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== 歴代教皇とUNIV ==
[[パウロ6世 (ローマ教皇)|福者パウロ6世]]や[[ヨハネ・パウロ2世 (ローマ教皇)|聖ヨハネ・パウロ2世]]をはじめ、近年の教皇たち[[ベネディクト16世 (ローマ教皇)|ベネディクト16世]]と教皇[[フランシスコ (ローマ教皇)|フランシスコ]]を含め、歴代教皇が'''UNIV'''参加者のために特別謁見を行ったり、演説の中で彼らに向けた言葉を残している<ref>{{Cite web|url=http://univforum.org/en/rome-and-univ/transcriptions-addresses-given-holy-father-participants-univ|title=Transcriptions of the Addresses Given by Holy Father to the Participants of Univ {{!}} Univforum|accessdate=2018-04-07|website=univforum.org|language=en}}</ref>。<blockquote>''"You can be as leaven in the mass, those who are able to change even the great metropolises, the great cities, the great intellectual centers. You can bring a better future because within human realities everything is accomplished through the person, and it is the person who accomplishes it. Of course if the person is carried by the power of God, in the grace of God, if he walks with Him, he or she is then capable of changing the world. '''<u>Let the final word of this UNIV be this wish: that you better this world</u>'''."''([[ヨハネ・パウロ2世 (ローマ教皇)|教皇聖ヨハネ・パウロ2世]]、UNIV 1982年)</blockquote>
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