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3.14 × 10-12を書く際には通常3.14&nbsp;×&nbsp; 10 <sup>&12; </sup>と書きますが、テンプレートを利用すると3.14 {{e | -12}}と書くことができます。⇒ 3.14 ×10-12


{{10^|b}} → 10b

{{10^|-12}} → 1012

The first output character for {{e}} is a non-breaking thin-space:

.{{e|b}}. → .×10b.

.{{10^|b}}. → .10b.

.{{10^|-12}}. → .1012.


The template uses gaps or commas, per {{val/delimitnum}}.


By default, the template recognizes both text and numbers. That is, typing 3.14{{e|-12}} will produce 3.14×1012, with the proper minus sign (), rather than with a hyphen (-). However, typing A{{e|-BC}} will produce A×10-BC since BC is not a number. In those cases, you need to write A{{e|&minus;BC}} to produce the correct A×10−BC.

A minus sign also has to be provided for cases like 1.2×101 − 2 (1.2{{e|1 &minus; 2}}).


To explicitly display the + character, write 1.2{{e|4|plus}} which will produce 1.2×10+4.


To force the template to display the input as text, and forgo the automatic delimitation and the recognition of the hyphen as a minus sign, write 1.2{{e|-42342|text}}, which will display 1.2 × 10−42342 instead of 1.2×1042342. This can also be used as an alternative to explicitly display the plus sign (1.2{{e|+4|text}} gives 1.2×10+4), but remember that you also lose delimitation if you do it this way.