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You can also request assistance for your works on the Japanese Wikipedia.
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ファイル:Asake river.jpg[編集]

Hi all! Please, could You place a file ファイル:Asake river.jpg to Commons? Thank You. --Kusurija会話) 2017年4月16日 (日) 20:46 (UTC)

Also ファイル:Kaizo river 1.jpg to Commons. Thank You! --Kusurija会話) 2017年4月17日 (月) 07:00 (UTC)
Alpsdake-san has got it done :) --ネイ会話) 2017年4月17日 (月) 11:38 (UTC)

"420 Collaboration" to improve cannabis/marijuana articles, on English Wikipedia[編集]

Thanks for any help on further publicizing this event on ja.wikipedia, as we have several of articles that need translation from Japanese on our redlist. Goonsquad LCpl Mulvaney会話) 2017年4月16日 (日) 22:06 (UTC)

Cannabis leaf 2.svg

You are invited to participate in the upcoming

"420 collaboration",

which is being held from Saturday, April 15 to Sunday, April 30, and especially on April 20, 2017!

The purpose of the collaboration, which is being organized by WikiProject Cannabis, is to create and improve en:cannabis-related content at Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in a variety of fields, including: culture, health, hemp, history, medicine, politics, and religion.

For more information about this campaign, and to learn how you can help improve Wikipedia, please visit the "420 collaboration" page.

Could someone please provide the Japanese spelling at en:Cannabist Kansai. Goonsquad LCpl Mulvaney会話) 2017年4月25日 (火) 00:40 (UTC)
"Cannabist Kansai" is called 「カンナビスト関西」 in Japanese.--SilverSpeech会話) 2017年4月25日 (火) 02:01 (UTC)
@SilverSpeech:, as always thanks for your help! Asking a big favor here, but if you have a moment would you be able to email/Facebook en:Junichi Takayasu (高安淳) and ask him if he'd be willing to upload to Wikimedia Commons photos to illustrate en:Junichi Takayasu and 大麻博物館? Totally optional, I realize it's an unusual favor, but I don't believe he speaks English so it would be kind of you if you can. Thanks! Goonsquad LCpl Mulvaney会話) 2017年4月27日 (木) 15:40 (UTC)
@Goonsquad LCpl Mulvaney: I found the Facebook page of Jun-ichi Takayasu[1], but I have no account of Facebook. If you have an account of it, shall I write an Japanese message to send him? --SilverSpeech会話) 2017年4月28日 (金) 07:42 (UTC)


Hello, I would appreciate if someone could bring a reference to confirm an information in the article 日光二荒山神社. Indeed, in the "歴史 > 創建" section, it is written: 「なお、社伝などでは上記のように勝道上人が開祖と説明されるが、実際には太郎山神社周辺で古代の祭祀の痕跡を示す遺跡が見つかっており、相当古くから聖地として信仰対象であったことがわかっている。」. I could not find a good reference to get confirmation of this. So if someone can help... Thank you. --ContributorQ会話) 2017年4月19日 (水) 19:40 (UTC) 返信 Hi, I find an online paper about Shodo, 「日光開山・沙門勝道の人物像」. According to the paper, it is described that;

  • A few of the artifacts excavated from 日光山山頂遺跡 (the remains at the top of Nikko-san, Mt. Nikko), such as magatama and 錫杖頭 (a top part of shakujo), were older than Shodo (pp. 54-55).
  • The remain in the west of the summit (in the west of 太郎山神社祠殿) is dated from Nara period to Early Heian period (p. 55).
  • The reason why there are articacts before Shodo is that; (pp. 55-56)
    • It is generally thought that the artifacts of Kofun period were taken into the mountain after the era, and that some buddist crimbed Nikko-san before Shodo, in Nara period or before Nara (斎藤忠 (Tadashi Saito), 1976).
    • 大和久震平(Shinpei Owaku) supposed that some had already crimbed in Kofun period, because artifacts in the era had been found at the tops of other mountains in Japan (大和久震平, 1990).
  • Buddists in Nara period called the mountain as Potalaka (pp. 60-61).
    • Some insist that Nikko-san had been believed before this (近藤喜博, 1991), but there are no critical evidence.

I suspect that 「相当古くから聖地として信仰対象であったことがわかっている。」is not written from Neutral Point Of View. We need more investigation.

  • 小林, 崇仁「日光開山・沙門勝道の人物像 (PDF) 」 、『蓮花寺佛教研究所紀要』第2号、蓮花寺佛教研究所、2010年4月6日2017年4月20日閲覧。
    • 斎藤, 忠 「日光男体山頂遺跡の調査」『日本古代遺跡の研究』 吉川弘文館、1976年
    • 大和久, 震平 『古代山岳信仰遺跡の研究─日光山地を中心とする山頂遺跡の一考察─』 名著出版、1990年
    • 日光二荒山神社、近藤喜博 「男体山の歴史」『日光男体山─山頂遺跡発掘調査報告書─』 名著出版、1991年--SilverSpeech会話) 2017年4月20日 (木) 09:28 (UTC)
@SilverSpeech: hi, thank you very much for your detailed answer and the document (I will read it this week-end). I knew about the excavation(s) on the summit of Nantaisan. But indeed, none of the references I checked so far clearly affirm that Shōdō was not the first to reach Nantaisan's top. So, as it is established that before reaching Nantaisan's summit, he climbed Nyōhōsan and Tarōsan, I searched some detailed informations to know whether he was the first to reach the Nyōhōsan'summit and/or Tarōsan's summit. But I only found one line on the jaWiki page about the Futarasan-jinja. Many references reported that he was the pioneer on Nantaisan, but not a word about the other volcanoes.
Also, that some unearthed artifacts are older than Shōdō is not a solid proof, because even after him, someone could have brought a very old object on Nantaisan's top. So yes, more investigation is needed, at least to gather the known various point of views. I am actually working on the french versions of 女峰山, 男体山 and 日光二荒山神社. So this is a point I woud like to clarify.
Once again, thank you very much for your help. --ContributorQ会話) 2017年4月21日 (金) 22:56 (UTC)

Deploying InternetArchiveBot on jawiki[編集]

Hello everyone on the Japanese Wikipedia. I am Cyberpower678, an administrator on the English Wikipedia and a bot operator. I have come here to ask if the Japanese community would welcome m:InternetArchiveBot and/or the tools that come with it. Before just asking the question, I will offer some background on the bot and the motifs for deploying this onto other wiki.

What is InternetArchiveBot?[編集]

InternetArchiveBot is a very sophisticated bot designed for the sole purpose of combating the ongoing problems of links dying. The bot is able to fully autonomously crawl through Wikipedia's article space and analyze links, that are formatted in various methods, and appropriately modify the wiki markup to preserve the sources used on articles. It uses a very reliable algorithm to determine if sites are dead or not. In addition to the advanced algorithms used to parse reference formatting, and checking websites, the bot is highly configurable to suit the needs of the wiki. I will touch more on this later. However, the bot does not have to be fully autonomous. IABot comes with a bunch of tools that editors can use, which can be found here. These tools let users report bugs found with the bot, help the bot improve it's reliability by letting users report issues with the bot's link checking abilities, finding more suitable archives the bot should use, and most importantly, provide tools where users can run the bot on a single page immediately as well queue the bot on a collection of user specified pages. So if the fully autonomous is not desired, these tools can still be a way to allow users to combat link rot.

Why deploy InternetArchiveBot?[編集]

The IABot project was started when the community wish list survey of 2015 had a proposal to introduce a global bot to repair broken links. The proposal made number 1 on the wishlist and thus this Phabricator ticket was created. This ticket is to track if there is consensus and it's deployment progress on this wiki. As of June of 2017, this project will hit the 2 year mark in its development.

About InternetArchiveBot[編集]

IABot uses intelligent algorithms to parse wiki text as humanly as possible. That means it will handle formatting differently when inside <ref> tags, as compared to when outside. It's able to detect citation templates and handle those correctly. When inside a reference, provided this Wikipedia uses them, IABot adds {{wayback}} or equivalent appropriate archive templates to plan external links. For unbracketed, or untitled external links, it can convert those to citation templates. When outside of references, IABot can directly replace the external link with an archive URL to avoid disrupting the final rendering of the article. It can still handle citation templates normally. IABot avoids editing URLs inside unknown templates, or URLs hidden inside <nowiki> and HTML comment tags. IABot maintains a massive database of URL metadata that helps it to efficiently do its job. The tools mentioned above can also access this database, where users can immediately fix any issues they discover that IABot will then immediately make use of. Essentially the bot will learn as more users help it to become more reliable. The error rate is very low (<0.01%) of the edits are error prone.

Different configurations of IABot[編集]

As mentioned above, IABot is very configurable to suit the wiki as needed. IABot is {{nobots}} compliant, and offers a run page in case of malfunction. Because different language Wikipedias have different cultures and work methods, this ideology was considered during IABot's initial development. When IABot is making its run, it can be instructed to make the needed fixes on the main article and report those changes to the talk page. Alternatively, the talk messages can be switched off, or the bot can be instructed to only leave talk messages alerting editors to dead URLs it found on the respective article. IABot can proactively add archive URLs to all URLs, including the non-dead, or simply restrict its changes to the URLs tagged as dead, or even URLs it sees as dead that are untagged. IABot can be instructed to restrict its operations to only links inside <ref> tags or the entire article. A complete description of InternetArchiveBot, including the configuration options can be found at m:InternetArchiveBot.

The big question[編集]

Would InternetArchiveBot, and/or its tools be a welcomed addition to the Japanese Wikipedia? Keep in mind that if the bot's full autonomy is not desired that these tools exist to give user control over the bot operation. Here are some examples. Showing examples from different wikis to demonstrate the cross wiki compatibility.—CYBERPOWER (会話) 2017年5月8日 (月) 01:55 (UTC)

Fully autonomous edits[編集]

User summoned bot edits[編集]

Take note that the edit summaries link to the requesting user for attribution.

Direct page analysis with the tools[編集]

These are edits made using the single page analysis tool mentioned above. The tool offers some options that are not available when summoning the bot. These options override the wiki set configuration the bot uses when running. Logically these options can be set for single page edits since the edit is made from the user account directly and they are responsible for the edit. Such disruption is harder to manage when the bot is being executed on a collection of pages with disruptive options.


  • 提案 本件のディスカッションを「Wikipedia:井戸端」で行うことを提案します。外国語で行う必要がないからです。( I suggest that we should discuss deploying the InternetArchiveBot or not, on the village pump because it doesn't need for us to discuss in foreign language.) 上の説明がないと議論がしにくいことに思い至りましたので提案を取り消します。I changed my previous idea. Let's discuss here! --ねをなふみそね会話) 2017年5月8日 (月) 04:49 (UTC)
  • 賛成 I was waiting eagerly for deploying that. If there is any disadvantage, what kind of thing is that? 前から日本語版にもほしいと思っていたので、導入を支持します。導入にデメリットがあるとしたら、どんなデメリットがあるでしょうか。--ねをなふみそね会話) 2017年5月8日 (月) 07:09 (UTC)
  • 賛成 Good for preservation. --Jack980517会話) 2017年5月12日 (金) 16:37 (UTC)
  • (Strong Support/強く賛成) I'd like to welcome to your bot.--Kkairri[][] 2017年5月15日 (月) 16:23 (UTC)
  • 賛成 Support. Given that it's unanimous support for more than a week, I think this can be treated as approved by the community. This aside, do we need to add any parameters to the citation templates?--ネイ会話) 2017年5月20日 (土) 06:03 (UTC)
  • @ねをなふみそね, Jack980517, Kkairri, and ネイ: Can you please point me to the bot approvals process?—CYBERPOWER (会話) 2017年7月30日 (日) 22:52 (UTC)
  • 賛成 Thanks C678 for doing great work on other Wikis! I like this idea also. Yoshi24517Chat 2017年9月11日 (月) 04:17 (UTC)

Request for an Article![編集]

Sorry for writing in English! Here, I need concern in your community to start an article about Muhammad Nurul Islam (d:Q28320621). ありがとうございました! ~ Moheen (話を続ける) 2017年5月12日 (金) 15:56 (UTC)

チェック The requested article has been created as ムハンマド・ヌルル・イスラーム. --ねをなふみそね会話) 2017年5月20日 (土) 03:08 (UTC)

Help needed[編集]

Family in traditional attire having portrait taken in garden against fence. (19763677689).jpg

Hi everybody, may I ask you for your help? Because I'd like to know what is written on the sign you can see in the picture. Thanks in advance! Catfisheye会話) 2017年5月18日 (木) 22:03 (UTC)

コメント I cannot figure anything out because the resolution of this picture is too low. --ねをなふみそね会話) 2017年5月20日 (土) 03:08 (UTC)
Thank you very much for trying! :) Catfisheye会話) 2017年5月22日 (月) 15:59 (UTC)
Close up
Although I myself can't read this, I put here the close-up of the sign. What I can see is only the last two words which are "一" (one) and "油" (oil). --Was a bee会話) 2017年6月1日 (木) 21:13 (UTC)

Blacklist removal?[編集]

I want to edit the page of my friend ゲリティー・ジェシカ、I get and error to say the page is on a blacklist and cannot be completed? How can I get this fixed? Thank you

Help about Japanese discoverer of asteroids[編集]

On we are struggling to find the full names of some Japanese who discovered asteroids.

Discoverer Asteroids With Year Locatiom
M. Yoshimi it:32453 Kanamishogo n.a. 2000 Fukuchiyama
H. Hori it:181043 Anan
it:190057 Nakagawa
it:220736 Niihama
it:Hiroshi Maeno 2004-2005 Nakagawa
A. Nakajima
Y. Sorimachi
it:187531 Omorichugakkou
it:262419 Suzaka
n.a 2006 Nyukasa

We have some fragments of news about A. Nakajima. He seems to be Atsushi Nakajima (中島 敦).

We kindly ask your support for searching japanese sources which can help us to identify the full name and possibly giving some biographical info.

Last but not least, my original intention was to post this request in the Astronomy section of the to get help from contributors possbly familiar with the topic, but I was not able to find how. If any of you would be so kind to notify the Astronomy section of about the present request, it is highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for the help on behalf of the Astronomy section of

--Ysogo会話) 2017年6月20日 (火) 19:49 (UTC) (myself on,my talkpage on


  • M. Yoshimi
Masayoshi Yoshimi (吉見政義) is an amateur astronomer. [12] [13] [14]
(sendaiuchukan - 薩摩川内市せんだい宇宙館 or Sendai Space Hall is an astronomical museum in it:Satsumasendai.)
Kanamishogo - Kanami is Yoshimi's daughter's name and Shogo, his son's name.
Fukuchiyama - 福知山市, it:Fukuchiyama
  • H. Hori
Hisao Hori (堀寿夫) is a chief scientist (主任研究員) at Anan Science Center (阿南市科学センター). [15] [16] [17] [18]
Anan - 阿南市, it:Anan (Tokushima)
Nakagawa - 那賀川町, en:Nakagawa, Tokushima
Niihama - 新居浜市, it:Niihama is where he was born.
  • Hiroshi Maeno
Probably this is Hiromu Maeno (前野拓), who worked for Anan Science Center and is an amateur astronomer. [19]
  • A. Nakajima
Atsushi Nakajima (中島厚) is a former senior chief engineer (主幹研究員) at it:JAXA and a former professor at en:Shinshu University. [20], [21]
(Not to be confused with 中島敦 en:Atsushi Nakajima, a novelist.)
Y. Sorimachi - Unknown. May be the name of a student in Omorichugakkou junior high school who found the asteroid with Nakajima.
Omorichugakkou - 相森中学校 (小惑星) as an asteroid and 須坂市立相森中学校 as the junior high school which the asteroid is named after. Nakajima attended the school as a student.
Suzaka - 須坂市, it:Suzaka
Nyukasa - 入笠山, en:Mount Nyukasa

Hope it can help.--Ryota7906会話) 2017年6月21日 (水) 11:22 (UTC)

It helps a lot. We are delighted. Thank you so much.--Ysogo会話) 2017年6月21日 (水) 15:52 (UTC)
Hello. I need an additional hint about Mr. Maeno: in the page linked in your previous answer I have found 前野拓(ひろむ)which is translated to Taku Maeno (Hiromu). May I guess that either Taku is the real name and Hiromu a nickname or viceversa. Can you help me with a suggestion about? --Ysogo会話) 2017年7月2日 (日) 19:39 (UTC)
Hello, Ysogo. In a nutshell, the online translator you used misread 拓 as "Taku". The parenthetic part (ひろむ), which is translated into (Hiromu), is added to indicate the reading of 拓 in his name for otherwise you cannot decide how to read and could misread the name as your online translator did. A single kanji, or Chinese character in Japanese language, generally has several readings. In the case of 拓, you may read it as taku, hiraku, hiro, hiroshi etc., but the addition of (ひろむ) makes you read 前野拓 exclusively as Maeno Hiromu (or Hiromu Maeno when you put the family name last).
You can find his name in documents filed by Sendai Space Hall [22] [23] [24].
I hope it will be helpful in understanding it and doing further research. Good luck!--Ryota7906会話) 2017年7月3日 (月) 11:45 (UTC)
Thank you. Crystal clear. --Ysogo会話) 2017年7月3日 (月) 15:50 (UTC)

postcards of Japan[編集]

See Commons discussion: [25]. More images will be uploaded in Commons:Category:Postcard collection Smiley Toerist. Smiley.toerist会話) 2017年6月24日 (土) 10:27 (UTC)

These are the last two Japanese postcards:
Nunobiki Road Kobe postcard.jpg
What is this red square on his clothes?

Smiley.toerist会話) 2017年6月24日 (土) 22:17 (UTC)

I think the square is 屋号(Yago) or 家紋(Kamon). Could you look this page[26]? But there is a possibility that it is not really red. These postcards are 手彩色絵葉書Hand-colouring of photographs[27].--ジャム・パンナ会話) 2017年6月27日 (火) 12:42 (UTC)

Possible crosswiki spammer[編集]

Hi japonese Wikipedia comunity, the user 利用者:キャンサーフリートピア made some edits on portuguese Wikipedia (see [1], [2] and [3]). Searching for him here on jawiki, I checked it that he´s a sock puppet, and this is why I undid the editions. I don´t understand japonese, but I wanna know what that link means; is he a spammer? Why exactly he is block on jawiki? I´m not sure if I must block him on ptwiki. Thanks. --Hume42会話) 2017年6月26日 (月) 05:05 (UTC)

Yes, he is a spammer using sockpuppet, writing about his political stance about, e.g. Emperor of Japan, in unrelated pages. I see that he is spamming also on other projects like frwiki and zh wiki, so I suggest a global lock rather than blocking locally.--ネイ会話) 2017年6月26日 (月) 05:52 (UTC)
Global lock チェック by Radix, a Steward from ptwiki. Thanks for your help. --Hume42会話) 2017年6月26日 (月) 18:55 (UTC)
Thank you very much! --ネイ会話) 2017年7月5日 (水) 15:31 (UTC)

Need translation on posting a notification about crosswiki search results[編集]

Hello. I would like a translator to post the below message to either Wikipedia:井戸端 or Wikipedia:お知らせ.

Hello. For notification, the search results from the following sister projects—ウィキボヤージュ, ウィキバーシティ, ウィキニュース, ウィキブックス, ウィキクォート, ウィクショナリー, ウィキソース, and multimedia results from ウィキメディア・コモンズare now implemented and live. Simply type either "日本" or "東京", and you'll see the results. Neither ウィキスピーシーズ nor ウィキデータ is included at the moment, but including the search results from those projects is considered. Please feel free to share your thoughts. You may propose which sister project to include or exclude. Thank you.

Thank you. --George Ho会話) 2017年6月26日 (月) 20:37 (UTC)

SilverSpeech or ネイ, may you help me translate please? Thanks. --George Ho会話) 2017年6月27日 (火) 22:09 (UTC)

返信 (George Ho宛) Hello, I translate the message. When translating, I added a sentence and some words to make it easy to read in Japanese. I hope it helps you.--SilverSpeech会話) 2017年6月28日 (水) 00:24 (UTC)
こんにちは。姉妹プロジェクトの検索結果を表示する機能についてお知らせします。姉妹プロジェクトのウィキボヤージュウィキバーシティウィキニュースウィキブックスウィキクォートウィクショナリーウィキソースウィキメディア・コモンズの検索結果を表示する機能が導入され、使用可能になっています。 "日本"または"東京"を入力すると検索結果が表示されます。ウィキスピーシーズウィキデータは現時点では検索できませんが、この2つを検索対象に含めることも考えられます。お気軽に意見をお寄せください。各姉妹プロジェクトを検索対象にすべきか、それとも除外すべきか提案することができます。ありがとうございました。

Thanks, SilverSpeech. I forgot to ask for translation on the header, "Cross-wiki search results from sister projects now active and live", before posting the notification. --George Ho会話) 2017年6月29日 (木) 03:46 (UTC)

返信 (George Ho宛) I translate the phrase for the header, "姉妹プロジェクトのクロスウィキ検索が利用できます".--SilverSpeech会話) 2017年6月29日 (木) 07:45 (UTC)

I had trouble posting the translation, but I did it eventually. --George Ho会話) 2017年7月1日 (土) 16:14 (UTC)

Request to move an image to Commons[編集]

I would like the image File:Asaka Tama-chan In Ara River 1.JPG be moved to Commons so I can add it to enwiki article en:Tama-chan. I am not sure, however, if it can be done with given licensing.

Please verify licensing criteria and notify me when the image is available on Commons (or, if it turns out the image can't be moved there). --CiaPan会話) 2017年6月30日 (金) 09:02 (UTC)

返信 (CiaPan宛) I move it to Commons ([28]). I move a file to Commons for the first time, but I think it will be accepted because it is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. --SilverSpeech会話) 2017年6月30日 (金) 10:12 (UTC)
返信 (SilverSpeech宛) Thank you. en:Special:Diff/788906804. :) CiaPan会話) 2017年7月4日 (火) 05:48 (UTC)



I am Zhwiki user ,I find some error om the 長野県鉄道全駅 , 中央本線(立川 - 大月 - 塩尻)>脚注

信濃毎日新聞社出版部 『長野県鉄道全駅 増補改訂版』 信濃毎日新聞社、2011年7月24日。ISBN 978478407164。>>>ISBN 9784784071647 lose 13 digi. all 長野県鉄道 need to fix,--Zest 2017年7月4日 (火) 02:43 (UTC)

  • 返信 (蘭斯特宛) It seems that User:JapaneseA has already fixed the 13th digit of ISBN in all the article. Thank you for telling us. --Y.Sanda会話) 2017年7月5日 (水) 12:31 (UTC)
Thank you for letting us know.--JapaneseA会話) 2017年7月5日 (水) 15:30 (UTC)


Hello Japanese wiki community. In media wiki, there is a meta:List of articles every Wikipedia should have/Expanded project. There are 10000 articles in the project. Wikipedia:すべての言語版にあるべき項目の一覧 lists 1000 articles. All content I have finished translating to Japanese. Just copy it from my user page sandbox. Please see 利用者:Alexchris.(Sandbox 1~11) meta:List of Wikipedias by expanded sample of articles shows the quality of 10000 articles by different languages. Japanese is 4th in June 2017. The question about the articles recording, please discuss at meta:Talk:List of articles every Wikipedia should have/Expanded. Thank you.--Alexchris会話) 2017年7月8日 (土) 16:02 (UTC)

Hi Alexchris - I have raised this in the corresponding talk page, at Wikipedia‐ノート:すべての言語版にあるべき項目の一覧#Wikipedia‐ノート:すべての言語版にあるべき項目の一覧. Thank you very much for your translation! --ネイ会話) 2017年7月9日 (日) 12:23 (UTC)

Thank you.--Alexchris会話) 2017年7月9日 (日) 12:34 (UTC)
This is created as Wikipedia:すべての言語版にあるべき項目の一覧/1万の項目. Thank you for your help in translation.--ネイ会話) 2017年8月8日 (火) 13:33 (UTC)

Help in Translation[編集]

(Sorry for writing in English)
I am editor from Bosnian wiki, and I would like someone from this wiki to translate page about Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) and related pages to Japanese language. I really appreciate that you already have main article about SFF, but it is outdated and have only two short paragraphs. Also, I would like if you could move tables from the main article and create the article about the main award of festival. Below are all SFF related articles that you can translate from English or Bosnian, but the main article and the award article are the most important. If you need any help or have any questions, please contact me or tag me below.

Japanese English Bosnian Wikidata Notes
サラエヴォ映画祭 en:Sarajevo Film Festival bs:Sarajevo Film Festival Q935127 Main article
サラエボの心 en:Heart of Sarajevo bs:Srce Sarajeva Q26340132 Main award of festival
??? en:Special Jury Prize (Sarajevo Film Festival) bs:Specijalna nagrada žirija (Sarajevo Film Festival) Q33035532 2nd place award
??? en:Human Rights Award (Sarajevo Film Festival) bs:Nagrada za ljudska prava (Sarajevo Film Festival) Q33035238 Special award
??? en:Template:Sarajevo Film Festival bs:Šablon:Sarajevo Film Festival Q25983572 Festival's navigational tamplate
??? en:Sarajevo National Theatre bs:Narodno pozorište Sarajevo Q597948 Festival's main location / Festival Square
??? en:Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina Hall bs:Dom Armije u Sarajevu Q597948 Other festival locations
??? en:Skenderija bs:Skenderija Q1280411
??? en:Mirza Delibašić Hall bs:Dvorana "Mirza Delibašić" Q2008334
??? en:Hotel Europe (Sarajevo) bs:Hotel Evropa Q5911469
For articles about festival you can use photos from Wikimedia Commons: link, and also you can reupload logo from (link) under fair use licence.

Thank you, --Semso98会話) 2017年7月14日 (金) 22:12 (UTC)

Hello. I translated "Sarajevo National Theatre" as "サラエヴォ国立劇場" and "Special Jury Prize" as "サラエヴォ映画祭 審査員特別賞." I also have an idea about the titles for the articles and it is shown below. I hope it will be use to Jawp users to translate the articles.
Japanese English Bosnian
サラエヴォ映画祭 en:Sarajevo Film Festival bs:Sarajevo Film Festival
ハート・オブ・サラエヴォ賞 en:Heart of Sarajevo bs:Srce Sarajeva
サラエヴォ映画祭 審査員特別賞 en:Special Jury Prize (Sarajevo Film Festival) bs:Specijalna nagrada žirija (Sarajevo Film Festival)
サラエヴォ映画祭 人権賞 en:Human Rights Award (Sarajevo Film Festival) bs:Nagrada za ljudska prava (Sarajevo Film Festival)
Template:サラエヴォ映画祭 en:Template:Sarajevo Film Festival bs:Šablon:Sarajevo Film Festival
サラエヴォ国立劇場 en:Sarajevo National Theatre bs:Narodno pozorište Sarajevo
??? en:Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina Hall bs:Dom Armije u Sarajevu
スケンデリヤ en:Skenderija bs:Skenderija
ミルザ・デリバシッチ・ホール en:Mirza Delibašić Hall bs:Dvorana "Mirza Delibašić"
ホテル・ヨーロッパ(ヨーロッパ・ホテル) en:Hotel Europe (Sarajevo) bs:Hotel Evropa
--Y.Sanda会話) 2017年7月15日 (土) 08:57 (UTC)

コメント Hello, I listed these article at Wikipedia:翻訳依頼 as the pages to be translated into Japanese. --SilverSpeech会話) 2017年8月3日 (木) 00:29 (UTC)

Will someone do a quick translation?[編集]

プロジェクト‐ノート:軍事史#Notice of proposed global replacement (please translate) needs to be translated into Japanese. It's a short message (though translating the top part of the discussion at this discussion would be helpful, too. Thank you! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 2017年7月24日 (月) 05:15 (UTC)

Enquiry for the title of mobile version of Japanese wikipedia[編集]

Hello, I am the administrator of the Classical Chinese (漢文) Wikipedia, as the title of our mobile version is the English name "Wikipedia", but the title of your mobile version is the Japanese one. Thus I am interested in how to do it, may anyone tell me? Thanks a lot!--Itsmine会話) 2017年8月2日 (水) 16:35 (UTC)

Itsmine I think you have to join Phabricator on Wikimedia and request local upload to the static image folder. Alex Shih会話) 2017年8月3日 (木) 17:07 (UTC)

Helping for Translation[編集]

I created Layal Abboud, i hope anyone can translate and make it better. --Chyah会話) 2017年9月1日 (金) 23:46 (UTC)

I improved the article you had posted.[29] Please note that unimproved article generated with machine translation will soon be deleted on Japanese Wikipedia, since machine translation does not give adequate results in general. Thank you. --DFT B3LYP会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 06:39 (UTC)

Request for improvements of two articles[編集]

Greetings fellow editors. I need your help with two articles I've created, admittedly and to my shame, one of them using machine translation. The first one is about the Romanian minelayer Amiral Murgescu, the most successful Romanian warship in history, and also the largest Romanian-built warship of the Second World War. This is her English article, it's quite large. The article I made for her here (アミラル・ムルゲスク (機雷敷設艦/護衛駆逐艦)) only contains some descriptive text I literally just copied from the source linked at the end of the paragraph. I would like her article to be improved from the English version, her description but especially her service. If any of you would be kind enough to do that, I would be very grateful. Also, for the record, there is a condensed version of her service on my sandbox on this Wiki, just in case her service on the English one is too large. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 12:55 (UTC)

As for my second request, a small list article (ガラツィ造船所) I created using machine translation. I tried using as little sentences as possible, but it still didn't turn out right. It requires a bit of re-wording. Also, I learned my lesson and stopped using machine translations. This is why I am here, addressing you and asking for your help. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 12:55 (UTC)

Hi there - may I confirm on which machine translation you are using (e.g. is it Google Translate)? Depending on your answer, some previous versions of the article might need to be deleted. --ネイ会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 13:04 (UTC)
ネイ Yes, Google Translate. Seriously though someone please tend to the アミラル・ムルゲスク (機雷敷設艦/護衛駆逐艦) article, it's quite a shame for such a successful warship to have no service history. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 15:35 (UTC)
UPDATE: I added a very basic activity list on アミラル・ムルゲスク (機雷敷設艦/護衛駆逐艦). This is only a temporary measure, until someone has time to get around and properly translate from her English article. I didn't use machine translation for this one, I actually gathered the words from other pages of the Wiki. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 06:06 (UTC)
I had to request a speedy deletion on the first article because of copyright infringement. As an editor of the English Wikipedia, you should know that plagiarism is not allowed. Please see WP:COPYRIGHT. TranquilHope会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 09:03 (UTC)
TranquilHope Well that's a bit exaggerated. I wasn't intending to keep it that way. Like the very basic activity section (which is all that remains now, along with the infobox) it was a temporary solution until someone would properly translate from her English article. You could be doing that yourself, instead of trying to scrap her. Just saying. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 09:28 (UTC)
Previous versions in the edit history will still have to be deleted per ケースB-1. TranquilHope会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 10:04 (UTC)
TranquilHope Delete away, I recreated her article here already, no copyright trouble: アミラル・ムルゲスク (護衛駆逐艦/機雷敷設艦). Now, if any of you gentlemen could add from her English article, I would be grateful. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 10:21 (UTC)
You are not supposed to create duplicate articles. TranquilHope会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 10:31 (UTC)
TranquilHope Do not worry, I already changed her Wikilink in the several pages she is referenced. The compromised article is now orphaned and ready for deletion. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 10:36 (UTC)
That was a request for revision deletion, not for the deletion of the whole article. The new version has been put up for speedy deletion because you copy and pasted from the original article without attribution. TranquilHope会話) 2017年9月14日 (木) 08:00 (UTC)


I need translation for my bot. Please translate "village in china" or "village of china" or "a village of china" (which suit best in your language) in your language. --Aftabuzzaman会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 18:00 (UTC)

Is it 中国の村? --Aftabuzzaman会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 18:00 (UTC)
@Aftabuzzaman Year, “village in china” is translated as 中国の村 in Japanese.--Kkairri[][] 2017年9月14日 (木) 08:22 (UTC)

Request translation for two articles[編集]

I request the translation of the articles concerning the most heavily armed Romanian Navy warships of the Second World War, the scout cruisers (偵察巡洋艦) Mărăști and Mărășești. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月14日 (木) 08:44 (UTC)