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You can also request assistance for your works on the Japanese Wikipedia.

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I'm translating a page in Japanese and references are not available in Japanese[編集]

I'm working for create the Japanese translation about André Fontaine (painter) I did the French page and also the English and Italian. For the references I use link to news papers article, but the article are in French or in English. How I can write my references for did it correctly: my page in Japanese is in progress not valided of course I need to complete: thanks , I realy need some help. --Chikkuru会話) 2014年3月12日 (水) 18:52 (UTC)

French or English references are not a problem, so you can leave them as they are. But the problem is that the quality of the Japanese text needs some more effort (grammar, intermixture of standard and polite forms of speech, and broken sentences), which quite isn't up to the standards we usually expect in Wikipedia articles. Written Japanese has a certain trickiness which can be more complex than what you experience when you're writing with another European language. My advice is that, we all would benefit more if you focus your effort on polishing the English version. A lot of Japanese WP articles start out from translations from the English versions, and there are plenty of translators who regularly bring articles from English WP, and I believe someone would do that for your topic in due time. --朝彦会話) 2014年3月13日 (木) 02:36 (UTC)
Regarding the supposed "trickiness" of written Japanese, it's not that Western languages do not have firm explicit standards as to what constitutes polished academic prose. Rather it's that Western cultures may be more tolerant with departures from said standards and concentrate on content rather than on compliance with standards. There's plenty of articles containing contributions in broken English, French, etc. in WPs in Western languages. But the prevailing attitude on those WPs seems to be to correct and improve such contributions rather than eliminate them outright, assuming of course such contributions have some merit contentwise. This said one should of course adapt to the cultures of the various WPs just as one adapts to the customs of various countries. But I thought it worthwhile to point out that, contrary to what was stated, it is pretty clear what constitutes good academic writing in all Western languages I am familiar with and it cannot be written any which way. Basemetal会話) 2014年6月1日 (日) 22:17 (UTC)

I want to upload ファイル:Shibumaku.jpg to the Commons but the licensing has a warning[編集]

I want to upload ファイル:Shibumaku.jpg to the Commons but the licensing has a warning. What do I need to do? WhisperToMe会話) 2014年1月9日 (木) 21:23 (UTC)

The warning is saying that the image has not been checked if it meets the criteria for the GFDL-CC license migration. It meets the criteria as far as I know so you can upload it to Commons under GFDL/CC-BY-SA dual. --朝彦会話) 2014年2月12日 (水) 19:47 (UTC)
Thank you! Someone beat me to it! WhisperToMe会話) 2014年3月5日 (水) 13:08 (UTC)

طلب إضافة المواضيع المهمة حول السعودية[編集]

إننا نناشد الأخوة اليابانيين ، بإضافة المقالات الجديدة المتعلقة بالسعودية وهي كالتالي:

  • إضافة المقالات الجديدة حول الرياضة السعودية ، والتي تشمل كرة القدم والمنشأت الرياضية الهامة واللاعبون العظماء
  • إضافة أهم مدن السعودية و القرى
  • إضافة المعلومات الهامة عن أمراء من العائلة المالكة الكريمة
  • طلب إضافة مقال جديد عن العلاقة اليابانية السعودية
  • طلب إضافة اسماء الشركات السعودية الكبيرة وذلك مثل شركة الاتصالات السعودية وشركة زين السعودية وشركة موبايل
  • إضافة الصحف السعودية الحالية

وشكراً لكم واتمنى لكم مساعدتنا أيها الشعب الياباني الحبيب --Takahara Osaka会話) 2014年1月11日 (土) 17:20 (UTC)

アラビア語はわからないのですが、機械翻訳によると、サウジアラビア関係の記事(含 スポーツ、市町村、王族、主要な企業や新聞 etc.)が少なすぎるのでもっと立項してほしいとのご要望のようです。 I don't know a word in Arabic, but according to machine translation, this is a request for more of Saudi Arabian articles, including its sports, cities, princes, major companies/newspapers etc. --朝彦会話) 2014年2月13日 (木) 14:17 (UTC)
That said, Takahara Osaka (excuse me for using English), but I'm sure that given enough time, I'm sure the number of articles will increase with time, although the process might be slow owing to relatively small amount of references in the Japanese language. --朝彦会話) 2014年2月13日 (木) 16:21 (UTC)

Translation Request[編集]

こんにちは, I found in English Wikipedia that there wasn't an article for Ōzato Gusuku (大里城) on 沖縄島, so I created one. When I finished and tried to link it to a Japanese equivalent, I was surprised to find that it didn't exist either. Due to my limited Japanese, I translated my English article into a Japanese one with Google Translate, under the article title 島添大里グスク. It has now been proposed for deletion due to the terrible translation. This グスク served as the capital of the kingdom of 南山, so I'm very surprised that it doesn't have an article already, and I don't think my article should just be deleted. Can anyone correct it by looking at my English article? Also, I tried adding a picture of the グスク, but it doesn't show up in the Japanese Wikipedia. Here are the links:

--Sturmgewehr88会話) 2014年1月13日 (火) 17:29 (UTC)

Copyright concerns. In this case, copyright of the author of the machine translator. And (unlike some other languages), does not allow copyrighted material to appear even in past revisions. Moreover, the article title is not right. So, I guess that RfD will close as delete. User Chiba ryo started an own version as 島添大里城 so the article for the castle will be there in due time, don't worry. Thanks for your concern on this matter though, but no machine translations. Thanks for your understanding. --朝彦会話) 2014年2月12日 (水) 19:44 (UTC)
I've just created the article 島添大里城 by translating from en:Ōzato Castle, thank you!--Chiba ryo会話) 2014年3月14日 (金) 04:32 (UTC)

Help to this[編集]

Hi i just want to be a help to be translate or editing in エスタディオ・革命 (トレオン) (Original language Description) es:Estadio Revolución (béisbol) to be a japanese language so please help me to editing this in japanese language with the image description so please create a new page language in japanese in エスタディオ・革命 (トレオン) im IceCreamBips 65 here the links:

(Note i can´t type es:Estadio Revolucion (beísbol) it doesn´t appear but the article are there. Thanks —以上の署名の無いコメントは、ノート)さんが 2014-02-11T03:02:06‎ に投稿したものです。

Images of Japan-related studio pottery.[編集]

Hi, I'm PatHadley, Wikipedian-in-Residence at York Museums Trust in the UK. We have just uploaded a large set of images of Studio Pottery from our collection to commons here: Category:W.A. Ismay Studio Ceramic Collection. Two of the potters are Japanese and one has a strong connection with Japan. Here are their English articles: w:Takeshi Yasuda, Shōji Hamada and w:Bernard Leach. I hope you might find the images useful on Japanese Wikipedia. Please let me know if you need any further information. Thanks! PatHadley会話) 2014年2月19日 (水) 17:16 (UTC)

Hi Pat, thanks for the info. I would take a look at it and might inform the WikiProject that might be interested in those. --朝彦会話) 2014年2月27日 (木) 16:49 (UTC)



Hi .. sorry my Japanese is "survival level", so I'll use English here.
Whether this larva and that larva be separated or not depends on how strict our definition is and how detailed our article is. If you really want to keep 幼虫, then I can't oppose too much, since 幼虫 is long enough to be independent (and have some significance in special topics like 养蜂 and 养蚕, I guess). But my point is, they are the same concept "larva" with 幼生, which should be presented together so that the reader could be informed comprehensively.
Also, 在漢語中,也有幼蟲一詞;但參照英語,竊以為 larva 之概念不應當拆開。
Thank you. wwww -- SzMithrandir会話) 2014年2月21日 (金) 05:54 (UTC)
I recommend you go talk to the user directly rather than here, which User:Ks might or might not be watching. --朝彦会話) 2014年2月27日 (木) 16:51 (UTC)

Hi Im Again[編集]

I'm IceCreamBips_65 and Could anyone help to translate this (es:Industrias Peñoles) in japanese language because i try to do in Google Translate and not works but if anyone can translated it here's the link

(Note Peñoles is made it in Torreón Coahuila Mexico)

Thank's so much. --Unsigned comment by 利用者:IceCreamBips 65ノート / 履歴 2014-02-25 16:31:47‎ (UTC)

Please do not use Google Translate (or any other machine translators) because we respect the copyright for what the translators output. I looked at the article in eswiki, but we need reliable third-party references to establish notability before we can go write an article about it. Cita requerida. --朝彦会話) 2014年2月27日 (木) 16:46 (UTC)

how about do soon the artice? --Unsigned comment by IP:ノート / 履歴 2014-03-10 22:56:22 (UTC)‎

We need third-party references to have an article. --朝彦会話) 2014年3月10日 (月) 23:17 (UTC)

i mean the urls is a third party Reference:

or Met-Mex Peñoles or Companies of México --Unsigned comment by IP:ノート / 履歴 2014-03-13 17:43:10‎ (UTC)‎

Those are first-party/non-independent references (information sources written by the subject of the article itself), and cannot be used to establish notability. For definitions about what third-party/independent references are, you can refer to either w:en:Wikipedia:Third-party sources (English) or w:es:Wikipedia:Fuentes fiables (Español). --朝彦会話) 2014年3月13日 (木) 19:26 (UTC)
I think that article is not a notable topic, at least in Japanese Wikipedia. Then, this topic should not have its own article. --Zerabat会話) 2014年3月14日 (金) 16:30 (UTC)

How can i do if this article are in the third party reference Which one of this options can be Help to included the article of the third party reference and how i can find something That this article are sure for the third party (im going to try again to edit Peñoles in es: and en: to put image and find people something to be secured the article) i maybe sure try to find out --Unsigned comment by IP:ノート / 履歴 2014-03-16 16:02:00‎ (UTC)

You ask "how can I find it"; but the obligation to show it is on the person who wants the article to be there, not me. If I you can add any third-party references added in the article at en: or es:, let me know and I could take a look. If it meets our notability guidelines, we can translate from there into Japanese. And please, sign your comment with 4 tildes, anytime you make a comment. See es:Wikipedia:Firma de usuario. --朝彦会話) 2014年3月16日 (日) 16:42 (UTC)
The article on Peñoles is now available as ペニョーレス. I did my own research and found some reports published by en:Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation and used that as my reference. --朝彦会話) 2014年3月17日 (月) 16:31 (UTC)

OK do what you want but We told him no more than some one or more articles to be included in some articles from wikipedia (we're not defrauding) we are only to help this article to be more stable in some occasions and sorry to ask him in the first one.

ohh yes it could also be one of these articles very good the second one.

We can have as many references as we see fit, provided we don't overload it. But who's "him" that you're referring to? --朝彦会話) 2014年3月18日 (火) 03:10 (UTC)

This or Tomaject are this people who in the first time doing this article but now it´s gone

Request for obtaining article: 『日本メキシコ学院十年の歩み』毎日新聞社刊、1987年9月。[編集]

Does anyone have access to electronic databases? I would like the following article from the Mainichi Shumbun

  • 『日本メキシコ学院十年の歩み』毎日新聞社刊、1987年9月。

For: 日墨学院

Thanks WhisperToMe会話) 2014年3月5日 (水) 12:27 (UTC)

That's no newspaper article. It's a book published by Mainichi Newspapers Co. According to its NDL entry, the book was never sold publicly, but nevertheless can be found in the NDL and six other libraries in Japan, and two used bookstores have it in stock, for about 2000 yen. A library might offer a paid copying service. Go ask if you're interested. On a side note, you should be careful in asking for stuff like someone else's database access. Passing along an obtained article to another person usually violates the database service's terms of use. --朝彦会話) 2014年3月9日 (日) 15:38 (UTC)
Thank you for the explanation! There are services like en:Wikipedia:RX (and an equivalent on the German Wikipedia) which allow people to get personal copies of articles. WhisperToMe会話) 2014年3月12日 (水) 08:55 (UTC)

Question: Kanji of Kouhei Asoh, pilot of en:Japan Airlines Flight 2[編集]

I was looking for the kanji of Kouhei Asoh, pilot of en:Japan Airlines Flight 2. This site gives a last name of Kanji but the first name is in hiragana, probably because the author doesn't know the kanji. (the blog says 漢字不詳)

Does anyone know what the kanji for Kouhei Asoh is?

Thanks WhisperToMe会話) 2014年3月9日 (日) 15:02 (UTC)

Translation request[編集]


I'm sure that a lot of guys who cannot read Japanese are interested in 日本語の起源. I can't understand Japanese at all (except Kanji of course), but it would be great if any one of you can completely translate this article into English and contribute to the English Wikipedia, so I can translate the English version into Chinese.

This may take a little long time, but your efforts will be greatly appreciated like all our works were. In addition, the current English version of this article already exists, but many contents it should have are missing. I have left a similar message at ノート:日本語の起源, too.

Another question is that 日本語の起源 literally means 'the Origin of Japanese Language', but on Wikidata it was linked to en:Classification of Japonic. 起源 is 'origin', not 'classification', right? And the term 'Japonic' includes 琉球語, apart from 日本語. Hope you can solve this problem.

Thanks in advance and have a good day~

-- Regards from Chinese Wikipedian Kou Dou会話) 2014年3月27日 (木) 13:01 (UTC)

This article is tagged with neutrality template, so I don't think it is worth translating. Perhaps an editor can rewrite the article first. 挂上中立性模板,不值得翻译。还是需要有编者愿意重写条目…… --HYH.124会話) 2014年4月8日 (火) 15:21 (UTC)
@HYH.124, nani? Uhhhhh kinda surprised to see you here... are you hanging around different Wikipedias? Lol. As for the article, I did notice the template but it was there since 2008 and remains the same nearly 6 years later. BTW the article was last modified in Aug 2013, which shows it isn't a very hot topic. Maybe in 2024 the neutrality problem will still persist. >_< I was really looking into this subject and didn't get what I want in the English version. That's all:D--Kou Dou Talk Contrib 2014年4月8日 (火) 16:24 (UTC)
我仅活跃于英文和中文维基百科。中文是我的母语,英文达到熟练程度(因为是教学媒介语)。我是想调查关于阁下,看到阁下的日语用户页,就查您的贡献,就看到了这里。有一次我正协助医学专题的跨语言翻译计划,得合并一系列各语言相同主题的条目。我会来这里的另一个原因是,从小对日语感兴趣,因为我看得懂汉字也会读hiragana/katakana(不是说明白),看不懂韩文。--HYH.124会話) 2014年4月8日 (火) 16:41 (UTC)

Other Article[編集]

Can Someone Help with (Es:Aeropuerto_Internacional_Francisco_Sarabia) and (En:Francisco_Sarabia_International_Airport) They Had 3 Reference in Spanish and 1 in English. To Establishing an Article for Japanese Language Please There are the Links and is Part of The Airport of Torreón Mexico

--IceCreamBips 65会話) 2014年3月31日 (月) 03:11 (UTC)

If it topic does not have enough sources of information talking about it, then it should not have an article. Before plaining in translate the article, first solve the verifiability problem. --Zerabat会話) 2014年4月1日 (火) 18:18 (UTC)

The Problem is The links They Have a history about planes in Mexico but there are someone links if you could help after making an article

Then is done. --IceCreamBips 65会話) 2014年4月3日 (木) 22:50 (UTC)

Any book reviews in Japanese for ...?[編集]

Are there any book reviews in Japanese for:

  • 『アメリカ大陸日系人百科事典―写真と絵で見る日系人の歴史』 (明石書店, 2002).

It was published in English as "Encyclopedia of Japanese descendants in the Americas; an illustrated history of the Nikkei" WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月1日 (火) 13:51 (UTC)

The Spanish Wikipedia is requesting Japanese speakers to evaluate Japanese-language sources for an "Articles for Deletion" debate[編集]

Dear Wikipedians, The Spanish Wikipedia is requesting Japanese speakers to evaluate Japanese-language sources for an "Articles for Deletion" debate. This article for deletion debate on the es:Liceo Mexicano Japonés (日墨学院) is located here: es:Wikipedia:Consultas de borrado/Liceo Mexicano Japonés. For any Japanese-language source, please make any necessary translations of the key points/phrases/material that discuss the article and explain how/why the source shows notability for the subject. If you know of any Japanese language sources independent of the subject: newspaper articles, books on Google Books (search for any of the names of this school: 社団法人日本メキシコ学院, 日本メキシコ学院, 日墨学院 and you may find sources), etc. please bring them up as they can be helpful.

You are welcome to post your comments and translations in the English language. If you do not know English you may ask an English speaker to help you put your comments in English.

Thank you, WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 02:31 (UTC)

Related explanatory comments are at ノート:日墨学院#スペイン語版における削除審議に関連して. --山田晴通会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 03:55 (UTC)
I found articles on Cinii, a database service which can be searched with academic information of articles, Books & Journals[1]. result[2] [3]
NDL(National Diet Library)search shows more articles.[4],[5].--Ks aka 98会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 09:56 (UTC)
Thank you very much for finding these! On the Spanish Wikipedia there is a listing of the possible sources and editors go through each one, explaining why each source adds or does not add to the notability of the article. On section is for sources in Spanish and English, and the other is for sources in Japanese. WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 13:49 (UTC)


  • 岩沢 正子「メキシコにおける年少者の日本語教育--日墨学院の場合 (中南米諸国における日本語教育<特集>) 」Japanese-language education (published by The society of teaching japanese as a foreign language[6]) (53), p41-46, 1984-06 [in Japanese]
  • Takeda Yukio「Liceo Mexicano Japanese : Its Social Background and Some Problems」Research bulletin of international education(pubilished by Tokyo Gakugei University) 4, 1-20, 1984-02[in Japanese]
  • 小林 勇一「海外子弟教育の実験 日墨学院(メキシコ) (国際ビジネス体験記<特集>)」Chuokoron Keiei Mondai (published by chuokoron-sha[7][8]) 17(2), p290-297, 1978-06
  • 齋藤 さくら , 田中 京子「What has become of the children who studied at Liceo Mexicano Japones?: outcomes of bi-cultural education」Journal of the Education Center for International Students, Nagoya University (4), 29-42, 2006
  • ABEKI Norio「On the Human Behavior and Psychology during an Earthquake : From Questionnaire Surveys for School Teachers in Japan and Mexico」Papers of the annual conference of the Institute of Social Safety Science (1), 109-119, 1991-05
  • 吉田 敦彦「日本メキシコ学院の実践事例についての人間学的考察--異文化間教育における文化相対主義克服への寄与」Bulletin of Mimasaka Women′s College,Mimasaka Junior College. (34), p11-22, 1989
  • 「(五)具体化した各種の文化交流案件――日墨学院とサンパウロ大学附属の日本文化研究センター 」国民外交. 国民外交協会. 1974-11. p21~22.

在外教育施設における指導実践記録 pubilished by Tokyo Gakugei University Center for Research in International Education

  • 中北 基「メキシココース教員と取り組んだ算数科における合同授業研究 (第2章 教科指導)」在外教育施設における指導実践記録 32, 25-28, 2009-10-12
  • 月本 成児「日本メキシコ学院の教育力向上に向けて : 合同プロジェクト(算数・数学教育)の取組を通して (第2章 教科指導)」在外教育施設における指導実践記録 32, 21-24, 2009-10-12
  • 山本 元夫「国際理解教育の実践 : メキシココース児童生徒との交流活動を通して(第4章国際理解教育・現地理解教育) 」在外教育施設における指導実践記録 28, 55-58, 2005
  • 田中 繁博「国際校日本メキシコ学院における早期国際理解教育の意義」在外教育施設における指導実践記録 26, 59-65, 2003
  • 藤枝 茂雄「メキシコ人と日本人の合同クラスで行う社会科の授業」在外教育施設における指導実践記録 25, 13-18, 2002
  • 難波 昭朗「国際理解教育への考察 (特集 在外教育施設における国際理解教育)」日本教材学会会報 13 (50), 5-8, 2001-09
  • Fujio Haruhito「国際校における国際交流のあり方について : 共に生きる力を身につけるための交流のあり方を求めて」在外教育施設における指導実践記録 22, 63-66, 1999

ここまで。--Ks aka 98会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 19:18 (UTC)

I posted some info on the note of the rfd in eswp[9]--Ks aka 98会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 19:18 (UTC)

Thank you so much for posting that! I really appreciate it! WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月7日 (月) 05:27 (UTC)

Here are two newspaper articles about the school from a Nikkei newspaper in Brazil:

In general what do they talk about? Do they only cover history or do they also talk about the significance in the Japanese community? Any controversies? WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 16:15 (UTC)

Does anyone know if there is a way to research the author Yukio Takeda (竹多 幸雄 Takeda Yukio) to confirm if he has ever had any relation with the school (as an employee or a student). If he never had any relation with the school, then his article is independent and it will be certain proof of notability. WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月7日 (月) 05:27 (UTC)

Since the description under Takeda's name is "京都教育大学附属桃山小学校教諭" - That means he is employed by: - Is there a webpage talking about him? Meanwhile I found his CiNii profile page: WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月7日 (月) 07:25 (UTC)

If any Wikipedians are interested, would anyone be interested in translating the list of sources at es:Wikipedia discusión:Consultas de borrado/Liceo Mexicano Japonés into English so the Spanish Wikipedia editors have better understandings of which sources to use? WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月11日 (金) 05:24 (UTC)

Where can these sources be found? Journal of Japanese language and culture, Education Center for International Students, Nagoya University and Research Bulletin of International Education, Tokyo Gakugei University[編集]

Where would someone be able to obtain a copy of this source?

"Tanaka 1997 “Japan as seen from Latin American students in Japan”, 『日本語・日本文化論集』第5号 pp 1-28, 「メキ シコ留学が個人にもたらした影響について~日墨交流計画に参加した日本人元留学生へのアンケート調査から~」,『留学生交流・ 指導研究』Volume 7,pp.1-15等。" o... "Tanaka, K. (1997). Japan as seen from Latin American students in Japan. Nihongo nihonbunka ronshuu [Journal of Japanese language and culture, Education Center for International Students, Nagoya University], 5, 1-28. WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 08:56 (UTC) WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 08:56 (UTC)

This seems to be the profile of Kyoko Tanaka (田中京子): - But when I try it seems to give me a 404. Are there any copies of her work on the internet?

WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 09:04 (UTC) seems to be an old profile but I can't find a reference to “Japan as seen from Latin American students in Japan”WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 09:17 (UTC)
I am looking through*/ to see if there are any copies of Tanaka's document saved, but I am having trouble finding them. WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 09:20 (UTC)

Here is another source (in Japanese) I would like someone to try to find. I would really appreciate it if someone finds it:

  • Takeda, Yukio (竹多 幸雄 Takeda Yukio) (京都教育大学附属桃山小学校教諭). Liceo Mexicano Japanese : Its Social Background and Some Problems (日墨学院の成立基盤とその問題点) Research Bulletin of International Education (国際教育研究) 4, 1-20, 1984-02. en:Tokyo Gakugei University. NII Article ID (NAID) : 110000382233, NII NACSIS-CAT ID (NCID) : AN00332223, ISSN : 03893189 - CiNii entry

WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 14:12 (UTC)

What is the Japanese-language title of this document?[編集]

In this PDF file

It is an academic article by a Japanese professor. The Japanese portion begins on p. 256. Based on that page, what is the title of the essay? WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 16:59 (UTC)

日本現代美術におけるメキシコ壁画運動の影響について[10]--Ks aka 98会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 17:49 (UTC)
Thank you! WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月6日 (日) 23:37 (UTC)

Wikipedia:Username policy[編集]

Hello esteemed contributors, is there a possibility for non Japanese speaking editors to inform a contributor/user of his/her possible non-suitable username? I added a note to User XXXX but I am pretty sure this is not the correct way to handle this. Thank you for your time. Lotje会話) 2014年4月9日 (水) 13:31 (UTC)

Question about Japan Society of Research on Early Childhood Care and Education articles: Do the authors have any relation to the Liceo Mexicano Japones?[編集]

I found some articles from a Japanese journal.

Do the authors have any relation to the Liceo Mexicano Japones? What do the articles talk about?

Thanks WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月17日 (木) 04:39 (UTC)

Freedom of Panorama photos on Japanese wiki[編集]

Hello editors! Someone uploaded this photo ファイル:Sakaiminato Mizuki Shigeru Road Zashikiwarashi Statue 1.JPG to the Hungarian Wikipedia. According to Commons, there is no FOP for statues in Japan, and if I understand it right, the licence also cannot by CC-BY-SA as artistic works installed in public places cannot be used for commercial purposes. I am interested to know how the Japanese wiki can keep this photo with a CC-BY-SA licence, is there an exception that applies to this photo? Thank you for your explanation in advance! Teemeah会話) 2014年4月24日 (木) 08:11 (UTC)

There are two rights on the photo, "right of the object" and "right of the photo".
photographer published his/her work under cc-by-sa licence.
Right of the object is limited with article 46. We can use it for commercial purposes except 46(iv).
(Exploitation of an artistic work, etc. located in open places)[11]
Article 46. It shall be permissible to exploit artistic works permanently located in such open places as mentioned in paragraph (2) of the preceding Article and architectural works by any means not falling within any of the following items:
(i) multiplication of a sculpture and offering it to the public by transfer of ownership of its copies;
(ii) imitative reproduction of an architectural work and offering it to the public by transfer of ownership of its copies;
(iii) reproduction of a work for the purpose of locating it permanently in such open places as mentioned in paragraph (2) of the preceding Article;
(iv) reproduction of an artistic work exclusively for the purpose of selling its copies and sale of such copies.
"such open places as mentioned in paragraph (2) of the preceding Article" is
(2) The provision of the preceding paragraph shall not apply with respect to the permanent location of the original of an artistic work in open places accessible to the public, such as streets and parks, or at places easily seen by the public, such as the outer walls of buildings.
--Ks aka 98会話) 2014年4月24日 (木) 08:59 (UTC)
So if I understand it right, taking a photo of a sculpture in an easily accessible public place and releasing it under cc-by-sa is permitted unless the photo is explicitly taken with a purpose to replicate the original artwork (so basically to create a copy of the statue physically) and multiply it and sell it? Teemeah会話) 2014年4月24日 (木) 10:47 (UTC)
Then, why is it not transferable to Commons? O.o Teemeah会話) 2014年4月24日 (木) 10:48 (UTC)
Releasing any photo under CC-BY-SA is permitted if photographer agree as far as photographer's right concerned. Right of sculputure's auther is another. Discription of CC-BY-SA on the file page means that only photographer's right is licenced under CC-BY-SA(you can see the letters "写真の著作物の著作権状態・ライセンス表示" in cc-by-sa template. It means "Copyright status of photographic work").
If you want to use the photo, you have to consent agreement from both photographer and sculputure's auther. If photographer released under CC-BY-SA, you don't need obtain permission from photographer. But you must obtain sculputure's auther. Right of the sculputure's auther is fully copyrighted but is limited under article 46 in Japan. Then you can use the photo under CC-BY-SA as far as article 46 allowed. But you can't make copy of scatue nor sell it. Photographer don't have the right for permission, auther didn't release the sculpture under CC-BY-SA(you can see red copyright mark).
Japanese copyrights law don't appricate in US. There is no FOP rule in US copyright law. But if size of photo is small enough, fairuse will be appricated in US. Commons never accept fairuse files. --Ks aka 98会話) 2014年4月24日 (木) 12:31 (UTC)
Thank you, it is clear now. Teemeah会話) 2014年4月25日 (金) 14:51 (UTC)

Update link in MediaWiki:Sp-contributions-footer[編集]

Hello. In MediaWiki:Sp-contributions-footer there is a link to the older xcount edit counter that is no more working. Then, it should be replaced with the newer supercount: Any sysop should replace this:

[//{{urlencode:{{{1|$1}}}}}&lang=ja&wiki=wikipedia (2)]


[//{{urlencode:{{{1|$1}}}}}&project=ja.wikipedia (2)]

どうもありがとうございます。--Zerabat会話) 2014年4月27日 (日) 23:24 (UTC)

Thank you. I translated and reported this at the talk page. It'll be done soon, (or if not, I'll re-report this at the bug report, which more people seem to be watching). Gracias. -- あるうぃんす会話) 2014年4月28日 (月) 01:45 (UTC)
(As you may have noticed,) Done by whym after confirmed by Frozen-mikan now. Thank you. --あるうぃんす会話) 2014年5月2日 (金) 02:13 (UTC)

Request for translating a list of Japanese sources into English[編集]

There is a listing of Japanese sources at es:Wikipedia discusión:Consultas de borrado/Liceo Mexicano Japonés. Would anyone mind translating the list's entries into English? 日墨学院 and 日本メキシコ学院 are both names of the es:Liceo Mexicano Japonés.

Thank you, WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月28日 (月) 03:35 (UTC)

Request: Transcribe Japanese sentences at the top of a page in a PDF file[編集]

In this document:

Would someone mind transcribing the Japanese sentences at the very top of page 260 (in PDF: 24 of 28), right before the 3. I want to help source a sentence about a Yokohama artist who helped direct the making of a mural at the Liceo Mexicano Japones (日墨学院/日本メキシコ学院). To me, the Japanese looks blurry but I hope somebody can figure it out.

The equivalent Spanish sentences (a translation from Japanese to Spanish): "Dentro de algunos ejemplos finalmente realizados, existe una pintura sobre el muro exterior del gimnasio del Liceo Mexicano Japonés realizada en colaboración con veinte alumnos mexicanos del Liceo y catorce niños visitantes de Japón bajo la dirección de la artista Teiko Nishimori, quien radica en Yokohama."

Thanks WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月29日 (火) 13:50 (UTC)

Oda Mari told me it's "実現した例は少ないが、例えば1987年に日本メキシコ学院の体育館外壁を横浜在住の美術作家西森禎子の指導でメキシコ人生徒20名と日本から訪れた児童14名による合作壁画などがある。" - Thanks to her! WhisperToMe会話) 2014年4月29日 (火) 17:26 (UTC)
I confirm Oda Mari's transcription. The website you mentioned states her living in Yokohama and her taking part in the mural in 1987, and uses the same kanji as the document(pdf) you posted (unless the blur on the pdf deludes me quite well), thus it's almost certain that these two 西森禎子 are the same person. --あるうぃんす会話) 2014年5月1日 (木) 03:43 (UTC)
Thank you! WhisperToMe会話) 2014年5月2日 (金) 18:22 (UTC)

Questions about the book 現代日本の教育と国際化 / 石附実, 鈴木正行编[編集]

About the book 石附実, 鈴木正幸. 「現代日本の教育と国際化」. 福村出版, 1988. (library record:

With English:

  • Ishizuki, Minoru (石附実) and Masayuki Suzuki (鈴木正幸). Gendai Nihon no kyōiku to kokusaika (現代日本の教育と国際化). Fukumura Shuppan (福村出版), 1988. ISBN 457110538X.

Please read the "completed fragments" of the book here: es:Wikipedia_discusión:Consultas_de_borrado/Liceo_Mexicano_Japonés#Total_known_segments


  • Does this book have significant coverage of the Liceo Mexicano Japones (日本メキシコ学院 or 日墨学院)?
  • Do the authors Minoru Ishizuki (石附実) and Masayuki Suzuki (鈴木正幸) have any connection to the Liceo Mexicano Japones? (is either one a former student or former employee)

Thank you, WhisperToMe会話) 2014年5月2日 (金) 18:18 (UTC)

Sorry I can't answer your questions for now, but I found some information about Ishizuki's connection to the Liceo Mexicano Japones : I don't think he had any connection to it. This pdf hosted under Osaka City University is titled "About the academic works by Prof.Ishizuki Minoru", and it covers his career in its beginning. Nothing about any institute in Mexico is mentioned there. --あるうぃんす会話) 2014年5月3日 (土) 03:37 (UTC)
Thank you for the info! WhisperToMe会話) 2014年5月3日 (土) 03:39 (UTC)

Update: This is what I've been able to get from one page:

  • Total p. 111: "石附実, 鈴木正幸 っている(竹多幸雄、同書)。授業をおこなうことにしている。別途設けられている日本文化コ—スが両者を橋渡しする役割をにな; :来、体育や音楽で、一部、合同授業もおこなわれているし、七九年には、必要に応じて図工でも合同て交流の場をもっていることである(「日墨学院.メキシコ日本人学校」「海外子女教育』)。また、七七年以しメキシコ^コ I スと日本コ I スの協力関係をみると、「学校行事、通学パス、昼食など」をとおし界能力別クラス編成方式がとられている。メキシコ理解学習は月一回、年八回の時間をあてている。な中学部では週一時間となっている。中学部は英会話に週二時間をあてている。スペイン語の指導にはのスベイン語教育およびメキシコ理解学習の機会が設けられている。スペイン語は小学部では週二時間、本日本コースは日本の学習指導要領にもとづき、[...]コースは、シド一一 I 日本人学校の国際学級と同じように、メキシコの教育課程に従い、田幸雎「日墨学院,メキシコ日本人学校」『海外子女教育』〕 0 るメキシコ人になってください 0 また、メキシコのこともよくわかる日本人になってください」(竹開校式での小林理事[...]"

Other known segments:

  • p. 5: "帰国子女の教育^人学校\「国内化」と「国際化」のパランス\「開かれた」日本人学校授業校と併存する日本人学校\一一ュョークでの調査/ ' - 1 ュー.ョーク日本「国際学級」をもった日本人学校の登場\国際学校,日本メキシコ学院/補習\「国内化」と「国際化」の間で\「 [...]"
  • p. 110: "日本メキシコ学院設立に関する共同声明がこのことをよく日本メキシコ学院は、東南アジアの訪問で経済ア- 1 マルとして手きびしい出迎えをうけた田中元首幸雄「日墨学院の成立基盤とその問題点」『国際教育研究』〕 0 九五名、中学校一九五名、高校一〇八名、日本コース、小学部二七二名、中学部五七名である(竹多三年)には、一二七五名に達している。その内訳は、メキシコ,コース、幼稚園一四八名、小学校四合わせて六六〇名の学院としてスター卜した。"
  • p. 112: "また、音楽、図工、体育といった教科で合同授業もおこシドー一 I 日本人学校の場合も、日本メキシコ学院の場合も、その国際学級では五時間におよぶ日本人他の一つは現地人子弟を受け入れた「国際学級」における日本語および日本文化学習の重視である。"
  • Page 283
  • "竹多幸雄「日墨学院の成立基盤とその問題点」『国際教育研究』第 4 号,昭和 59 年 2 月, 5 - 6 ページ.「ナイロビ日本人学校」『海外子女教育』昭和 50 年 7 月号.「日墨学院'メキシコ日本人学校」『海外子女教育』昭和 53 年.二ユーヨーク日本クラプ教育委員会「"

What do they say? Thanks, WhisperToMe会話) 2014年5月3日 (土) 03:12 (UTC)

en:User:Oda Mari stated:

"(ec) Better. But there are unfinished sentences. It is a detailed description about their education/classes. Junior high students learn en conversation twice a week. In es class, students are taught both the language and "understanding Mexico". Elementary school children learn es twice a week. Please wait for the rest of the translation. I've got to go. Oda Mari (talk) 17:23, 2 May 2014 (UTC)"
"Additional translation. Students share art class when needed. Students of two courses share school events, ride the same school bus/buses, and share the lunch hour (eat in the same hall?). Newly added ja sentences at 17:50 are the same fragmentary text you provided before. As the book was published in 1988, things mentioned in the book could have changed and they might be outdated information. As for Masayuki Suzuki, the name is too common and I couldn't prove his identity. Oda Mari (talk) 10:04, 3 May 2014 (UTC)"

WhisperToMe会話) 2014年5月3日 (土) 13:20 (UTC)

Please honor the efforts of the Wikipedians who helped rescue an article on ESWiki[編集]

Please translate this message into Japanese and have this message posted in the Japanese village pump

Dear Japanese Wikipedia community,

Please honor the efforts today of the men and women who helped this Spanish Wikipedia article survive the a deletion process: es:Liceo Mexicano Japonés (日墨学院). This helped preserve not only a Wikipedia article, but it also preserved a record of an internet account of an important institution of an ethnic group in Mexico City, the Japanese Nikkei, and it helped ensure young men and women in Mexico City would learn more about their history and their culture.

Please recognize the efforts of these Japanese-speaking Wikipedians...

...and these Spanish-speaking Wikipedians...

...and these English-speaking Wikipedians... helping rescue the article. (If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry!)

In addition, please honor the efforts of those on Reddit. has provided to me and others in the Wikipedia community a difficult-to-access master's degree thesis by Chizuko Watanabe ("The Japanese Immigrant Community in Mexico: its History and Present", California State University Los Angeles, 1983). In addition to the rescue of the article, more people will learn about Chizuko Watanabe's scholarship and her work will become available and known to many around the world. In addition, had given me a list to the Google Scholar sources which helped me find a Japanese source.

Thank you, - WhisperToMe WhisperToMe会話) 2014年5月8日 (木) 23:57 (UTC)

Regarding old Japanese newspaper archives[編集]

Hello everyone. If anyone here knows English, please respond. I have a favour to ask of you guys. The thing is, I'm working on Takako Matsu's "Ashita, Haru ga Kitara" article on the English Wikipedia. I am looking for reviews or interviews of any sort, especially in magazines and newspapers. I know there are lots of magazines from the 1990s, like "What's In?", "CD Hits" etc. Does anyone have any magazines from 1997/98 with information on "Ashita, Haru ga Kitara"? Also, is there any website like HighBeam which has a searchable database of old Japanese newspapers? Will you share them with me please? It's for the interest of the encyclopedia. User:WhisperToMe suggested that I ask here. I really hope I get a reply this time. Thanks! Novice7会話) 2014年5月11日 (日) 10:52 (UTC)

ユニオン・バンク page edit[編集]


From, it looks like the page below will need edits starting 7/1.

Could you advise the best way to have this page edited appropriately? Should I leave a request in this embassy page?

Thank you,

--BruceNogales会話) 2014年5月14日 (水) 17:13 (UTC)

What is the Japanese for these words?[編集]

I have added content to en:Japanese community of Mexico City so that Spanish speaking editors can translate it into Spanish. Since the Chizuko Watanabe thesis does not print the Japanese characters, I'm trying to figure out what they would be. I used the dictionary at

  • Kokusui Doshi-kai ("Ultra-Nationalist Comrades Association") = 国粋同士会 ? (NOTE: it was established by Japanese who celebrated a Japanese victory in World War II and did not accept Japan's loss in the war)
  • meishin-kai ("Year of the Monkey Club" - a reference to people born in 1908)
  • Bokuto Sogo Fujo-kai ("Association for Mutual Aid")

Thanks, WhisperToMe会話) 2014年5月28日 (水) 20:35 (UTC)

As for meishin-kai, I found this book on the search service provided by Japanese National Diet Library. This book was published in Mexico by "明申会". "明申会" is most likely pronounced as meishin-kai, and "申" is the character for monkey when denoting to specific years. "会", kai, is 'club'. The character "明" perhaps corresponds to its having been founded by people from Meiji(明治) era. Along with that, although I can't prove its authenticity, this blog post (ttp:// {omitting h because this link is blocked by wikipedia's spam filter}), claimed to be authored by 日墨協会 (Asociación México Japonesa), mentions the name "明申会" and states that Jacaranda tree[s] were planted to celebrate it.
About Bokuto Sogo Fujo-kai, I'm pretty sure that Sogo Fujo-kai is 相互扶助会 (this is more like a common noun). I can't say anything about Bokuto (Boku might be 墨, if I take a wild guess).
国粋同士会 does seem to fit the explanation, is made up with common nouns (国粋-同士-会) and reads "Kokusui Doshi-kai". However, "国粋同志会" is equivalently (or perhaps more) likely, and I couldn't find any kind of sources. -- あるうぃんす会話) 2014年5月30日 (金) 12:20 (UTC)
Thank you so much! I've added the Meishin kanji, but for the other two it seems like the kanji is not known. WhisperToMe会話) 2014年5月30日 (金) 17:14 (UTC)

SUZAK 業務年表 history[編集]

Can someone translate the first paragraph here: [12]? I'm trying to verify Suzak is a independant company from Nintendo. Hopefully that paragraph is good enough. See en:Talk:F-Zero Climax#Development, en:Talk:F-Zero Climax#Legacy for more. Ryūkotsusei会話) 2014年6月1日 (日) 21:34 (UTC)

About Support Article of Saudi Arabia[編集]

Hi, Brothers..

I Want you Support Saudi Arabia.. I mean Do Translation on english to japanese , Every Article About Soccer of Saudi Arabia (Stadiums-Clubs-Players-Couchs-more) and Every Thing About Saudi Arabia, and you know I Love Japan and The Wonderful Japanese Language, Please.. Don't forget me..

I am Ali Al-Mazarqah, from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.--على المزارقه会話) 2014年6月9日 (月) 02:36 (UTC)

Interwiki links for British Standards[編集]

I have a question about pageノート:英国規格

This page is currently linked to ( That page talks about "British Standards", i.e. the set of regulations and standards issued by BSI Group (British Standards Institute). On there is a separate page for BSI Group, and it is ( Since I can't read Japanese I don't know wether this page talks about the standards (i.e. the documents) or the organization which decides the standards. In the latter case, the interwiki link on wikidata needs to be changed. Can anyone check it?

--Lou Crazy会話) 2014年6月10日 (火) 17:15 (UTC)

Diakoptics (the translation request)[編集]

I would like to do (at least) a summary of the en:Diakoptics. Since a lot of effort has been done in Japan for this method.

コンセプトDiakoptics or ネットワーク分解定理 How to headline article?



Ignat99会話) 2014年6月24日 (火) 11:02 (UTC)

ユニオン・バンク page edit[編集]

Hi, may I request edits to this page

The English name has changed from "Union Bank, N.A." to "MUFG Union Bank, N.A." on July 1, 2014[1]

The Japanese legal name has changed from ユニオン・バンクto MUFG ユニオン・バンク[2]

The name of ユニオンバンカル・コーポレーションhas also changed to 米州MUFGホールディングスコーポレーション[1][2]

総資産has changed to 1,000億ドル[3]

コーポレート本部所在地is now ニューヨーク、本店所在地is inサンフランシスコ。従業員数is now 13,000[2]

概要: カリフォルニア州、オレゴン州、ワシントン州において、400を超える支店を展開してあるようです。[3]

カリフォルニア・アカウント: UBOCshould be changed to ユニオンバンク[3]


  1. ^ a b 三菱東京UFJ銀行の米州業務統合および連結子会社の商号変更について
  2. ^ a b c 国際部門
  3. ^ a b c 海外口座ご紹介サービス《カリフォルニアアカウント・プログラム》

--BruceNogales会話) 2014年7月11日 (金) 20:14 (UTC)

I want to find the kanji of the author of a 1983 master's degree thesis from California State University Los Angeles (author was born in Japan)[編集]

Hi JAWiki!

I want to find the kanji of Chizuko Watanabe Hougen, the author of a 1983 master's degree thesis from California State University, Los Angeles. This thesis is an important source for en:Liceo Mexicano Japones and it would be helpful for the article if we find the Japanese name of the author. Does Japan make koseki databases searchable by the public? There are clues at en:Talk:Japanese_immigration_to_Mexico that can help determine which Chizuko Watanabe is the one who made the master's thesis (one book citing her thesis called her "Chizuko Hougen" instead of "Chizuko Watanabe" and based on other things I found I am *certain* that Chizuko Hougen = Chizuko Watanabe = the author I am looking for)

This Chizuko Watanabe is no longer alive. She was born in Tokyo on April 22, 1947 and died on January 31, 2005. AFAIK she became a US citizen. WhisperToMe会話) 2014年7月16日 (水) 22:10 (UTC)

千鶴子 ホーゲン・渡邊 published a book in Japanese in 2005. Hougen is her husband's family name. The description in maybe help you [13]. If it is difficult to read it, tell us here again. --Kinori会話) 2014年7月17日 (木) 05:43 (UTC)
Thank you!! WhisperToMe会話) 2014年7月17日 (木) 19:02 (UTC)

Francine Lecomte の場合[編集]

Hello everyone, I would like to have some answers about a preoccupation of mine (I've tried to create a discussion note in bad Japanese also).

I heard about "Francine Lecomte" (see at the line 3月30日:年#3.E6.9C.88). But obviously this event didn't happen in reality (I've done some research).

I've tried to correct the page but some user(s) put it back. I'm a little bit surprised (and amazed and disappointed) about that kind of behavior. I think that Wikipedia has to look after objectivity and real facts, right ?

Can you help me to understand this situation ? (I was told harshly to improve my Japanese before trying to discuss...)

Thank you, Best regards,


--Srgcssn会話)--2014年7月22日 (火) 23:57 (UTC)

It completely make sence that we have to look after objectivity and real facts. At least we will have to put citation on it.
I checked out the souce 左脳-san showed[14]. In Japanese, it's easy to identify that the article was on the Asahi Shimbun(31,march,1969,the evening edition) which says it was based on the sorce of L’Agence France-Presse(30,march,1969 Isn't it easy for you to ascertain?). And, it apears to me that it's not against the fact.
Even if that is the case, yes it still has a doubtful point why she has remained only in Japanese memory. I'm not sure, but I guess it just because the song "フランシーヌの場合" was popular in that time. This incident might not heve given much shock throughout the world, unlike the case of Jan Palach, the hero of Prague Spring.
--Akiyama(tentative)会話) 2014年7月23日 (水) 03:42 (UTC)
Thank you for the reply. I appreciate. I begin to understand that this song/fact is kind of sacred for a certain group of Japanese people. I understand how 1969 is such a symbolic date for some "protest movement" at that time... In a way I also feel like I am dealing with Believers who say, "Ok we believe in God, try to prove He doesn't exist!” Every interlocutor put his belief in the first place.
Since I tried to modify the Wikipedia article I am always answered: ”there is an article in Asahi reporting some AFP's information (it is written somewhere)... hence it is true". And the discussion is over. No other point of view. It is "true" so every strange theory is ok to explain why no other media talked about it, no other Wikipedia article in another language mention it. Really? The evidence is too obvious to accept?
See, the "Francine Theory" holds on the "article argument" (1%). The other 99% prove its forgery. And because I am not Japanese I must prove the "article argument" is false? ... I hoped that I could reach some rational person who would investigate the case with me (along the seriousness of Wikipedia philosophy, only 1%, I assume, should have oriented a more skeptical approach considering such detail in the article). For now, in this context I am still alone, well... But I will surely not resign! :)
Other contributions for the dispute are still highly required then.
@Akiyama(tentative) : Even if I am a French living in Japan, NO, it is not easy for me to verify the veracity of an AFP info backing from 1969... but I will try my best, thanks for the tip! :)
--Srgcssn会話)--2014年7月23日 (水) 13:09 (UTC)
Here it is. en:The Des Moines Register March 31, 1969
"Sets Herself Afire in Paris PARIS, FRANCE (REUTERS) [...] According to police, Francine Lecomte hospital clothes in gasoline and settin herself afire"
--Akiyama(tentative)会話) 2014年7月24日 (木) 07:05 (UTC)
You really did a good job finding this... I'm impressed. It helps me to understand better what happened that day. There is indeed some coherence between the info in Des Moines Register and the one reported in Asahi (?)... I would like to find more precision but I guess the Internet is helpless to investigate further... is that true that Gô Goro (composer of the song), according to some site, went to Paris years before he died to look for Francine family members ? --Srgcssn会話)--2014年7月24日 (木) 14:26 (UTC)

Due to the changes made on the Wikipedia articles, I think that the dispute is closed. I realize I was wrong : Francine Lecomte existed. She set herself afire. That day. We know (the ones who explored the Web, like doing a research on Google Books with the exact name) that she was not exactly like the myth created after the famous song. A myth that is valuable and has to be cherished despite the details of the true event. Finally, I asked myself : if Francine came back now and must chose between the real reality (that means the void of history maybe) or this little bit fictional destiny... I wonder... :) Anyway, thank you all for your help ! --Srgcssn会話)--2014年7月25日 (金) 13:01 (UTC)

Requested transcription of title of article[編集]

What is the transcription of the title of this article? - Is the author of this article named? It is about en:Korean Air Flight 801 WhisperToMe会話) 2014年8月7日 (木) 08:51 (UTC)

This title: 航空機事故に素早い対応? --Zerabat会話) 2014年8月7日 (木) 12:10 (UTC)
Thank you! WhisperToMe会話) 2014年8月7日 (木) 15:33 (UTC)
But do you want the romaji transcription, kanji transcription or english translation? --Zerabat会話) 2014年8月7日 (木) 16:26 (UTC)
Well I wanted the kanji, but is it okay if I have romaji and an English translation so I can post it to the English article? WhisperToMe会話) 2014年8月8日 (金) 13:14 (UTC)

moving page ジェロニモ・マリア・バレット・クラウデミール・ダ・シウバ to カカウ[編集]

This article has a wrong name. There is NO "マリア" (Maria) in the name of that person. He explained that himself [15]. His full name is クラウデミール・ジェロニモ・バレット (Claudemir Jerônimo Barretto). But everybody (also Fifa [16]) calls him カカウ (Cacau). So this page should be moved to カカウ. [17] -- 2014年8月11日 (月) 12:48 (UTC)

Article has been moved to カカウ.--OskNe会話) 2014年8月19日 (火) 22:58 (UTC)

Request for interview[編集]

Hi, I am from Necochea, Argentina and I work for a local newspaper in which we're interested, very interested in interviewing a hikikomori. Our question is, how can we contact one?, Could you please translate such a question and tell us of a forum where we may find hikikomoris? Thank you. --Jeddah会話) 2014年8月16日 (土) 19:21 (UTC)

Sorry, but this is not a forum to talk about things are not related to (Japanese) Wikipedia or Wikimedia nor to make contact with persons. Do this question in a proper website. --Zerabat会話) 2014年8月28日 (木) 14:05 (UTC)

Plant Classification[編集]

In the phylogenetic tree (系統樹) in the article APG III, 1 of the unplaced families (科 (分類学)) and 5 of the orders (目 (分類学)) are omitted. These are ムラサキ科 Boraginaceae, サクライソウ目 Petrosaviales, ピクラムニア目 Picramniales, エスカロニア目 Escalloniales, ブルニア目 Bruniales, and パラクリフィア目 Paracryphiales. Is there some reason why they were not included ? I will have no difficulty if you respond in Japanese. 2014年9月15日 (月) 08:49 (UTC)

Does "LGBT culture in Tokyo" exist in Japanese?[編集]

I want to see if en:LGBT culture in Tokyo exists in Japanese. It is about the LGBT community of Tokyo as a whole.

Thanks WhisperToMe会話) 2014年9月23日 (火) 16:39 (UTC)

Kanji for 1960s plane crash victim (Continental Airlines Flight 11)[編集]

In en:Continental Airlines Flight 11 I found that the one person who initially survived the crash but later died was Takehiko Nakano. His residence was Evanston, Illinois. I wonder if he was born in Japan or otherwise had taken a name in kanji. If so, what source would have this name?

Thanks WhisperToMe会話) 2014年9月25日 (木) 08:52 (UTC)

Monuments of Spain Challenge[編集]

Excuse me for not speaking Japanese yet.

Wikimedia España invites you to join the Monuments of Spain Challenge. And what’s that? It’s a contest. You have to edit, translate or expand articles about the Spanish monuments and you will be granted points. So you’re not just writing about wonderful buildings: you can get prizes!

The time of the contest will include all October and any information you may need is right here.

Join in and good luck!

PS: We would be grateful if you could translate this note into Japanese.

B25es on behalf of Wikimedia España.

Any sources about the newspaper Weekly J-Angle ( ウィークリー・ジャングル)?[編集]

Are there any sources about the Weekly J-Angle (ウィークリー・ジャングル)? It is a weekly Japanese newspaper published for expatriate communities in the Midwestern United States and possibly other regions (I remember seeing copies in a Japanese restaurant in Houston). It is published by the Angle Press, Inc. (アングル・プレス・インク), a company headquartered in Arlington Heights, Illinois (near Chicago) with an office in Novi, Michigan (near Detroit) (See contact page). The official website is here.

I am interested in covering issues related to the Japanese diaspora so I would love to see sources about this. Maybe it's possible to write an article about it?

Thanks WhisperToMe会話) 2014年10月6日 (月) 11:59 (UTC)

English-Japanese Translation Help Requested[編集]

Greetings! I'm searching for multilingual editors who have the time and the interest to collaborate on the AIG business page? The Japanese version looks like it may need help on content and formatting. Anyone interested? MsGingerHoneycutt会話) 2014年10月13日 (月) 18:00 (UTC)