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MDaemon Messaging Server
開発元 Alt-N Technologies, Ltd.
初版 1996年7月31日
(19年前) (1996-07-31
最新版 13.5.2 / 2013年8月6日
(2年前) (2013-08-06
対応OS Microsoft Windows
対応言語 9 languages
種別 Mail Server, Webmail, ActiveSync, IM, Groupware
ライセンス Proprietary

MDaemon Messaging Server[1] は、Texas州に位置するAlt-N Technologies社 [2]が開発した、Windowsベースのメール・グループウェアサーバーソフトウェアである。

MDaemonは、標準搭載された、ヒューリスティック分析やベイジアン解析を使ったスパムフィルタ、SSL/TLSでの暗号化、パブリックフォルダや共有フォルダ、メーリングリスト、ウェブベースのメールクライアント(WorldClient)、グループウェアデータ(予定表、連絡先、仕事とメモ)の共有、ActiveSyncを介したover-the-air によるモバイル端末とのデータ同期、BlackBerry Internet Service、更に追加オプションとしてBlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) プラグイン[1]といった機能を搭載している。




MDaemonは、1990年の半ば、Arvel Hathcockが開発を始めた。Hathcockは14歳で父親に買ってもらったTRS-80モデルMC-10で開発を始め、複数の企業向けに掲示板ソフトを開発した後、Mailing List Systems Corporationへ所属した。Hathcockは当時のメールソフトウェアにかかるコストにフラストレーションを感じ、1996年、自分でメールシステムを開発しようと決意した。1996年、Alt-N Technologiesを設立し、Hathcockの商用メールサーバー、 MDaemon[3]が生まれた。


WorldClient (ウェブベースのメールクライアント)[編集]

MDaemonに搭載されているウェブベースのメールクライアント (WorldClient) を使うと、ブラウザからメールや予定表、連絡先、ドキュメント、仕事、メモへアクセスする事ができる。ドキュメントはメッセージへ添付したり、ドラッグ&ドロップで共有フォルダへ追加したりする事ができる。パブリックフォルダや共有フォルダを共有する際には個別のアクセス権限が設定できる。サイドバーに組み込まれたチャット機能は、他のMDaemonユーザーとのチャット[4]に利用できる。

リモート管理 (WebAdmin)[編集]

リモート管理(WebAdmin) はMDaemonの設定を行うために搭載されている機能である。ウェブベースのリモート管理ツールを使うと、アカウント管理、セキュリティ管理、モバイル管理、ログの確認、といった、MDaemonのほとんどの設定[5]にアクセスできる。

プライベート・インスタント・メッセージ (ComAgent)[編集]

標準搭載された、プライベート・インスタント・メッセージ用クライアント(ComAgent)により、 [6]グループチャットや連絡先一覧、ファイル共有、メール通知、アドレス帳の自動同期などの機能を使う事ができる。


SecurityPlus for MDaemon[編集]

SecurityPlus for MDaemon[7] は、Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) や Zero Hour Virus Outbreak Protection[8]を使った、ウィルス対策や (MDaemonへ搭載されたスパムフィルタとは別の)スパム対策機能を提供している。

Outlook Connector for MDaemon[編集]

Outlook Connector for MDaemon[7] はMicrosoft Outlookユーザー間で情報共有するためのグループウェア機能である。Outlook Connectorには個別のアクセス権限も使用できるフォルダ共有機能、グループウェア機能、自動応答機能、複数言語対応 [9]といった機能が搭載されている。

ActiveSync for MDaemon[編集]

ActiveSync for MDaemon includes support for the latest version of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) (2.5, 12.1, 14.0, and 14.1 protocols), which is a separately licensed ActiveSync (AirSync) server. ActiveSync provides native synchronization of a user's default email, calendar, contacts, and tasks data between the MDaemon server, WorldClient (Web-Based Email Client) or Outlook (using the Outlook Connector plug-in) account and an ActiveSync capable device. Other features include: customizable device IT policies, remote wipe, autodiscovery, multiple folder synchronization, global address lookup, SSL encrypted transmissions, device whitelists and blacklists, forgetting inactive devices, and device protocol restrictions[10].


MDaemon 1[編集]

The original version of MDaemon was not publicly released. Features included:

Account Quotas, Sender Blacklists, Aliases with Wildcards, Automatic Mail Forwarding, Configurable Mail Port, Protocol Timeout, and Session Inactivity Values, Configurable Storage Locations, Easy to Backup and Restore Via Flat File Structure, IP Screening and Address Suppression, IP Shielding, Mailing Lists (Digests, Subscribe/Unsubscribe Support, Moderator Options, Post-Only / Read-Only Access, and Archiving), Out-Of-Office Auto-Responder, Real-Time Session Activity Logging, Simplified (On / Off) Message Archiving to Public Folders or to Designated Email, Address(es), SMTP Greeting "Site Policy", SMTP, POP3, MuliPOP, and Delivery of Mail Directly to Recipients' Mail Server or to Your Smart Host[11].

MDaemon 2[編集]

The first public release of MDaemon was July 31, 1996. Features included:

Account Restrictions. Anti-Relaying, Trusted IPs and Hosts, and WorldClient (Web-Based Email Client) - Access to Email, Contacts, and Calendar[11].

MDaemon 3[編集]

Released on February 29, 2000. Features included:

Account Import / Export, Content Filtering, DNS Blacklists, IMAP, Low Disk Space Alert Notifications, Multiple Mail Domains, ODBC Account Database Backend Support, Spam Filter with Bayesian Learning and Heuristic Message Scoring, and Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD)[11].

MDaemon 4[編集]

Released on April 10, 2001. Features included:

Automated Old Mail and Inactive Account Deletion (Pruning), Automatic Gateway Creation When Used in a Backup MX Role, DomainPOP, Folder Sharing, IMAP Mail Filtering Rules, LDAP Account Database Backend Support, On-Demand Mail Relay (ODMR), Reverse Lookup, Server-Hosted Public and Shared IMAP Folders with Access Control Lists (ACL), and SMTP Authentication[11].

MDaemon 5[編集]

Released on September 25, 2001. Features included:

Attachment Compression, Attachment Restriction, Closed Instant Messenger (ComAgent)(Chat, Group Chat, Buddy List, File Sharing, New Mail Notification, and Logging), and Contact Synchronization[11].

MDaemon 6[編集]

Released on July 1, 2002. Features included:

Automatic IP Screening, Dynamic DoS, Dictionary, and Brute Force Attack Detection and Prevention (Dynamic Screening), Host Screening, Shared Calendaring, and Scheduling[11].

MDaemon 6.5[編集]

Released on October 29, 2002. Features included:

Tarpitting, and WorldClient (Web-Based Email Client) - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Support[11].

MDaemon 6.7[編集]

Released on February 10, 2003. Features included:

Bandwidth Throttling, Groupware Functionality (Including: Folders for Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Documents with Public / Private Folder Sharing), Outlook Support (Including: Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Documents with Public / Private Folder Sharing), and Meeting Requests with Automatic Updates of Attendees[11].

MDaemon 6.8[編集]

Released on June 10, 2003. Features included:

LDAP Recipient Verification, and SSL / TLS / StartTLS[11].

MDaemon 7[編集]

Released on March 2, 2004. Features included:

Account / Domain -Based Signature Files, Automatic Update Service, Mailing Lists - ODBC, Spam Honeypots, Strong Passwords, Spam Filter - Blacklists, Spam Filter - Whitelists, and WorldClient (Web-Based Email Client) - Mobile Theme[11].

MDaemon 7.1[編集]

Released on May 11, 2004. Features included:

Detect Spoofed Email Addresses[11].

MDaemon 8[編集]

Released on April 12, 2005. Features included:

Custom Plug-In Support, DomainKeys, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) - Signing and Verification, HashCash, Holding Queue for Errors, Inline Virus Scanning Kaspersky AntiVirus Engine, Multiple LDAP Configurations for Gateway Domains, Queue Management System, SpamAssassin 3, and WorldClient (Web-Based Email Client) - Notes and Tasks[11].

MDaemon 8.1[編集]

Released on July 26, 2005. Features included:


MDaemon 9[編集]

Released on April 4, 2006. Features included:

Active Directory Monitoring, AntiSpam Runs as Separate Process (MDSpamD), Calendar with Free / Busy Server, Mailing Lists - Active Directory, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Sender ID, Web-Based Remote Administration (WebAdmin), Wireless Access to Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks Using IMAP and SyncML5, WorldClient (Web-Based Email Client) - Unicode UTF-8 Output, and Zero Hour Outbreak Protection[11].

MDaemon 9.5[編集]

Released on October 24, 2006. Features included:

Backscatter Protection, and Custom Mail Queuing[11].

MDaemon 9.6[編集]

Released on June 12, 2007. Features included:

Account Grouping, and Account Validation Using Minger Server[11].

MDaemon 10[編集]

Released on August 26, 2008. Features included:

Domain Sharing (Split Domain to Multiple Servers), Unlimited Mail Delivery Schedules, Vouch-By-Reference (VBR) Message Certification, and WorldClient (Web-Based Email Client) - Handicap Accessible Reader and User Configurable Time Zone[11].

MDaemon 11[編集]

Released on March 10, 2010. Features included:

Attachment Linking - Attachment Storage and Retrieval on Demand and Quick Mobile Message Downloads, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) - Author Domain Signing Practices (ADSP), and Email Notification of Attempted Violations of Account Restrictions[11].

MDaemon 12[編集]

Released on February 15, 2011. Features included:

BlackBerry - Built-In Support for BlackBerry (OS 7 and Under), Via BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), Including: Advanced Email, Wireless Synchronization, Up-To-Date Calendaring, Integrated Contacts, Device IT Policy Management and Security, BlackBerry Balance Technology, and Remote File Access.
One Simple Management Console to Manage BlackBerry Device Functionality Including: Domain Level Device Policy Management, Customizable Device IT Policies, Password Assignments / Resets, and Remote Device Wiping.
BlackBerry - Supports BlackBerry (OS 7 and Under) Push Email, Inbox Mapping, Calendar, and Contact Synchronization for BlackBerry Devices Via BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) Data Plan.
WorldClient (Web-Based Email Client) - Integrated Closed Instant Messaging (ComAgent) with Chat, Buddy List, Logging, and Group Chat[11].

MDaemon 12.5[編集]

Released on October 18, 2011. Features included:

Per Account Whitelists, and Recipient Blacklists[11].

MDaemon 13[編集]

Released on September 4, 2012. Features included:

Detect and Stop Hijacked Accounts, IMAP "Compress" and "Binary", Simple Message Ticketing System, and Traffic Charts.
ActiveSync - Over-The-Air (OTA) Synchronization of Individual Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry (OS 10) Smartphones with Autodiscover Service.
One Simple Management Console for Mobile IT Policies for Domain Level Device Policy Management, Customizable Device IT Policies, Password Assignments / Resets, and Remote Device Wiping.
WorldClient (Web-Based Email Client) - Custom Branding, Document Folders, and Drag and Drop Attachments[11].

MDaemon 13.5[編集]

Released on June 18, 2013. Features included:

Account Templates with Automatically-Configured Settings, Colorized Session Logs, Password Settings and Restrictions, Performance Counters, Public Folder Manager, and Attachment Linking - Outbound Attachments
ActiveSync - 2.5, 12.1, 14.0, and 14.1 Protocols, Password Expiration, Password Complexity Level, Maximum Attachment Size, Require Alpha-Numeric Password, Require Device Encryption, Disable Camera, and Several Other Policy Options, Device Whitelists and Blacklists, Forgetting Inactive Devices, and Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Windows 8 Mail Support
Closed Instant Messaging (ComAgent) - Support for Multi-Languages

Language Support[編集]

MDaemon is available in many different languages[11].

MDaemon Messaging Server[編集]

Available in the following 9 languages[12]:

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese

WorldClient (Web-Based Email Client)[編集]

Available in the following 27 languages[13]:

English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Czech / Cesky, Indonesian, Greek, French Canadian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian / Bokmal, Swedish, Korean, Hungarian, Dutch / Netherlands, Turkish, Taiwanese, Polish, Hrvatski / Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Vietnamese

Remote Administration (WebAdmin)[編集]

Available in the following 11 languages[14]:

English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Dutch / Netherlands, Swedish

Closed Instant Messaging (ComAgent)[編集]

Available in the following 13 languages[15]:

English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Dutch / Netherlands, Swedish, Polish, Thai

SecurityPlus for MDaemon[編集]

Available in the following 9 languages[16]:

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese

Outlook Connector for MDaemon[編集]

Available in the following 16 languages[17]:

English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian-Bokmal, Swedish, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish



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