Template:College color boxes

テンプレートの解説[表示] [編集] [履歴] [キャッシュを破棄]


This template may be used to generate a list of color boxes with the team colors for a particular college team.


  • {{college color boxes|Iowa Hawkeyes}}   
  • {{college color boxes|Iowa Hawkeyes football}}   
  • {{college color boxes|Iowa Hawkeyes football team}}   
  • {{college color boxes|オハイオステート・バックアイズ}}   
  • {{college color boxes|Maryland Terrapins}}       
  • {{college color boxes|Michigan Wolverines}}   
  • {{college color boxes|Michigan Wolverines}}   

Overriding the default output[編集]

  • {{college color boxes|Maryland Terrapins|sep=}}    
  • {{college color boxes|Michigan Wolverines|order=1}} 
  • {{college color boxes|Michigan Wolverines|order=3}} 
  • {{college color boxes|Michigan Wolverines|order=13}}   
  • {{college color boxes|Maryland Terrapins|order=4321}}       
  • {{college color boxes|Michigan Wolverines|order=1234}}