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Help request for synonym labeling[編集]


Apologies for writing in English. あなたの言語への翻訳をお助けください. :)

The Research team is building a model to be able to do article section alignment across Wikipedia languages. We are looking for one or two of you who can help us with a labeling task. The task is simple: say if some section titles are similar or not. That will define the ground truth for a synonym detection algorithm developed by the Research team, that would ease translations.

Here are the task and the instructions, in case you'd like to look into it. (Please be aware that clicking on the next two links will take you to a Google spreadsheet.)

Let us know if this is something you can help us with. If so, please reply to that message. Thanks either way!

Also, please tell me if that message is at the wrong place.

LZia (WMF) and Trizek (WMF)会話) 2018年5月28日 (月) 10:14 (UTC)

--Nekopiano会話) 2018年5月28日 (月) 12:05 (UTC)
Thank you Nekopiano! Are you interested by that research? It takes 20 minutes to complete it. Trizek (WMF)会話) 2018年5月28日 (月) 12:43 (UTC)
返信 (Trizek (WMF)宛) You're welcome! However...I'm busy now,so I'll be able to help you after two weeks or more.
By the way, although the hyperlink of "task" is for English part, is this good? I think you should change the link for Ja-sheet.--Nekopiano会話) 2018年5月28日 (月) 13:03 (UTC)
Nekopiano, the link goes to a document, where you have tabs. There is 3 of them for Japanese ("ja-r1", "ja-r2", "ja-r3"). You can pick one if not already done: I see someone working there! :D Trizek (WMF)会話) 2018年5月28日 (月) 13:13 (UTC)
返信 (Trizek (WMF)宛) Hello, Trizek (WMF). I can help you with this work. Then, what should I do first? --Citrus1032会話) 2018年5月29日 (火) 15:43 (UTC)
Hello Citrus1032, and thank you for your help! On the document, you have two tabs for the Japanese language (here and there). If you scroll down, both are uncompleted. You can complete one of the two, and tell me when done. Thank you very much again! Trizek (WMF)会話) 2018年5月29日 (火) 15:58 (UTC)