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{{Expand language
|no interwiki={{{no interwiki|}}}

スペイン語の場合({{Expand Spanish}}を参照):

{{Expand language

Uncommon override parameters:

|googlelangcode= <!--for where Google's language translation code is not the same as the Wikipedia language translation code-->

(現在はTemplate:Expand Norwegian (Nynorsk) で使用されるのみ)

娘テンプレートの一覧については、Category:Expand by language Wikipedia templatesを参照してください。

What else needs to be done after you set up the template[編集]

For all of these steps, replace XXXX with the name of the language you just created.

1. Create a template documentation page.

This is easy. Just go to Template:Expand XXXX/doc. There, you should paste {{Expand language/howto|XXXX}}.

2. Set up the category where articles to be translated will go.

Go to Category:Articles needing translation from XXXX Wikipedia. There, paste the following:


You can also add categories there for Wikiprojects that may be interested.