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進行中: CU不要 Open cases: not awaiting Checkuser[編集]

ケース一覧 Cases[編集]

Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/SPI/Subpage - Open suspected sockpuppet investigations

管理者による対処を要するケース Cases: Administrator Action Needed[編集]

Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/SPI/Subpage - Sockpuppet investigations requiring Administrator attention

進行中: CU対処待ちケース Open cases: awaiting Checkuser processing[編集]

この節のケースは進行中のCU依頼です。更新は誰にでも出来ます。ClerkやPatrollerが終了判断を下すこともできますが、CUがさらなる対処を必要と判断すれば、終了は取り消されます。 Cases in this section have an open request for Checkuser that is being processed. Any user may update or act on this case, and any patroller or clerk may decide the case. However it will not be closed if the Clerks believe any further action is needed.

  • Endorsement or decline of Checkuser request may only be made by a Clerk or Checkuser. 承認・却下の判断はClerkもしくはCUのみが下します。
  • If your case is not showing up here, or this section seems out of date, please click the purge link.お探しの案件が見つからないときや、データが古いときはパージのリンクをクリックしてください。

Clerkの承認待ち Awaiting clerk approval[編集]

(訳注:現在の日本語版にはclerk制度はありません) Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/SPI/Subpage - Awaiting Clerk approval

CU待ち Awaiting Checkuser[編集]

Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/SPI/Subpage - Open CheckUser cases

CU簡易依頼 Quick Checkuser requests[編集]

Wikipedia:多重アカウント/調査/SPI/quick check header

過去ログ Archived cases[編集]

The following are old SPI cases, separated by month:

Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/SPI/Closed/2009 Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/SPI/Closed/2010


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