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代表作"Statesboro Blues"のラベル

ブラインド・ウィリー・マクテル(Blind Willie McTell,1898年5月5日 - 1959年8月19日, 61歳没)はアメリカ合衆国のピードモント・ブルース英語版シンガーでラグタイム・ギタリスト。本名ウィリアム・サミュエル・マクティアー。














A面 B面 レーベル 品番 名義 注記
1927 "Stole Rider Blues" "Mr. McTell Got The Blues" Victor 21124 Blind Willie McTell
"Writing Paper Blues" "Mamma, Tain't Long Fo' Day" 21474
1928 "Three Women Blues" "Statesboro Blues" V38001
"Dark Night Blues" "Loving Talking Blues" V38032
1929 "Atlanta Strut" "Kind Mama" Columbia 14657-D Blind Sammie
"Travelin' Blues" "Come on Around to My House Mama" 14484-D
"Drive Away Blues" "Love Changing Blues" Victor V38580 Blind Willie McTell
1930 "Talking To Myself" "Razor Ball" Columbia 14551-D Blind Sammie
1931 "Southern Can Is Mine" "Broke Down Engine Blues" 14632-D
"Low Rider's Blues" "Georgia Rag" OKeh 8924 Georgia Bill
"Stomp Down Rider" "Scarey Day Blues" 8936
1932 "Mama, Let Me Scoop For You" "Rollin' Mama Blues" Victor 23328 Hot Shot Willie *w/Ruby Glaze
"Lonesome Day Blues" "Searching The Desert for the Blues" 23353
1933 "Savannah Mama" "B And O Blues No. 2" Vocalion 02568 Blind Willie
"Broke Down Engine" "Death Cell Blues" 02577
"Warm It Up To Me" "Runnin' Me Crazy" 02595
"It's A Good Little Thing" "Southern Can Mama" 02622
"Lord Have Mercy, If You Please" "Don't You See How This World Made A Change" 02623 *w/"Partner" (Curley Weaver)
"My Baby's Gone" "Weary Hearted Blues" 02668
1935 "Bell Street Blues" "Ticket Agent Blues" Decca 7078 Blind Willie McTell *w/Kate McTell
"Dying Gambler" "God Don't Like It" 7093
"Ain't It Grand To Be A Christian" "We Got To Meet Death One Day" 7130
"Your Time To Worry" "Hillbilly Willie's Blues" 7117
"Cold Winter Day" "Lay Some Flowers on My Grave" 7117
1950 "Kill It Kid" "Broke-Down Engine Blues" Atlantic 891 Barrelhouse Sammy
"River Jordan" "How About You" Regal 3260 Blind Willie
"It's My Desire" "Hide Me in Thy Bosom" 3272
"Love Changing Blues" "Talkin' To You Mama" 3277 Willie Samuel McTell *w/Curley Weaver
*attributed to "Pig and Whistle Band"
歌手 A面 B面 レーベル 品番 注記
1927 Alfoncy and Bethenea Harris "Teasing Brown" "This Is Not The Stove To Brown Your Bread" Victor V38594
1931 Ruth Day "Experience Blues" "Painful Blues" Columbia 14642-D
1931 Mary Willis "Rough Alley Blues" "Low Down Blues" OKeh 8921
"Talkin' To You Wimmin' About The Blues" "Merciful Blues" 8932
1935 Curley Weaver "Tricks Ain't Walking No More" "Early Morning Blues" Decca 7077
"Sometime Mama" "Two-Faced Woman" 7906 *McTell plays only on B-side
"Oh Lawdy Mama" "Fried Pie Blues" 7664
1949 "My Baby's Gone" "Ticket Agent" Sittin' In With 547


タイトル レーベル 品番 注記
1961 Last Session Bluesville BV 1040 *recorded in 1956
1966 Blind Willie McTell: 1940
Melodeon MLP 7323 *subtitled The Legendary Library of Congress Session
*recorded in 1940


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  • Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, Vol. 3 – Document DOCD-5008 (1990)
    • these three albums were issued together as the box-set Statesboro Blues – Document DOCD-5677 (1990)
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