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Infobox tropical cyclone season
最初の台風発生 {{{First storm formed}}}
{{{Strongest storm name}}} –
総死亡者数 不明
総被害額 不明
{{{five seasons}}}
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{{Infobox tropical cyclone season
|Year= <!-- 年度 -->
|First storm formed= <!-- 最初の台風の発生日 -->
|Last storm dissipated= <!-- 最後の台風の消滅日 -->
|Strongest storm name= <!-- 最も勢力の強かった台風 -->
|Strongest storm pressure= <!-- 最低気圧 -->
|Strongest storm winds= <!-- 最大風速 -->
|Average wind speed= <!-- 平均風速 -->
|Total depressions= <!-- 熱帯低気圧の発生個数 -->
|Total storms= <!-- 台風の発生個数 -->
|Total hurricanes= <!-- タイフーンの発生個数 -->
|Total intense= <!-- スーパータイフーンの発生個数 -->
|Fatalities= <!-- 死者数 -->
|Damages= <!-- 被害額 -->
|Track= <!-- その年に誕生した台風全ての軌跡 -->
|Season timeline= 
|five seasons=


因数 種類 説明
{{{Basin}}} 必須 A abbreviation denoting what basin is represented Atl, EPac, WPac, NIO, SHem, SWI, SPac, and Aus currently defined
{{{Year}}} 任意 The year of the season, if a multiple year span is covered, use the most recent
{{{Track}}} 任意 The location of the track map, if present. 2013 Pacific typhoon season summary.png
{{{First storm formed}}} 任意 Formation date (generally tropical storm-strength) of first storm (full date) Use {{start date}} 2013年1月3日
{{{Last storm dissipated}}} 任意 Dissipation date of last storm (full date). Do not use {{start date}} 2013年11月15日
{{{Strongest storm name}}} 任意 The name of the strongest storm(s). Wikilink if appropriate. 30号
{{{Strongest storm pressure}}} 任意 The minimum pressure of the strongest storm in hPa. Must be a number. 895
{{{Strongest storm winds}}} 任意 The maximum windspeed of the strongest storm in knots. Must be a number. 125
{{{Average wind speed}}} 任意 The length of time used to find the average measurement of the storm's maximum sustained winds.
{{{Total disturbances}}} 任意 For the NIO this is defined as the number of Depressions in a season. For the rest of the basins it is the number of disturbances
{{{Total depressions}}} 任意 For the NIO this is defined as the number of Deep Depressions in a season for other basins this is the total number of depressions in a season 52
{{{Total storms}}} 任意 The total number of storms of at least TS strength 31
{{{Total hurricanes}}} 必須 The total number of hurricane-strength systems 10
{{{Total intense}}} 必須 For all basins, the number of major storms that formed. (Major hurricanes, super typhoons, severe and intense cyclones) 5
{{{Fatalities}}} 任意 Total number of people killed (directly and indirectly) during the season. Use a range of values if necessary. If not used gives "Unknown".
{{{Damages}}} 任意 Total damages from the season. This is expressed in millions of dollars in the year of the season. If not used gives "Unknown". If used must be a number.
{{{Inflated}}} 任意 Gives the total damages from the season, in CURRENT year dollars. Use this parameter to call the number, and to state how many decimal places you want the figure to.
{{{fiveseasons}}} 必須 Links to the next and previous 2 seasons around this one. In most cases this is just the previous 2 years and the following 2 years, with the current year in the center. For multi-season articles it takes a little more thought. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


  • Pressure: If {{{basin}}} is one of Atl or EPac the template will calculate the pressure in inHg from the pressure in mbar and quote to 2dp.
  • Windspeeds: The template takes parameters here in terms of knots and returns mph and km/h (the order depending on the basin). It returns these to the nearest 5.