikidata labels and descriptions in your language. Only a few, maybe five. Please follow also the discussion at d:property talk:P218 and comment there.
Maybe you can translate this and use it somewhere: If this is your first edit at wikidata: First go to Wikipedia_versions?setlang=ja. This will select the interface language for you. Then open the label links you want to translate in a new browser tab for each link. You should see an edit button and you should be able to insert the label in the corresponding field using a click/doubleklick. Same for the description and alias. Save your changes and go to another label link from the main list. Good luck!
Best regards Gangleri also aka I18n会話) 2016年1月15日 (金) 06:55 (UTC) / I18n会話) 2016年1月15日 (金) 09:15 (UTC)

1,000,000 articles[編集]

Congratulations for reaching 1,000,000 articles, but you should create a commemorative logo for this like there have been in other Wikipedias: Wikipedia-logo-vLL1-sv-1M.svg Wikipedia-logo-es-millon-vector.svg


I don't think anybody is interested. I, for that matter, am personally against such practices. They violate our visual identity guidelines. 朝彦会話) 2016年1月25日 (月) 12:59 (UTC)
I think altered logos generally violate the visual identity guidelines, but not commemoratve logos for cases like this. Anyway, contact other users to know if commemorative logos violate it. 2016年1月25日 (月) 15:44 (UTC)

Japanese going to Guam: Photo requests?[編集]

Are any JAWiki users planning to visit Guam anytime soon? If so there are some Wikipedia-related photo requests I like: namely the Japanese School of Guam

Thanks WhisperToMe会話) 2016年2月8日 (月) 08:38 (UTC)

AFD on EN Wiki: Haruka Kohara[編集]

Does anyone know any Japanese sources about en:Haruka Kohara (小原春香)? They may be good to bring up in en:Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Haruka Kohara. I would really like to have more sources about this figure.

Thank you WhisperToMe会話) 2016年2月18日 (木) 05:41 (UTC)

Fuji Shibazakura Festival[編集]


I'm seeking some information about the Fuji Shibazakura Festival, also known as the Fuji Moss Pink Festival. Could you please help me by telling me whether there is a article on this topic in the Japanese Wikipedia? Or whether an article about another topic mentions this festival?

Furthermore, could you please counsel me on the reliability of the following sources?

Namely, can an article found on one of these two websites be considered reliable? Could these sites serve as references in a Wikipedia article?

Thanks a lot, --LouCeriseV3会話) 2016年3月11日 (金) 12:55 (UTC)

Hi, the article on the Fuji Shibazakura Festival (富士芝桜まつり) has not been made yet, but the articles that mention it exist like 富士河口湖町. I think that the two websites you show here are reliable enough to cite as sources for an article of Wikipedia. --QuirkyQuidnuncY会話) 2016年3月11日 (金) 14:05 (UTC)
Hi, your answer helps me very mutch ! thanks a lot .^__^.--LouCeriseV3会話) 2016年3月12日 (土) 07:10 (UTC)
Hi, LouCeriseV3. I will use below If I try to make that article.
Self-published sources (official website) (official website) (press release) (yamanashi tourism organization)
News sources --StrangeMist (StrangeSnow / Talk) 2016年3月12日 (土) 08:02 (UTC)
Hi, Wow! that's great, all these links! Thank you very much for your help :) LouCeriseV3会話) 2016年3月13日 (日) 18:19 (UTC)

Need to cite these links[編集]

Hello, I'm a new user, who previously created the ぼくらベアベアーズ article. I want to cite these links: the article. I'm a little unclear on how to cite links here, especially Twitter posts. Could someone please give me a quick, thorough rundown? Thank you in advance.--事典戦隊ウィキペジャー会話) 2016年3月19日 (土) 16:33 (UTC)

@事典戦隊ウィキペジャー: Make sure it's an official account. if it is, you can simply do <ref>(Insert content here)</ref> WhisperToMe会話) 2016年7月1日 (金) 16:07 (UTC)

Merge request[編集]

Can someone merge カントリー・ガールズ and カントリー娘。? It's the same band, the first one is the new name. Mbch331会話) 2016年3月20日 (日) 09:00 (UTC)

Hi. It seems that the discussion has already finished about it, in note. And these contents were splited. - 2016年7月25日 (月) 21:56 (UTC)

Question about removing comments from one's own talk page[編集]

Hi. I have a quick question. I was under the impression that one user can remove talk page comments from their own talk page at their own discretion like the English Wikipedia (which I am a regular of), but removing these might lead to a block, so is this true? Also, I'm mostly familiar with how talk pages work and I do speak some Japanese, but is it necessary to keep messages and notices on your own talk page? Thanks, Sjones23会話) 2016年4月9日 (土) 14:52 (UTC)

@Sjones23: You have to archive them. Apparently, some editors here can't figure out how to look at the history, so they require them to be archived. I was harassed by a nutter about it. He has since been blocked indefinitely, so take it how you will. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 2016年8月22日 (月) 18:55 (UTC)

Please help translate an important announcement for this wiki[編集]

Please see Wikipedia:ビジュアルエディター/フィードバック#The_visual_editor_will_be_enabled_on_this_wiki_in_early_May. Any help in spreading the word is appreciated. Thank you and happy editing, --Elitre (WMF)会話) 2016年4月27日 (水) 18:44 (UTC)

Default Editor[編集]

Could someone please translate this for community discussion. (I think this goes somewhere at WP:井戸端?) Thanks.

The Wikimedia Foundation recently changed the editing links on English Wikipedia, Japanese Wikipedia, and they intend to change all Wikipedias. Due to a bug, they accidentally set Visual Editor as the default editor for all new users at English Wikipedia. The English community requested that that bug be fixed, and that the Wikitext editor be loaded first for new users. The Wikimedia Foundation is currently making that change, but only at English Wikipedia. Japanese Wikipedia currently gives all new users Visual Editor first by default. The Japanese community should determine consensus on whether you want to keep Visual Editor as the default for new users, or change to the Wikitext editor as default for new users.

Visual Editor was created with the goal of making editing faster and easier, helping more people edit, and helping to retain more editors. The Wikimedia Foundation preformed a study to determine VisualEditor's effect on newly registered editors[3]. The study found that Visual Editor did not achieve any of those goals.

  1. New users offered Visual Editor were significantly LESS likely to successfully complete edits (58% vs 64%).
  2. Making edits with Visual Editor took new users much longer (35 seconds for Wikitext vs 2 minutes for VisualEditor).
  3. No change in the number of new users who successfully make at least one edit.
  4. No change in the number of new users who stay to make more edits.

Alsee会話) 2016年5月18日 (水) 17:37 (UTC)

This is not the only data we have about the visual editor (here is what the dashboards are currently telling us; more research is on its way). I have been working with the Japanese community for years, and there have never been concerns about the rollout, or the visual editor in general, here. No objection to the plans means consensus; the rollout here is complete and it went just smoothly thanks to community's efforts. If and when contributors here have a problem, they know how and who to communicate it to. --Elitre (WMF)会話) 2016年5月18日 (水) 17:58 (UTC)
Are you opposed to a local discussion to determine consensus on the subject?
I've been closely following the plans for the Visual editor for anonymous users study and I am very interested in what the results will be. Regarding the dashboard data, the May 2015 study clearly outlined why that raw data is invalid/biased[4]. You've got a well controlled A/B study showing no benefit and several downsides when Visual Editor was offered to new users. Alsee会話) 2016年5月18日 (水) 18:43 (UTC)
Hello, Alsee. Thank you for your concern. But don't worry. Jawiki community is BOLD enough to accept and try new drastic changes. First try, then discuss if necessary. If vandalism increase significantly after VE rollout, jawp community will surely begin to consider to swich the default editor back to wikitext editor. As to the benefit of VE as the default editor I'm looking forward to see the result of jawp case. Thanks.--miya会話) 2016年5月19日 (木) 00:25 (UTC)
Hi miya. I have absolutely no idea where silly concerns about vandalism cames from, Visual Editor is irrelevant to whether the person behind the computer is a vandal. The issues are that we have hard data proving Visual Editor is worse for new editors, as well as all of the experience we've had with it being worse and causing problems. In any case, would you be willing to open the discussion to establish consensus on the subject, rather than merely stating a personal position? Alsee会話) 2016年5月19日 (木) 01:32 (UTC)
The status of the visual editor at the English Wikipedia is in part due to adjustments made in 2013: that is an exception, not the rule. Discussions need to happen at communities, like the English Wikipedia one, with particular settings and specific concerns. For what is worth some of those discussions have already happened, and such communities have spontaneously asked recently that access to the visual editor is given precisely to the new editors (the Spanish and the German Wikipedia being the most recent examples; where even anonymous editors can now use the visual editor at the latter). --Elitre (WMF)会話) 2016年5月19日 (木) 06:55 (UTC)
The discussions about "giving access" to Visual Editor are not relevant here.
This is about pushing Visual Editor as the default, doing it after JDForrester explicitly stated it would be made the default without discussing it with the wikis, sneaking it in as part of the single-edit-tab deployment, and doing it when you have hard data that Visual Editor should not be the default for new users. Alsee会話) 2016年5月19日 (木) 20:38 (UTC)

Dnipropetrovsk → Dnipro[編集]

Hi. Please, rename ドニプロペトロウシク (Dnipropetrovsk) to ドニプロ (Dnipro). City was official renamed. — Green Zero обг 2016年6月14日 (火) 15:33 (UTC)

  • @Green Zero: The article itself hasn't been renamed but I set up a redirect WhisperToMe会話) 2016年7月2日 (土) 08:03 (UTC)

Reliable sources for the manga "Super Dog Rilienthal"[編集]

At en:Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Super Dog Rilienthal there is an AFD about 賢い犬リリエンタール.

Are there any reliable sources about this manga? Any manga magazines giving reviews?

WhisperToMe会話) 2016年7月1日 (金) 09:16 (UTC)

Japanese murder victim in Bangladesh[編集]

Is there a JAwiki article about a Japanese man who was murdered in Bangladesh in 2015?

He has an article on ENwiki but I don't know if it's appropriate to link it here or if it would be against Japanese privacy laws? WhisperToMe会話) 2016年7月2日 (土) 08:03 (UTC)

JAwiki has no article about a man nor murder. I watched article on ENwiki, and this man has no notability except a murder victim. So article about it wont be created forever. --Kkairri[][] 2016年7月15日 (金) 11:48 (UTC)

Translation to Japanese[編集]

Hello. I would greatly appreciate if there is anyone that can help me in Japanese Wikipedia to translate this article into Japanese. I'm also a very big fan of Japanese culture and would be happy to do the same if there is a particular article that you wish to be translated into Persian language. --AlmaBeta会話) 2016年8月22日 (月) 03:47 (UTC)

Photo requests in Kyoto[編集]

Is anyone in Kyoto interested in photographing the en:Lycée Français de Kyoto (リセ・フランセ・ド・京都)? It is at 536-1 Waraya-chô Marutamachi-dôri Kuromon Higashi-iru Kamigyô-ku Kyoto 602-8144 (〒602-8144京都府京都市上京区丸太町通黒門東入藁屋町536-1) - See map in Japanese

Thank you! WhisperToMe会話) 2016年8月29日 (月) 18:27 (UTC)

If no one wants to take a picture, I can take one during my next trip to Japan (maybe next summer). Regards. --Thibaut120094会話) 2016年9月8日 (木) 13:48 (UTC)
@Thibaut120094: That would be great! Even though the school did provide one I would like to have another one, maybe with the school sign/logo visible :) WhisperToMe会話) 2016年10月27日 (木) 02:39 (UTC)

Author 提子墨「現在、削除の方針に従って、この項目の一部の版または全体を削除することが審議されています。 」??[編集]

Dear Butanekotomato and senior users: Regarding「現在、削除の方針に従って、この項目の一部の版または全体を削除することが審議されています。」message box on author 提子墨's Ja.Wiki page, the biography (来歴) was originally written by 提子墨 himself for the magazine interview in Chinese languag for 芸文風雑誌 (as the images shown below), and then translated into Japanese language for "TAIPEIMONOCHROME" to post (use).

The copyrights of 提子墨's biography (来歴) belongs to the author, I'm 提子墨's editor and just trying to add our award-winning authors' to Wikipedia(s). Could you please remove the warning messages? and kindly undo the page to the previous version? Thanks for your kind attention.

Original Wording in "藝文風" Magazine interview - by 提子墨 01 Original Wording in "藝文風" Magazine interview - by 提子墨 02

Jihchanglin会話) 2016年8月30日 (火) 19:40 (UTC)

Now, article 提子墨 has a suspicion of copyright's violation from copying an article on "TAIPEIMONOCHROME" website. If you have a copyright of "TAIPEIMONOCHROME" or you are an administrator of that website, you have to run an article about "use permission under Wikipedia's license" on that website (not on wikipedia). See more en:Wikipedia:Donating copyrighted materials. --Butanekotomato会話) 2016年9月3日 (土) 00:53 (UTC)
Dear Butanekotomato: Thanks for the information about "Donating copyrighted materials", Mr. 提子墨 does own the copyrights of his original Chinese biography (来歴), but no, we are from his publishing company not the administrator of "TAIPEIMONOCHROME" who translated the article into Japanese and posted it on "TAIPEIMONOCHROME". Therefore, we couldn't donate the article as the administrator of that web site.
We asked the author提子墨 and discussed it with him, we decided to hire someone else to translate his biography into Japanese and will update and post the new version on his Ja.Wiki page later.
Yes, we're now agreed to remove "those paragraphs", could you please close this case and remove the warning boxes on 提子墨's page for us? Thanks for your kind attention. Jihchanglin会話) 2016年9月3日 (土) 08:03 (UTC)

Question about a source which may talk about Toin Gakuen Schule Deutschland (ドイツ桐蔭学園)[編集]

I found this source on CiNii when I searched for "ドイツ桐蔭学園" (en:Toin Gakuen Schule Deutschland)

How much does the article mention Toin Gakuen Schule Deutschland and what does it say about it? WhisperToMe会話) 2016年9月1日 (木) 15:32 (UTC)

This article is a study on the writing style of 山東京伝 (Santo Kyoden) in his novels published in the middle age in Japan, Edo-era. It has no word on "ドイツ桐蔭学園" at all. --Uiweo会話) 2016年9月4日 (日) 05:06 (UTC)
Ok. Thank you for the feedback! I suppose the search engine misunderstood something. WhisperToMe会話) 2016年9月4日 (日) 15:46 (UTC)

Photo request... anywhere in Japan[編集]

Book shop with non fiction books on Japan 3.jpg


I have been working on the 日本史学史 recently, and I'm looking for a photo showing books about the History of Japan (it could be in a library, a book shop...). Something like this photo for exemple. The work on the article is nearly over, so the article (and this photo) could be on the French Wikipedia frontpage as a featured article ;)

Thanks, --XIIIfromTOKYO会話) 2016年9月8日 (木) 11:43 (UTC)

A friend managed to take a few pictures, so fell free to take more/better pictures if you can, but it's no longer a priority. Thanks, --XIIIfromTOKYO会話) 2016年9月14日 (水) 13:30 (UTC)
I'm not sure if all those book covers [5][6] on your friend's photos is allowed on Commons. But anyway, I'll try to take pictures of books in Jimbocho or elsewhere during my next trip to Japan (hopefully next spring or summer). Cheers. --Thibaut120094会話) 2016年9月16日 (金) 17:48 (UTC)

Japanese Wikivoyage[編集]

Hello, I have made a complete back up of Japanese Wikitravel's database (all articles), it could be used to start a Japanese Wikivoyage. Would there be interest in such a project from the editors here? If someone could ask this question in Japanese at the villagepump (general board?), that would be great. With maybe four or five people it should be enough to get the project started, thanks Acer会話) 2016年9月9日 (金) 10:22 (UTC)

I don't remember where I read it, but I guess Japanese Wikivoyage edition in incubator was started from scratch and I don't know if there is a wish for import content of Wikitravel. This was the case of Chinese Wikivoyage community who wanted to do a fresh start without WT content, but in Japanese case I am not sure. I also support to ask community if there are people interested in importing WT content to ウィキボヤージュ日本語版 incubator. --Zerabat会話) 2016年9月10日 (土) 12:07 (UTC)
It wasn't a really a choice, the XML dumps were lost and they could not make another one since WT disabled the API. I think it's only working now because they upgraded their MediaWiki infrastructure and forgot to turn it off again. While they were still trying to find the lost database dumps the Chinese decided not to wait and do a fresh start. Chinese WT is very small, only a 1000 articles now. It was even smaller back then and is full of spam so it didn't make much difference. Japanese is much larger (9500 articles) and well maintained. It's the only edition besides English that is still reasonably active. Acer会話) 2016年9月10日 (土) 15:45 (UTC)
Is this?
日本語版には分岐に同調したユーザーが居らず、ウィキボヤージュ日本語版は作られなかった。Japanese Wikivoyage was not made because no one came around to fork.
世界最狂の魔法使いCray-G会話) 2016年9月10日 (土) 12:58 (UTC)
Wikitravelの今後 and Migration to WV. I don't know if other administrators were contacted. But I think Zerabat was talking about the community at the Incubator, not from Wikitravel Acer会話) 2016年9月10日 (土) 15:45 (UTC)
I think it would be great to get a Japanese Wikivoyage going. I tried back in the WikiTravel days, but no one seemed to care about it. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 2016年9月10日 (土) 17:28 (UTC)
@Nihonjoe: There's some activity there now, not much but maybe it'll be enough. I'm quite confident that if it formally launches it'll attract contributors quickly. I think the Incubator is being somewhat counterproductive in this instance. Acer会話) 2016年9月11日 (日) 13:19 (UTC)
@Acer: I agree. I found the whole interface for the incubator to be off-putting and extremely difficult to use. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 2016年9月11日 (日) 22:53 (UTC)

Wikitravel database / XML dumps[編集]

This is the complete database dump / back up of Wikitravel in all languages, including Japanese. Download here. The file is compressed using 7zip Acer会話) 2016年9月11日 (日) 15:30 (UTC)


저;;; 대사관에 있는 Hyolee2님은 사용자 토론 문서에 글을 남겨도 절대 답변을 하지 않는군요. 일종의 토론 회피인가요? 이 분이 한국어 위키백과에서 토론 회피 때문에 무기한 차단 당한 사례도 있고... Hyolee2님이 지속적으로 토론 회피를 하시면 누구에게 도움을 요청하라는 것일까요? 한국어 도우미는 Hyolee2님이 유일하시던데요?
I use NAVER Translator.
あの・・・大使館にあるHyolee2さんは使用者討論文書に書き込みを残しても絶対返事をしないんですね。 一種の討論回避ですか? この方が韓國語版ウィキペディアで討論回避のために無期限ブロックされたケースもあるし。。。 Hyolee2さんが持続的に討論を回避したら誰かに助けを要請するというのでしょうか。 韓國語のサポーターはHyolee2さんが唯一しましたか。
and use Google Translator.
その;;;大使館のHyolee2様はユーザーの会話ページに文を残しても、絶対に答えをしていないんですね。一種の議論回避ですか?この方が韓国語ウィキペディアで議論回避のために無期限にブロックされた事例もあり、... Hyolee2さんが継続的に議論回避をすると、誰に助けを求めるように求めるのでしょうか?韓国語ヘルパーはHyolee2さんが独特でたんですよ?

이상입니다. --Jason6494会話) 2016年9月11日 (日) 06:51 (UTC)

Hey? --Jason6494会話) 2016年9月30日 (金) 06:23 (UTC)
Are you looking for Wikipedians who can discuss in Korean language?
Or are you demanding other one of the ambassador?
Anyway, I can NOT help you.
世界最狂の魔法使いCray-G会話) 2016年9月30日 (金) 09:35 (UTC)
I'm looking for Wikipedians who can discuss in Korean language? 한편으로는 현재 유일한 한국어 대사인 Hyolee2님의 토론 회피로 이 곳에 글을 남기는 것이기도 합니다. @Hyolee2:さん? --Jason6494会話) 2016年10月14日 (金) 06:47 (UTC)
@Hyolee2: 사용자 토론 문서에 도대체 언제 답할 겁니까? 대답하기 싫으니까 그냥 말 씹네요? 제가 연초(年初)에 토론 남겼는데 어떻게 연말(年末)이 되도록 일체 답변이 없습니다. 한국어 위키백과에서 귀하가 왜 차단되셨는지 아시나요? 분쟁 조장 및 지속적인 토론 회피로 차단되셨습니다. 자~ 답하세요. 왜 영어판에서는 ko-2로 바벨이 설정되어 있는지? --Jason6494会話) 2016年11月18日 (金) 06:21 (UTC)

My photograph requests and their rationales[編集]

Attn: @Yqm:

I was informed by user:Yqm that various photo requests of mine had been removed. He argued that the photo requests "are so irrational" and that I should "please refrain from disputable requests". I was not previously told by any other user that they had a problem with my photo requests. I strongly disagree with Yqm's characterization of my photo requests and will provide rationales and explanations.

To ensure that no misunderstandings have happened, I went through Yqm's list of removals of my requests to determine if they were fulfilled (meaning someone took the picture) or not.

These photo requests were removed after the request was fulfilled (therefore these removals are OK even if I disagree with the reason - they should have been removed anyway as the photos were taken)
I disagree that this kind of request is inappropriate. Here are reasons why:
  • People living in/visiting these municipalities are those who can take the pictures. They need to know the requests exist.
  • Major companies are important in the economies of smaller municipalities such as Tajiri because they contribute tax money to those municipalities. For example en:Highland Park, Michigan was devastated when Chrysler moved their headquarters out of that city.
These photo requests were removed from municipality/ward articles before a picture was uploaded, but the pictures were later taken anyway (therefore these are settled - they do not have to actually be in the municipality articles)
  • 小倉北区: Starflyer old head office (removed by @Wiki591801: February 14, 2010 with no reason stated) later posted again (removed by Wiki591801 with the reason "依頼場所違い。スターフライヤーに画像提供済。" Google translate: "Request misplaced. Image provided already to the Star Flyer.") - Fulfilled: File:Shin_Kokura_Building.JPG uploaded 17 March 2010)
    • My rationale: The articles on wards of larger Japanese cities should discuss major corporations headquartered in those wards, and photographs of corporate headquarters would be reasonable for these articles. Also requests should be placed both in the ward/municipality article and in the company/airline article.
  • 小倉北区: Starflyer current head office at Kitakyushu Airport] (removed by @Wiki591801: December 21, 2010) - Reason stated was "(依頼場所違い。スターフライヤー記事への画像提供依頼で十分。)" (Google translate: "Request misplaced. Sufficient image provision request to the Star Flyer article.") - Photograph File:STAR_FLYER_Honsya.JPG uploaded on 30 April 2011
    • My rationale: the photo requests like that ought be in both places, both in the airline article and in the ward/municipality article
  • 大田区: Air Japan head office (removed by User:Aimaimyi on February 28, 2010 with the rationale "このページに貼るものではない" (Google translate: does not stick to this page)) - File:ANA_Training_Center_01.jpg Photo taken by Aimaimyi on 7 March 2010
    • I understood that not every company head office photo should be on this page, as there are many companies based in Ota, but the idea is that the best pictures could be chosen for the Ota page, so the requested photos should be taken, with the best one selected.
  • 門真市: Kaiyodo head office: removed by on February 17, 2011, no reason given - File:P1000220aaa.JPG uploaded April 10, 2011
  • 大田区: Toyoko Inn head office: removed by User:GDSTCB on December 28, 2011, reason: "必要性不詳につき除去" (Google translate: "Removal per need unknown") - Photo File:Toyoko inn.jpg uploaded 11 September 2012
    • It is understandable if the photo is not needed on the actual page Ota, Tokyo but people who visit/live in Ota should be aware that such photo requests exist.
These photo requests were removed from municipality/ward articles and the photos have not been taken
  • This is not the correct revision - 江西区 (ソウル特別市): Korean Air and Asiana Airlines head offices - Removed by Hyolee2 with the reason "当該航空会社に貼付済み" which Google translate says "Already affixed to the airlines"
    • Of course the photo requests should be attached to the airline pages but I think they should also be attached to the Korean ward articles since they are physically located in those wards, and so editors who don't read the airline articles but who do read the ward articles (Japanese people living in Seoul, South Korea who don't normally read airline articles) will know that these photos are being requested.
  • タムニン: John F. Kennedy High School, Guam Power Authority] headquarters], removed by User:朝彦
    • The reason given is "(記事の規模に比して画像過剰となりうるため画像提供依頼を除去します。see also Wikipedia:画像利用の方針)" - which Google translates to "(To remove the image provision request for that can be the image excessive in comparison with the scale of the article .see also Wikipedia: Image use policy)"
    • While something may be lost in translation, here is my response: the problem is that these articles do not exist yet in Japanese, and Japanese people vacationing in Guam need to know that these pictures are being requested. This is true even if the pictures should not be placed on the page itself. The requests ought to be listed on the Wikipedia page until they are fulfilled, even if these pictures should not be actually placed on the page.
    • Removing these kinds of requests prevents people from knowing about them. My experience as a Wikipedia editor and Commons editor is that not enough people go to the talk pages or the Commons image request pages. In order to let the public know that a photo request is there, it needs to be on the article page.
  • 宮崎市: Solaseed Air old head office in the SNA Building: removed by, no reason given
  • 函館市: Air Hokkaido head office: removed by, no reason given
  • 西区 (大阪市): China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines offices: "不適切な画像依頼除去。一企業の画像提供依頼を自治体記事冒頭に告知するのは不適切。各企業記事に同一依頼文あり。" - "Inappropriate image request removal. It is inappropriate to notice the image provision request of a company at the beginning municipality article. There is the same request sentence to each company article."
    • If the requests are only limited to the company article, people who live around Nishi-ku, Osaka who do not read the airline articles may not know the requests exists. The reason why I posted the request is so people in/around Nishi-ku are aware of it.
  • 博多区: Link Inc. headquarters - Removed by User:わたらせみずほ - Reason: "画像依頼テンプレの除去、ここは自治体の記事であり、一民間企業の画像依頼・募集をする場ではありません。" / "Removal of the image request template, here is the article of the municipality, not the place to the image request, offering a single private company."
    • I argue for its placement in the ward article for the same reasons as above.
School-related requests
  • 渋谷区: en:British School of Tokyo - Removed by User:Banku here with no explanation, also 世田谷区 here removed with no explanation
    • If content is removed with no explanation I have no idea why the person removed it. I think the photo requests should be restored: Japanese people in those wards should know that these pictures are wanted, and in these cases they are not even companies, but schools
In summary

One good reason to attach photo requests to articles about wards of larger Japanese cities and articles about smaller Japanese cities is to notify users interested in those location articles that the request exists. Another is because images of headquarters of major companies should be added to those ward and municipality pages. In other cases, the location/city/ward/etc articles ought to host photo requests even if these photos are not actually appropriate for the article because people living in/vacationing in/visiting those cities/wards/places need to be notified that these photos are wanted. Remember the purpose of a photo request is to tell the public these photos are wanted. These photo request notices should be widely distributed to accomplish this goal.

I believe that any editor who believes that any request is "so irrational" should either communicate with me directly (so I can say why I gave the request) or find an editor who knows English who can be a go-between, or start a Chatsubo post on why they disagree with the request and ping me. WhisperToMe会話) 2016年9月30日 (金) 16:08 (UTC)

Help needed for localizing the ProveIt gadget[編集]

Hi! ProveIt is a powerful gadget that makes it much easier to find, add, edit and delete references when editing articles. I want to localize the gadget for the Japanese Wikipedia, but I don't know Japanese, so I need some help. Localizing the gadget is really easy, and I can give precise instructions and support. Just contact me via Phabricator, here. I think that adding this gadget could help the Japanese Wikipedia a lot, as it is helping other Wikipedias already. Thanks!! --Felipe (พูดคุย) 08:19, 23 ตุลาคม 2559 (ICT)

I endorse the assertion of Felipe Schenone about this gadget is being widely used in English and Spanish Wikipedia. It makes easier to work with references in wikicode editor mode. --Zerabat会話) 2016年11月2日 (水) 16:22 (UTC)

New maps[編集]

New maps for all the Japanese prefectures.


a contributor on the French Wikipedia (@Flappiefh: ) has just finished to make maps for all the Japanese prefectures. These maps can be used in templates like this one.

I have updated the links, so if you pick any template from this list on JA, you will find the same template on FR. For exemple the template for Kumamoto prefecture on JA and on FR.

Fell free to use them. --XIIIfromTOKYO会話) 2016年11月10日 (木) 12:32 (UTC)

翻訳アンソロジー/雑誌リスト site[編集]

Not directly related to this jawiki, but does anyone know the contact information for the 翻訳アンソロジー/雑誌リスト site? It looks like the @nifty and @homepage service ended on November 10, but there is still time to transfer the files to another server (2016年12月12日まで). I want to make sure that person has a place to host the site, and I'm willing to host it for him. I know this is a longshot, but I'm hoping someone knows him. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 2016年11月18日 (金) 01:18 (UTC)




私はWikipediaで「九五式小型乗用車」として英国側に翻訳しているKurogane Type 95の英語記事に取り組んでいます。私は、日本のウィキペディアに、「東急くろがね工業」と「日本内燃機」という1つの記事に統合するのに適した2つのページがあることを発見しましたが、日本の記事やそれが正しく行われていることを確認したい。



ご協力いただきありがとうございます。(Regushee会話) 2016年12月16日 (金) 22:08 (UTC))

コメント Hi Regushee. I found the article of en:Kurogane Type 95 great. We welcome new ideas, suggestions from the outside of Japanese Wikipedia. However, as for this time, I feel like opposing against your suggestion, though I am not familiar to Japan's car industry in the past. The main reason is the lack of inseparable, high continuity between 日本内燃機 and 東急くろがね工業. In the light of our practice in Japanese Wikipedia, it is not necessary to merge them. If you can explain a more detailed reason of merging them, we will find it reasonable. By the way, the wikidata item for en:Kurogane (company) should be assigned to another, different from the one for 東急くろがね工業. Kurogane company is one of game companies in Osaka. --ねをなふみそね会話) 2016年12月19日 (月) 05:20 (UTC)
Hello Negima Rifumoen (ねをなふみそね). Thank you for contacting me about the Kurogane article merge. My reason for merging the two articles is because over the history of Kurogane Automobile Company and Japan Internal Combustion Manufacture Company (JICMC) is that there is a historical relationship, and that JICMC changed their name a few times to stay in business. On English Wikipedia, I am attempting to build the Kurogane Automobile Company from the translations into one article on English Wikipedia because creating another article that links to the Japanese Wikipedia article has an enormous amount of information to translate and add, and for terms of practicality, combining the information is more convenient and a better use of computer storage space that Wikipedia International uses on the servers. The Kurogane Videogame company is a stub, and an orphan and is not attracting attention from other editors since 2009, but I will leave it alone and create en:Tokyu Kogyo Kurogane and I have changed the wikidata as you suggested. The historical information I have found is interesting in that the efforts of the two older companies are now a part of Nissan KOKI (日産工機) according to various sources. While the Nissan article also mentions both Kurogane and JICMC, there is also no English Wikipedia article, and my goal is to combine all three articles into one English Wikipedia article, with links to the English Nissan article for historical background. Domo (Regushee会話) 2016年12月19日 (月) 18:58 (UTC))

Offensive article: フィリピン・エディブル・ドッグ[編集]


I am an editor on the English and Esperanto Wikipedias and a Filipino. My Japanese is, however, very limited.

I wanted to draw your attention to the article フィリピン・エディブル・ドッグ ("Philippine edible dog"). This title of this article is extremely offensive to me and does not represent how the majority of Filipinos view our national dog. On enwiki, my main task is expanding articles and adding sources, so let me say first of all that I can find no reliable source for the English name "Philippine edible dog". In the Philippines, they are most commonly referred to as "askal", a shortened form of "asong kalye" (which in the Tagalog language means "street dog"). Another popular name for the breed is "aspin", a shortened form for "asong pinoy" or "Filipino dog".

It is very true that in our country, due to extreme poverty, some people resort to capturing and eating pet dogs. But such actions are literally being done by the desperate and starving. Selling of dog meat is illegal, as is killing dogs for the purposes of consumption. Also, in Philippine culture it is common to allow dogs to wander around the neighborhood, and the dogs return home at night. Thus, many dogs that foreigners view to be "strays" are actually pet dogs being given some freedom. Lots more info and citations are at w:en:askal.

I understand that this article was not titled like that to cause offense. But if the Japanese Wikipedia has a policy of a neutral point of view, as does the English Wikipedia, I would hope that more weight would be given to the fact that animal abuse and sale of dog meat is illegal in the Philippines, no reputable sources call our dogs "edible dogs", and that most people who eat dog meat are choosing between eating dogs and starving. Organizations like PAWS in recent years have made great strides in the Philippines towards the eradication of dog meat as food. At the very least I urge you to change the title of the article to a Katakana version of "askal", or the Latin script "askal". --Psiĥedelisto会話) 2016年12月26日 (月) 14:41 (UTC)

I have found the source of this name for the askal, Sonia Lampson's opinion in The Observer's Book of Dogs. All other mentions on Google refer back to Lampson. The opinion of one little-known writer should not hold this much weight in regards to the article's title, especially not more weight than what Filipinos call the dog. --Psiĥedelisto会話) 2016年12月26日 (月) 14:48 (UTC)
Because no action has been taken in regards to this issue, I have decided to commission a translation of the English Wikipedia version, which I will upload to the Japanese Wikipedia. I will then redirect フィリピン・エディブル・ドッグ to the new title as provided by the translator. This action may seem severe, but this issue is important to me and I can afford to donate this article to the project. Therefore, no translation by Japanese Wikipedians is needed. The translation should be done by tomorrow.
(MACHINE TRANSLATION OF THE ABOVE 上の機械翻訳) この問題に関して何の措置も講じられていないので、私はWikipediaの英語版の翻訳を委託することにしました。私はWikipediaにアップロードします。 フィリピン・エディブル・ドッグを翻訳者が提供する新しいタイトルにリダイレクトします。 この行動は厳しいように見えるかもしれませんが、この問題は私にとって重要であり、この記事をプロジェクトに寄付する余裕があります。 したがって、日本のウィキペディアの翻訳は必要ありません。翻訳は明日までに行うべきです。 Psiĥedelisto会話) 2017年1月14日 (土) 11:43 (UTC)

 対処 新しいタイトル: アスカル Psiĥedelisto会話) 2017年1月15日 (日) 04:41 (UTC)

@Psiĥedelisto: Support: I proposed confirmation of the merger in ノート:フィリピン・エディブル・ドッグ and explained why the article should be replaced with a redirect to アスカル. Darklanlan talk 2017年1月15日 (日) 06:16 (UTC)
(Done) It has been confirmed. Also, I found another discussion at ノート:フィリピン・ネイティブ・ドッグ (Philippine native dog) told that the article was lack of reliable and some text didn't match the source. They should have been resolved soon. Darklanlan talk 2017年1月22日 (日) 07:29 (UTC)

Please notice contributions made by Kejens[編集]

Hello. I am Techyan from Chinese Wikipedia. I noticed that a cross-wiki vandaliser made several edits on jawiki that may be vandalisms. This user has been confirmed as a sockpuppet on enwiki, and these puppets especially prefer to vandalize articles like パイズリ and 足コキ. So please be aware of these puppets and if possible, protect the two pages above. --Techyan会話) 2017年1月2日 (月) 12:17 (UTC)

  •  対処 Thanks for the information. Those articles have been semi-protected accordingly.--T_suzu (Talk/History) 2017年1月2日 (月) 21:02 (UTC)

Sega buying Tokyo Movie Shinsha citation[編集]

Konichiwa. This is Iftekhar from the English Wikipedia. I have a query regarding the article about TMS Entertainment (トムス・エンタテインメント). The article mentiones that Tokyo Movie Shinsha was purchased by Sega (セガホールディングス) as a subsidiary, however, there are no citations for that. I am aware that this has occurred before Sammy bought Sega, however, in order for it to be accepted in the English Wikipedia, we need an official citation. I have tried searching for one in the English language Google, however, I have had no results. I have no problem of the citation being in Japanese (as it can be translated to English), however, I need a link to prove that Sega bought Tokyo Movie Shinsha. Please can you respond to this as soon as possible with a citation. Thank you for your cooperation. Iftekharahmed96会話) 2017年1月17日 (火) 11:40 (UTC)

The Japanese version of the official company history page [7] is much more detailed than its English counterpart [8]. I won't spend my time translating all the lines here, but rather pick up the lines that mentions Sega.
  • Heisei 4 (1992), August : Formed capital and business alliance with Sega Enterprises
  • Heisei 17 (2005), October : Sega Sammy Holdings is now the parent company
  • Heisei 22 (2010), December : Becomes wholly owned subsidiary of Sega Sammy Holdings
  • Heisei 27 (2015), April : Wholly owned subsidiary of Sega Holdings
朝彦会話) 2017年1月17日 (火) 11:53 (UTC)
Thank you so much for your help, I'll make sure that this information is inserted to the English page of TMS Entertainment. You've perfectly highlighted all the key information that I required! Iftekharahmed96会話) 2017年1月21日 (土) 11:22 (UTC)

Help creating ja.wikipedia Cannabis category tree[編集]

Hello, I've been building the category tree for en:Category:Cannabis by country in 17 languages, on any languages which I can understand well enough to sort and has enough articles specific to enough countries to justify the cat. I can't understand Japanese at all, though looking at ja:Category:大麻 I can see there are enough Japan, US, and India articles to justify categories. Can someone please help me create the following categories by proper name and file the applicable articles (not removing any current category, just adding these)?

en:Category:Cannabis by country
en:Category:Cannabis in Japan
en:Category:Cannabis in the United States
ja:420 (大麻)
en:Category:Cannabis in India
ja:チラム (喫煙具)
en:Category:Cannabis in the Netherlands
ja:コーヒーショップ (オランダ)

Thanks for any help! Goonsquad LCpl Mulvaney会話) 2017年1月31日 (火) 00:32 (UTC)

返信 Hello, I have created the four categories, ja:Category:日本における大麻, ja:Category:アメリカ合衆国における大麻, ja:Category:インドにおける大麻, and ja:Category:オランダにおける大麻. Next, I will file these articles into the new categories.--SilverSpeech会話) 2017年2月4日 (土) 01:45 (UTC)
@SilverSpeech: thank you so much! Can you please group those new categories under en:Category:Cannabis by country? Thanks for your help, and now ja.wikipedia has parallel categories with all the other languages with "Cannabis by country". Goonsquad LCpl Mulvaney会話) 2017年2月4日 (土) 04:25 (UTC)
返信 You're welcome. I have created the new category, ja:Category:各国における大麻, and filed these four categories into it.--SilverSpeech会話) 2017年2月6日 (月) 02:20 (UTC)

Translating ボッテガ・ヴェネタ[編集]

Hi! I’m from the English-language Wikipedia, where in addition to volunteer editing, I also get paid to edit (disclosed at my userpage here). One of my clients (Bottega Veneta) tasked me with ensuring their information was correct at the Japanese-language version. They’ve provided me with an up-to-date translation of the English article, but I’m only fluent in English. Can anyone here help me verify the translations and update the Japanese-language version?--FacultiesIntact会話) 2017年2月17日 (金) 01:42 (UTC)

Why don't you ask in Pages needing translation into Japanese? I can't make sure that it will be absolutely finished by someone, but I think it would be help. If you are not fluent in Japanese, I think I could help you to ask for help.--遡雨祈胡会話) 2017年2月17日 (金) 01:53 (UTC)

What About of Al-Fateh SC and Al-Taawoun FC[編集]

I hope you Add articles to Wikipedia Japanese. --حمدى10会話) 2017年2月26日 (日) 05:39 (UTC)

Hi there. I have submitted a Request for Translation at Wikipedia:翻訳依頼 (You might have received a notification about that already). Please let me know if it is sufficient for a translation from the article in English (en:Al-Fateh SC and en:Al-Taawoun FC) into Japanese. Thanks. ネイ会話) 2017年2月26日 (日) 15:14 (UTC)
The Request for Translation is done and articles are created by 利用者:ねをなふみそね会話 / 投稿記録 as ファティフFC and タアウーンFC. Please feel free to raise if you have any questions regarding the new articles and the request process. Thank you very much. ネイ会話) 2017年3月6日 (月) 14:47 (UTC)

Is en:Rankin' Taxi a cannabis/marijuana advocate? ランキンタクシー[編集]

The Japanese article ランキンタクシー says he is involved in the Marijuana Parade or some such thing, but I cannot find any Reliable Sources which document that he is a cannabis/marijuana activist. Do such sources exist in Japanese? Goonsquad LCpl Mulvaney会話) 2017年2月28日 (火) 23:47 (UTC)

The article ランキンタクシー has no reliable source so that Template:BLP unsourced has been placed at its top since 2008. I cannot find enough reliable sources about it, but his song "マリファナ音頭 (Marijuana Ondo)" was released on Rhythm of Life Inc. [9] and he have joined Marijuana March in Japan several times. You can see some of the marches he joined on YouTube. [10][11]--SilverSpeech会話) 2017年3月1日 (水) 04:34 (UTC)
@SilverSpeech: thanks again, I've also found "anecdotal" evidence of Rankin' being involved in the cannabis movement, but can't find anything from a Reliable Source that's strong enough to put in his biography. Guess we just need to keep looking. Goonsquad LCpl Mulvaney会話) 2017年3月8日 (水) 23:50 (UTC)

please rename A・ローラン to the Japanese equivalent of Joseph Jean Pierre Laurent[編集]

See the English Wikipedia article about him for more information. The Minor Planet Center lists discoverers of asteroids by their surname and initials, so they formerly listed his name as "A. Laurent" because his first name was unknown and "A." was used as a placeholder. However, his name is now known and the Minor Planet Center lists him as "J. J. P. Laurent". However Wikipedia uses full names, so here his article should be renamed to the Japanese equivalent of Joseph Jean Pierre Laurent. -- P.T. Aufrette会話) 2017年3月12日 (日) 08:09 (UTC)

コメント Thank you for the suggestion. I've submitted the request for rename of the above-mentioned article. Unless any objection, it will be renamed when seven days pass. --ねをなふみそね会話) 2017年3月12日 (日) 11:59 (UTC)

Hi There[編集]

Hello Japanese Brothers, can you add Kings Cup (Saudi Arabia) to Wikipedia Japanese? Please?

I am jafar Salih Amjad, from Mecca, Saudi Arabia.-- 2017年3月13日 (月) 03:45 (UTC)

Hi there. I have submitted a Request for Translation of the article from its English counterpart at Wikipedia:翻訳依頼#二聖モスクの守護者・チャンピオンズカップ. Let us see how it goes. ネイ会話) 2017年3月13日 (月) 06:09 (UTC)
Salam Jafar, we have created the article of that theme as サウジ国王杯. Review it and we hope you guys improve the article on the Arabic Wikipedia. --ねをなふみそね会話) 2017年3月15日 (水) 03:09 (UTC)


I hope I've come to the right place. I'm from Indonesian Wikipedia. Apparently, the article about 李和星 is proved to be false and hoax. User who make this page also create similar pages in other languages of ​​Wikipedia as if the article meet the eligibility criteria, which unfortunately is not. I hope the admins here read this and delete the article. Regards. -- Bagas Chrisara会話) 2017年3月24日 (金) 13:47 (UTC)

Hi Bagas Chrisara, yes this is the right place :) I have checked the page on Indonesian Wikipedia, where it is indicated that the article is deleted due to lack of notability. Would you mind pointing us to the discussion and/or evidence which proves the page is a hoax? (Translation is not needed) Meanwhile I have raised a Request for Deletion on your behalf, based on privacy concerns and lack of notability. If you could provide evidence of hoax it might be possible to expedite the request. Thanks. ネイ会話) 2017年3月24日 (金) 14:24 (UTC)
The article is now deleted due to lack of notability. ネイ会話) 2017年4月3日 (月) 10:55 (UTC)

Material on Japan on newly launched Netherlands and the World Exchange Platform[編集]

Dear Wikimedians,

(My apologies for posting this message in English)

We would like to draw your attention to the newly launched Netherlands and the World Exchange Platform. Dutch cultural heritage institutions have large collections on non-European countries such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Ghana, Suriname, South Africa, and others. The Netherlands and the World Exchange Platform aims to make these collections available to the Wikimedia community.

Key properties are: (1) Dutch heritage institutions can post (parts of) their collections that are relevant to non-European countries; and (2) Wikimedia contributors can make requests for specific materials.

Recent postings include material on Japan, which may be of particular interest to your language community.

Feel free to browse the platform. See the Help page for information on how to use the platform. We welcome any suggestions or comments here or on the project page of The Netherlands and the World! Best, AWossink会話) 2017年3月28日 (火) 12:22 (UTC)

ファイル:Asake river.jpg[編集]

Hi all! Please, could You place a file ファイル:Asake river.jpg to Commons? Thank You. --Kusurija会話) 2017年4月16日 (日) 20:46 (UTC)

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Alpsdake-san has got it done :) --ネイ会話) 2017年4月17日 (月) 11:38 (UTC)

"420 Collaboration" to improve cannabis/marijuana articles, on English Wikipedia[編集]

Thanks for any help on further publicizing this event on ja.wikipedia, as we have several of articles that need translation from Japanese on our redlist. Goonsquad LCpl Mulvaney会話) 2017年4月16日 (日) 22:06 (UTC)

Cannabis leaf 2.svg

You are invited to participate in the upcoming

"420 collaboration",

which is being held from Saturday, April 15 to Sunday, April 30, and especially on April 20, 2017!

The purpose of the collaboration, which is being organized by WikiProject Cannabis, is to create and improve en:cannabis-related content at Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in a variety of fields, including: culture, health, hemp, history, medicine, politics, and religion.

For more information about this campaign, and to learn how you can help improve Wikipedia, please visit the "420 collaboration" page.

Could someone please provide the Japanese spelling at en:Cannabist Kansai. Goonsquad LCpl Mulvaney会話) 2017年4月25日 (火) 00:40 (UTC)
"Cannabist Kansai" is called 「カンナビスト関西」 in Japanese.--SilverSpeech会話) 2017年4月25日 (火) 02:01 (UTC)


Hello, I would appreciate if someone could bring a reference to confirm an information in the article 日光二荒山神社. Indeed, in the "歴史 > 創建" section, it is written: 「なお、社伝などでは上記のように勝道上人が開祖と説明されるが、実際には太郎山神社周辺で古代の祭祀の痕跡を示す遺跡が見つかっており、相当古くから聖地として信仰対象であったことがわかっている。」. I could not find a good reference to get confirmation of this. So if someone can help... Thank you. --ContributorQ会話) 2017年4月19日 (水) 19:40 (UTC) 返信 Hi, I find an online paper about Shodo, 「日光開山・沙門勝道の人物像」. According to the paper, it is described that;

  • A few of the artifacts excavated from 日光山山頂遺跡 (the remains at the top of Nikko-san, Mt. Nikko), such as magatama and 錫杖頭 (a top part of shakujo), were older than Shodo (pp. 54-55).
  • The remain in the west of the summit (in the west of 太郎山神社祠殿) is dated from Nara period to Early Heian period (p. 55).
  • The reason why there are articacts before Shodo is that; (pp. 55-56)
    • It is generally thought that the artifacts of Kofun period were taken into the mountain after the era, and that some buddist crimbed Nikko-san before Shodo, in Nara period or before Nara (斎藤忠 (Tadashi Saito), 1976).
    • 大和久震平(Shinpei Owaku) supposed that some had already crimbed in Kofun period, because artifacts in the era had been found at the tops of other mountains in Japan (大和久震平, 1990).
  • Buddists in Nara period called the mountain as Potalaka (pp. 60-61).
    • Some insist that Nikko-san had been believed before this (近藤喜博, 1991), but there are no critical evidence.

I suspect that 「相当古くから聖地として信仰対象であったことがわかっている。」is not written from Neutral Point Of View. We need more investigation.

  • 小林, 崇仁「日光開山・沙門勝道の人物像 (PDF) 」 、『蓮花寺佛教研究所紀要』第2号、蓮花寺佛教研究所、2010年4月6日2017年4月20日閲覧。
    • 斎藤, 忠 「日光男体山頂遺跡の調査」『日本古代遺跡の研究』 吉川弘文館、1976年
    • 大和久, 震平 『古代山岳信仰遺跡の研究─日光山地を中心とする山頂遺跡の一考察─』 名著出版、1990年
    • 日光二荒山神社、近藤喜博 「男体山の歴史」『日光男体山─山頂遺跡発掘調査報告書─』 名著出版、1991年--SilverSpeech会話) 2017年4月20日 (木) 09:28 (UTC)
@SilverSpeech: hi, thank you very much for your detailed answer and the document (I will read it this week-end). I knew about the excavation(s) on the summit of Nantaisan. But indeed, none of the references I checked so far clearly affirm that Shōdō was not the first to reach Nantaisan's top. So, as it is established that before reaching Nantaisan's summit, he climbed Nyōhōsan and Tarōsan, I searched some detailed informations to know whether he was the first to reach the Nyōhōsan'summit and/or Tarōsan's summit. But I only found one line on the jaWiki page about the Futarasan-jinja. Many references reported that he was the pioneer on Nantaisan, but not a word about the other volcanoes.
Also, that some unearthed artifacts are older than Shōdō is not a solid proof, because even after him, someone could have brought a very old object on Nantaisan's top. So yes, more investigation is needed, at least to gather the known various point of views. I am actually working on the french versions of 女峰山, 男体山 and 日光二荒山神社. So this is a point I woud like to clarify.
Once again, thank you very much for your help. --ContributorQ会話) 2017年4月21日 (金) 22:56 (UTC)