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このテンプレートは、英語版ウィキペディアの記事でアメリカ形式の日付(月日年、mmm dd, yyyy)が用いられている記事の先頭付近に使います。日本語では年月日の順序は変わらないため、日本語版の記事で使用する必要はありません。英語版での使用状況の詳細はen:Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lead sectionを御覧ください。

Place this template near the top of articles that use the mmm dd, yyyy date format; see Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lead section for more information about the order of elements near the beginning of the article.

このテンプレートは、「mmm dd, yyyy」形式(別称 アメリカ形式)の日付が用いられた記事を、そのようにタグ付けするよう、ボットが認識できるようにすることを目的にしています。これは編集モードでのみ視認可能です。また、このテンプレートが貼られた記事はCategory:Use mdy datesに加えられます。

The purpose of this template is to allow bots to recognize that the 'mmm dd, yyyy' (aka 'American') date format has been applied to an article so tagged. It is visible only in edit mode. The template also categorizes the article in Category:Use mdy dates.

Wikipedia articles that use mmm dd yyyy date formats, whether by application of the first main contributor rule or by virtue of close national ties, are being systematically tagged with {{Use mdy dates}} to add an article to Category:Use mdy dates. See Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers.

This system of tagging/categorization is used as a status monitor of all articles that use mmm dd yyyy date formats, and not as a cleanup per se.

After being tagged, and bearing in mind article evolution, a WP:bot can eventually be programmed to clean up formats periodically, correcting any new introductions since its last visit, and updating the visit date on the {{Use mdy dates}} template.

Due to there being some objection to totally unifying date formats within an article, the dmy and mdy templates have almost always been used to indicate date styles in the body of the articles; although it may also indicate the flavor of dates in reference sections or parts thereof. Therefore, this template notice ought to be read in conjunction with the blurb at Wikipedia:Date formattings. MOSNUM script documentation may also be relevant to those interested.


{{Use mdy dates|date=2018年6月}}



Use mdy dates

This template should be placed near the top of articles that use the mmm dd, yyyy date format.


引数 説明 状態
Date date

The month and year that the article was last checked for inconsistent date formatting. Example: 'June 2013'; may use '{{subst:DATE}}' template instead

文字列 省略可能

Wrongly tagged?[編集]

If, for example, you determine that an article has a template that is inappropriate for its nationality, you should substitute the template to avoid scripts or bots reapplying the "wrong" format in the course of maintenance.

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